Why Does My Traeger Keep Shutting Off?

Learn what could be the reasons and how to fix them.

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Grilling is great: it allows you to cook your favorite dishes in a healthier way and also do it outdoors! But even if it is a regular burger, it becomes way more delicious if you cook it on a grill. Besides, grilling is one of our favorite ways to get together and spend a great time with those whom we love.

However, those of you who have a Traeger grill may sometimes face the next situation: you fire the grill up and start cooking, but then your Traeger suddenly shuts off! And if it happens several times in a row during one cooking session, you might definitely start suspecting that there is something wrong with the grill.

So why does your Traeger grill keep shutting off? In this article, we tried to do our best in order to figure this out. After you read it, you will learn what factors may cause this grill to shut off unexpectedly while cooking.

We will explain each factor in detail so that you could better understand the causes. Also, you will learn what could be done if your Traeger grill shuts off while cooking in order to fix this issue. Hopefully, this information will help you to avoid a scenario when your grill gets “dead” in the middle of the party!

My Traeger Grill Keeps Shutting Off. What Could Be the reasons?

In a few words, a Traeger grill may shut off or lose heat because of several reasons. For example, it can happen if it is too cold outside. Another reason the Traeger grill may shut off during the cooking session is that the grill may be connected to an outlet that has “blown,” making it impossible for you to get power.

In addition, there is one more reason why your Traeger grill may have shut off: it is due to an error code left unfixed for too long, like the HEr or LEr error codes.

No matter the reason your Traeger grill shuts down, we will tell you more about each of these factors. Like that, you will understand better why it happens and thus, what could be done in order to fix that.

Anyway, the good news we have for you is that each of these reasons is quite easy to deal with and get it fixed. So no worries, we will help you to find out what makes your appliance not work properly.

But if you find out that the cause of your grill’s improper work is a mechanical issue, you need to know that in this case, the appliance can be fixed and the cost should be covered under the standard three-year warranty!

My Traeger Grill Keeps Shutting Off. What Could Be the reasons
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Your Grill Is Plugged Into a Bad Power Source

This is one of the most common reasons why your Traeger might not work properly. See, unlike most propane and charcoal grills, some Traeger grills require an electrical power source. Electricity powers the fan, ignitor rod, auger, and thermostat in this appliance. Depending on which model of this grill you bought, you might need a power outlet that supplies up to 110 volts.

Naturally, if your grill does not receive the required amount of power, the Traeger grill will start shutting off while cooking.

You might have blown a fuse while trying to power on the grill. So before you start going any further, check your fuse box first of all. If you see that you blew a fuse, try plugging your grill into another power source.

Also, you may be using an extension cord to power your grill. While you can do this (since Traeger’s power cord is only six-and-a-half feet), the electrical cord will need to be a 14-gauge.

Your Grill Is Plugged Into a Bad Power Source
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There Is Something Wrong With the Hot Rod

Your Traeger grill will anyway get some wear and tear, especially if you have been using it frequently and for a long period of time. So if your grill keeps shutting off now and then unpredictable, there could be something wrong with your hot rod.

This component is responsible for igniting the pellets or firewood. Before purchasing a replacement, we would suggest you open your grill and make sure that the heating rod is firmly connected to its ports. If not, you can buy a replacement online.

There Is Something Wrong With the Hot Rod
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It Could Be Cold Outside

Yes, this is also one of the reasons why your grill may start working wrong! This sturdy and durable appliance is in fact quite sensitive! You might think that your Traeger grill is shutting off when really, it is just too cold outside for it to maintain a burning fire. Many Traeger grills come with covers that you can use during the fall and winter. This cover is designed to keep the interior of the grill warm, even when it snows outside.

So if you are still craving a delicious burger while you are standing out there in the freezing cold, here are some options for you to use in order to fix the situation and enjoy your food:

  • Keep the grill’s lid closed while it heats up.
  • Avoid using hardwood pellet fuel, as this burns quicker in colder temperatures
  • Give the grill about 15 minutes to heat up.

You Are Using the Wrong Fuel

It is not always the mechanical reason or the cold air outside that makes your grill shut off now and then. Fuel also matters a lot! If you are using the wrong type of fuel, your grill might start behaving that way.

Traeger grills use pellets to make the device work and produce heat. This is why the Traeger company recommends its customers use its own pellets for maximum efficiency. But of course, you are free to use other brands if you wish. In addition, we want to warn you that it is not enough to simply get some old pellets out of the garage and throw them into your grill. The pellets that you use for grilling must be stored properly in order to maintain sufficient heat. The pellets must:

  • Be stored in a metal container (do not keep them in the bag they came in)
  • Kept in a dry place
  • Stored on an elevated space (do not keep them on the ground)

If you still have doubts about whether a batch of pellets you have is still in a good state and usable, take one and snap it in half. If you don’t hear a “snap” sound, then it is too moist to use.

You Are Using the Wrong Fuel
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Check Error Codes

One more reason why your grill keeps shutting off is that there is an error in the system. This is why, before your grill shuts off, it might give you an error code.

The type of error code you get can give you all the necessary information about the nature of your problem. The types of error codes and their meanings are as follows:

  • ERR: There is something wrong with your RTD probe.
  • HEr: Your grill is over 500 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • LEr: Your grill is less than 125 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Er1: Your RTD probe has a loose connection.
  • Er2: Your grill has a short circuit.

Depending on the type of grill model you own, you may see other error codes than those that we have listed above. Be sure to consult your user manual if you are unsure about what an error code means.

So, these are the most common reasons why your grill may shut off without any warning. We would recommend you try and check each of them. Like that, you can be sure that you don’t miss anything. Also, this approach will help you to find the source of the issue faster.

👉HOW TO FIX "HEr" Error Code👈 Traeger Troubleshooting👉HOW TO FIX “HEr” Error Code👈 Traeger Troubleshooting

How to Fix Your Grill?

All right, we have told you what the reasons could be. But how do you fix them? Well, the good news is that each of the flaws can be fixed. And even if you have no idea of how to do it, don’t worry. Below, you will find a brief explanation for each case.

Damaged Power Cord

If the reason your grill shuts off is a damaged power cord (or if you assume that it is), make sure the grill power cord is undamaged and you plug it into an outlet fully. Avoid using an extension cord and plug the power cord into a standard electric outlet.

Tripped Outlet

A tripped outlet may not let your Traeger turn on as it doesn’t deliver the power the smoker needs. You can easily check whether the outlet gets tripped or not. Simply reset it. Press the center button and if the button has popped out, know the outlet gets tripped.

How to fix this? Replacing the GFI outlet or circuit box will be an easy fix to solve the issue. If you are not inclined with electrical knowledge, consult with a certified electrician to do this task for you.

Tripped Outlet
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Issues With the Grill Controller

A faulty controller is often a reason why your grill shuts off. Unfortunately, changing the existing controller with a new one is the only option in this case. To do that, you can call Traeger customer service for help.

Issues With the Grill Controller
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Defective Hot Rod

If the source of problems is a defective hot rod, just replace the hot rod and you will be ready to cook with your Traeger grill again.

If you don’t know how to replace a hot rod, follow the link we mentioned in this chapter or watch this tutorial.

Defective Hot Rod
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Fuse Could Get Blown

If this is the reason, start with locating the fuse of your grill. You can find it on the back of the controller either in a gray or green box with a lid and a black tube. Once you spot the fuse location, inspect every wire thoroughly in order to check the visual damage on wires.
Turn your Traeger off and unplug it from the outlet. Then, check the power cord, fan wires, auger wires, and hot rod wires.

Unplug every wire one by one and then reconnect it to the specific Molex connector. Next, turn on your Traeger and see whether the fuse pops out or not. If it gets popped out, call Traeger customer service.

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Cold Weather

This issue is the easiest to fix. Simply cover your grill with the protective insulation blanket. The device should remain covered even while you are grilling, for example, if you are doing it in winter. The insulation cover will keep the inside warm and protect the exterior of the smoker from cold weather. Indeed, it helps to hold the proper temperature needed for operating your Traeger smoothly.

Also, you might need to reset the device. In order to do this, go to the Menu on the controller, and then proceed to Settings and About the Grill section.

Press on the IGNITE button and hold it until you can see the Traeger icon. Then simply power off your Traeger grill and wait for 5-10 seconds and power on your grill again.

Like this, you will be able to fix any of the most common issues that people face when using their Traeger grill. So now you are aware of what can cause your device to work improperly and shut off suddenly. And with the help of our recommendations, it will be easier for you to spot the problem and fix it even on your own.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Where can I get a cover for my grill?

Usually, those can be purchased in the stores where the grills are being sold. You can ask a consultant to help you pick the cover that will fit exactly your model of the grill.

⭐Can I use charcoal for my Traeger grill?

No. This type of grill uses pellets that you can buy in their stores. Using the wrong fuel may cause the grill to work improperly.

⭐What is the warranty term for a Traeger grill?

The typical term of warranty is three years. During this time, if the device fails to work due to mechanical issues, the price for fixing will be covered by the warranty.

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