Why Do Mice Come In the House In the Summer?

Why rodents visit you in summer and what you can do to get rid of these unwelcome guests

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Having rodents in your home is always an unpleasant experience! They chew through the walls and wires often becoming a fire hazard or at least causing electricity shortages.

And those of us who live in the countryside know perfectly well when we should expect the next mice invasion, and how we can prevent it.

However, along with this issue, people often wonder whether it is possible that mice get into their houses in summer.

So today we decided to figure this out and provide you with more information on this subject.

From the article that you can find below you will learn what makes mice get in your house in summer.

However, this is not all that we are going to tell you.

Also, you will find out why rodents get into your home at all, and what you can do in order to keep your house free from these critters.

Finally, we will let you know when it is the right time to call the exterminator in case you realize that you failed dealing with a recurring mice invasion.

What Makes Mice Come Into Your House In the Summer?

Most people believe that mice, as well as other rodents, can only get into their homes in autumn because they are looking for a shelter before winter and frosts come. However, this is not quite so. These pesky creatures are able to find their way into your house in summer as well!

It’s only in children’s books and cartoons that mice are so sweet and adorable! In real life, these rodents are a walking hazard for your household, food, and of course, even for your health!

Why is that? Simply because these sweet creatures carry tons of bacteria on their fur along with such parasites as fleas, ticks, and others.

But why do mice get into your home in summer?

These rodents can come into our homes during summer in order to find some food and water supply in the majority of cases. But also, since it is rather hot outside, getting into a human dwelling can help mice gain a desired relief from the heat.

Also, you should not forget that, because winter weather may have caused certain damage to your home because of low temperatures and winds, that often creates cracks and crevices in the walls.

Mice can use these entrances for easy access to a home’s interior.

Finally, these rodents may already dwell in your home but come to the lower, cooler levels during summer, so you may see more mice during summer than you do during winter!

However, high temperatures and lack of water and shade are not the only reasons and attractions that can make mice find their way into your house. Below, you will find a list of things that attract these pests greatly no matter what time of the year is outside!

What Makes Mice Come Into Your House In the Summer
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Why Do Mice Come In Your House At All?

If you live in the countryside, there is no need to explain to you why mice and other rodents may want to pay you a visit, sometimes a very long visit.

However, for the citizens, we find it useful to answer the following question: why do mice come into the house?

There are several things that attract these critters a lot, and that all of us have in our houses:

  • water
  • food
  • shelter

Mice are usually attracted by the food leftovers, as well as any food at all, especially the one that we leave on the counters or in the easy to access areas like cupboards, etc.

Oats, grains, bread, crackers and other similar foodstuffs serve as a huge invitation sign for these creatures!

They can even get attracted to your dog’s or cat’s food!

This is why it is essential that you clean up regularly ensuring that no crumbs and pieces of food are left around, especially in the kitchen!

Also, all food of yours must be tightly sealed and kept away.

Also, mice tend to pay us visits when searching for water sources.

This is why it is not recommended to leave water available around your house, for instance, in your pet’s plate or in cups/jugs. Make sure that you have no dripping water in your household as well!

Fix all the leaky faucets both indoors and outdoors like the one that is used for watering your garden.

Finally, mice tend to dig their small snouts into your garbage as well, searching for food.

For this reason, you must always keep your garbage bins tightly closed ensuring that their lids are sealed properly and the bins themselves have no cracks that rodents can squeeze through and get inside (because they can if they need to).

So if you are attentive and you keep your house and the area around it clean and tidy, chances are pretty high that mice will have no obvious reason for visiting you.

Why Do Mice Come In Your House At All
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Do Mice Get Indoors If It’s Raining Outside?

This is another frequent question that homeowners tend to ask when they figure out that they have squeaky “neighbors” living beside them.

As with other animals, rodents like to stay warm and dry when it is raining outside, that’s obvious. So it is not unusual for mice to make their way into your home during heavy rains.

And in case the area you live in often has wet summers and it is predisposed to rainy and humid weather in general, you will most likely notice more rodents inside your house during this time.

Mice are simply looking for a place to stay dry when it is pouring rain outside!

Regarding this issue, it is also good to keep in mind that mice need a water supply as well as food.

You can keep your trash secure throughout the year so that mice aren’t attracted to any food scraps in your rubbish bins, but if your basement or laundry room tends to flood during heavy rains, mice might be drawn to that standing water and then decide to nest somewhere in your home.

So, now you know a bit more about the reasons that can make mice get into your house during summer. With that in mind, let’s figure out what season is the worst in terms of a possible rodent invasion.

Do Mice Get Indoors If It’s Raining Outside
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During What Season Do Mice Usually Get Into Our Homes?

If you think that mice infestations in a house are somehow seasonal, or if you tend to believe that these rodents truly enjoy being outdoors during summer and then come into your home only during winter, we must disappoint you.

Because this is not like that at all.

Mice, like all other small creatures, need proper shelter from unexpected weather changes all year round, and this includes protection from rain and extreme heat, as well as bitter cold.

Once summertime comes, heat and burning-hot sunlight can make the cool basement of your house or the shady areas of your home’s subfloors very attractive to mice!

Where do mice come from?Where do mice come from?

In addition, let’s not forget that mice also need a safe place for making nests when they are ready to give birth, an available supply of food and water, and protection from predators.

And of course, this is exactly what rodents can find both in and around your house, at any time of the year.

Also, you need to take into consideration that mice will be more likely seeking shelter inside your home during cold winter months, making their way to the home’s warm attic or crawl spaces.

Then, once summertime starts and these spaces become uncomfortably warm for them to stay there, rodents might make their way to the lower part of your home. Simply speaking, mice are not necessarily getting into your home during summer.

During What Season Do Mice Usually Get Into Our Homes
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When Is It Time For Calling the Exterminator?

Most of us try to do our best to get rid of mice infestation using all possible and impossible means and methods. However, it may happen that sometimes we fail and we realize that it is time to invite a professional to deal with these invaders.

A pest control expert can use sprays or other deterrents that will ensure your home is not bothered by termites, roaches, ants, and also rodents.

It will then save you money thta you would waste on repairs from the damage done by such pests. However, you might still need an exterminator if one of the following situations take place:

  1. You see droppings in the kitchen or basement.
  2. You hear scratching sounds in the kitchen or behind walls.
  3. If your pets suddenly seem to be bothered by something behind the walls, or begin paying attention to specific areas of the home, perhaps sitting and watching those spaces attentively, this often means that they have spotted rodents or other pests.
  4. In case your home has been through a flood or has suffered water damage, call the exterminator. Even if you have the flooded/damaged area cleaned up, that standing water may have attracted mice.

Another sign that your house might have rodents inside is if you suddenly have problems with electricity.

Rodents like to chew through the rubber covering of the wires, which leads to damage of those wires and interrupts the electrical circuit.

So if you constantly experience brownouts or shutdowns of specific circuits, and other causes for these issues are impossible, call an exterminator.

When Is It Time For Calling the Exterminator
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What Can Be Done to Get Rid Of Mice In Your House?

Of course, you might be wondering now what you can do in order to get rid of these small but very annoying and potentially dangerous creatures once they have found their way into your home.

Well, if you are experiencing a heavy mice infestation, the only way out is to call an exterminator since you won’t be able to deal with it alone even if you use all the chemicals and poisons you can get.

What Can Be Done to Get Rid Of Mice In Your House
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But if you know for sure that mice have recently settled in your house, it is still possible to show them their way back to the door and out!

  • If it is possible, get a cat! Only make sure that you get a good mice hunter. Cats are mice’s natural predators so the only presence of this furry mice killer can scare the rodents away!
  • If cat is not an option, try to use an old school method and use mouse traps. Only make sure that your kids and pets won’t get into them!
  • Using mice poisons or chemicals is also a good idea. But you need to use these very cautiously since these products are also harmful for humans.
  • As a preventative measure, keep your house and yard clean and tidy. It will make your household very unattractive for rodents.

Of course, these are the general recommendations, but even this little can be done to help you deal with unwelcome “guests”.

So, now you know what can make mice want to pay you a visit during the summer, and what seasons you should expect the biggest rodent infestation.

But if you follow our recommendations and use the life hacks we shared today, you will be able to cope with this issue relatively quickly and cheaply.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ When do mice come out?

At night mostly.

⭐ Do mice leave on their own?

No, they won’t unless you make them.

⭐ Is it possible to have mice in the garage in summer?

Yes, it’s cool and shady there. Especially if the garage is not frequently used.

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