Why He Blocked And Then Unblocked Me?

Your man’s actions seem strange to you? Let’s solve this puzzle today!

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If someone blocks you and then unblocks you, it is always not quite pleasant. You may start feeling awkward, especially if this person didn’t explain why he or she is doing this. However, things become even more complicated and twisted if this is a guy for whom you have feelings.

Why does he keep blocking and unblocking me, you may wonder?

There can be different reasons for this, and today we will tell you more about them. Read on to find out what it means when a guy blocks you and unblocks you, and why he might be doing so. Also, we will share a few tips with you on how you should react in this case.

Why Would a Guy Block You And Then Unblock You?

What does it mean when a guy blocks you everywhere? In most cases, it happens after you fight over something with him and he gets super angry with you!

Blocking and Unblocking (when they block and unblock)Blocking and Unblocking (when they block and unblock)

When we are angry or mad at someone, we tend to act hastily without thinking it over properly. So your boyfriend may block you out of rage. But later, he will typically regret, and feel he wants to apologize. That’s when unblocking takes place.

But for a woman, such emotional fluctuations are rather painful, so we suggest you learn more about the possible reasons why a guy would block you. Like this, you will avoid any depressive thoughts like “Oh, it’s my fault!” or “I did something wrong!”. Quite often, there is nothing wrong with you but there is something about your partner that he should work on to improve his behavior!

Why Would a Guy Block You And Then Unblock You
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He Is Seeking Your Attention

Yes, it sounds like we are talking about a small child, but…men often act like kids! You girls know that very well! So if your boyfriend tends to block you everywhere and later unblock just to block again, then you are most likely dealing with such a “kid”.

When a guy blocks you on his phone, as well as on social media, without any explanations and you are absolutely sure that you gave him no reason to do that, this is just a game he is playing.

By acting this way, he is desperately trying to attract your attention! “Oh, look, I’m here! I need you!”. This is what he is trying to tell you through such silly and childish behavior.

Perhaps, when he was a child, this was the only way for him to make his parents pay attention to him and his needs. So as a kid, he could be annoying and unruly – all for dragging adults’ attention to his person.

Normally, people grow over this, but your guy is probably still there in his childhood.

He Is Seeking Your Attention
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He Is Unsure Of What He Feels For You

There is another reason why a guy would play this “block-unblock” game with you. When a guy blocks you on his phone and social media only to unblock you later, he is most likely unsure of his feelings for you. Typically, such behavior is more common for men who have just started a relationship with a new partner.

So if for some reason he doesn’t feel certain of what he feels for you and what he wants from this relationship, he might express it through such weird actions. There could be many different reasons for his uncertainty though:

  • He feels jealous of you
  • He was hurt in his previous relationship and hasn’t recovered yet
  • He has certain obstacles that might prevent you two from being together (e.g. his low income)
  • He might think that this relationship has no future (again, why would he think so?)

So if you are sure that your man is not trying to make you pay attention to him, try to talk to him about what he is doing. Explain how you feel about being constantly blocked and unblocked and ask him what makes him do so.

Perhaps, if he is open and sincere enough, he will give a clear explanation to you.

He Is Unsure Of What He Feels For You
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He Might Want to Patch Up

If he blocks you on social media and on his phone, it often happens after a really bad fight between you two, sweet doves!

However, since men tend to react and act hastily quite often, your guy might regret his deed and now want to bring you back. This is how you come back from the black list and he starts texting you again.

Don’t assume he is manipulating you or trying to play tricks on you though. It is very likely that your boyfriend is truly sorry and he understands that what he did was foolish.

So now he is desperately trying to fix everything between you! Perhaps, you should give him another chance!

But if you decide to accept his apologies, set certain clear rules at once. Like this, you will make him think twice and act wisely instead of being too impulsive!

  • Clarify that the next time he does it, you will break up with him
  • Agree that, if there is anything he wants to discuss your couple, you talk about it
He Might Want to Patch Up
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He Wants to See How You Will React

Sometimes, when you and a guy have just started dating or your relationship is more of a casual thing, he might be curious about your reaction to being blocked and then unblocked.

As you could already guess, this is not a sign of mature behavior or a mature person. In fact, this guy has definitely nothing serious on his mind about you, he is just curious about your reaction to his silly and childish actions.

So if you simply ignore him and his games, and block him everywhere, this will break his overconfidence and free you from any need to communicate with this dumb.

Of course, you should not see his stories on Instagram or follow his social media pages and accounts! Otherwise, he will think that you are still hooked and only playing you are out of reach!

Now you know what could make a man block you and then unblock, it will be easier for you to understand what exactly is going on with him and whether it is really your fault or just his silly childish nature. However, being aware of how to react to such behavior will always be handy no matter the reasons behind his actions.

He Wants to See How You Will React
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What to Do When He Blocks You?

Well, first of all, your actions will depend on why he actually blocked you. This is the starting point and this is why it is important to get a clear idea of what happened.

Why Did He Block Me | Greta BereisaiteWhy Did He Block Me | Greta Bereisaite

Let’s say, you had a fight and he hastily blocked you. Then he realized it was his fault, and he unblocked you, feeling sorry and silly. In this case, your actions will take one direction.

On the contrary, if this guy is just playing with you, you will definitely want to act another way to show him that you are not just a common girl whom he can cheat on. Below, you can check out a few alternative ways to act that might be handy for you.

What to Do When He Blocks You
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If You Had a Fight

If he blocked you after you had a huge misunderstanding, try to figure out whose fault it was. This is when you have to be as sincere and honest as possible! No time for nourishing your ego. If it was your fault and you said or did something that hurt your partner, the best thing you can do is to apologize.

However, if it was him who screwed up and behaved like a fool, let him realize this fact and come apologize to you! And if he doesn’t, well, then you know this guy is probably not the one you want to build a serious relationship with.

If He Is Playing With You/Manipulating You

If you clearly see that your boyfriend or your new acquaintance is blocking and unblocking you just to see what you will do and how you will react, show him no mercy! You are not a toy to be played with and you are here definitely not for entertaining him!

Block him on your phone and on all social media, and don’t answer his calls or messages should he send some. Also, don’t visit his social media pages and accounts. He has to see that you are absolutely ignorant about him and his life. This will be the best reply for this sort of guy.

If He Is Playing With YouManipulating You
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If He Feels Uncertain About Your Relationship

If you and this guy are dating, and he suddenly starts blocking and then unblocking you everywhere, the best thing you can do is to ask him directly why he is doing this.

But try to be as delicate as possible! He might really feel very unstable and uncertain about your relationship, which will make him kind of emotionally vulnerable. Try to talk to him and show that you are here for him to discuss whatever he needs. Like this, he will see and feel your support.

If He Feels Uncertain About Your Relationship
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If He Wants to Patch Up

If your boyfriend blocked you because of some sort of incident between you, and then he changed his mind and unblocked you, he probably wants to apologize. Perhaps, you should give him that chance, but consider a couple of things first.

  • Is he doing this for the first time?
  • Is it his normal behavior?

If this situation happened for the first time in your couple’s life, it makes sense to give him another chance. But still, you should make it clear to him that you will not accept such behavior as something normal!

But if your boyfriend is constantly blocking and unblocking you, ask yourself where it all leads you. Is this man really serious about you and your relationship?

Maybe it’s better if you talk to him seriously and figure out what you should expect from him.

Like that, when you make things clear between you and your boyfriend, you will not have to torture yourself, thinking that it might be your fault that he blocked you. Remember that a mature person solves such conflicts through talking to each other, not through being a drama queen!

So this is all the basic information you should know regarding the issue of a man blocking and unblocking you on his phone and social media.

Now you know that this is often a sign of immature personality and behavior, however, there might also be other reasons for such actions from him. This is why the best way you can act is to ask him directly about his intentions and see what he replies to.

Anyway, if he is just a jerk who has no serious intentions, you can block him and search for someone better!

If He Wants to Patch Up
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Shall I text him first if he blocked me?

You’d better not. Wait until he shows up and then talk to him about his behavior.

⭐Does it mean a guy’s insincere if he blocked me?

Not always! He might be uncertain about your relationship for some reason too.

⭐Shall I block him in response if he blocks me?

It’s up to you. If he’s always blocking/unblocking you, then it sounds reaosnable to block him as well.

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