Why Do I Have So Many Spiders In My House?

Learn what attracts these eight-legged ones to your home and how to get rid of them

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For the majority of us, spiders are quite creepy creatures, do you agree? There are very few people who like them or even keep them at home as pets! However, even if you are ok with homey spiders, you will hardly be happy to find a few of them roaming around your house.

However, it often happens that people start seeing a lot of spiders in their houses, and this becomes a huge point of concern to them.

Even though those spiders may be harmless, having them around and knowing that they are always somewhere beside you is gross.

But why does my house have so many spiders, you may be wondering? Well, this is why we are here today. In this article, we tried to collect the most common reasons why these eight-legged creatures come to visit you.

You will learn what makes spiders come to your home and what can be done in order to get rid of them quickly and safely.

In addition, we will explain how you could prevent them from paying you visits in future and where they actually come from.

Why Are There So Many Spiders In My House?

So you live a happy and peaceful life, and suddenly you start seeing lots of spiders in your house! You might think you are hallucinating, but no. It’s not a daydream and not an illusion, unfortunately.

Spiders can hardly be called frequent guests in our homes (in comparison to ants or mosquitoes, for example). However, it happens now and then that they suddenly decide to pay us a visit. In multiple numbers.

So if you have recently started noticing lots of spiders in your house, you might be curious about where they come from and how they get into the house. Luckily, this issue has several explanations, and below, we will provide you with all of them.

Like that, you will know for sure where to look for the spiders’ entry spot.

But in the majority of cases, solutions can be as easy as reducing household clutter, maintaining window screens, or keeping your garden and landscaping trimmed and tidy.

Nevertheless, some cases might require a pest control professional.

Why Are There So Many Spiders In My House
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They Have Easy Access to Your House

The most obvious reason why spiders keep coming into your home is that the house is easy to get into.

This is why the best and the easiest way to prevent these pests from getting inside is to make the home challenging to get into.

You can eliminate as many cracks, holes, and crevices as possible in your doors, windows, siding, flooring, and of course in the foundation.

This will block them from getting inside easily whenever they feel like doing so.

Also, check out the spots where cables and wiring attach to the house.

Why Are There So Many Spiders in Your House?Why Are There So Many Spiders in Your House?

Damaged Window Screens And Cracks In the Walls

These are other entry spots for spiders to come in. Damaged window screens are another entry point for these eight-legged ones. So check the window and door screens in the home to see if any are torn or loose-fitting.

If you find any, replace all the damaged screens or fix the holes and gaps with weatherstripping if that’s possible.

Also, make sure that you seal the cracks or holes in the walls and foundation with caulk.

If you manage to seal up as many potential entryways spiders might use as possible, it will make it much more difficult for them to get inside.

Clean Up Your House

Spiders prefer hiding in shady and dusty places where there is often dirt. This is a well-known fact.

This is why thorough cleaning of your home done regularly will deter spiders. Especially when you pay closer attention to the areas under the furniture like chairs, couches, and beds.

Make sure that you vacuum and dust in high and low corners where spiders weave their webs most often. Keeping the kitchen clean will also help to reduce the number of not only spiders but other insects in your home that spiders eat.

The general rule of thumb is the following: the cleaner the home, the less likely it is that you will see spiders.

Trim the Grass And Keep It Maintained

Spiders enjoy grassy and bushy areas. The more plants you have in your yard, the more likely you will soon have these small dwellers there.

So if your garden reminds more of a wild jungle, be ready to host eight-legged visitors soon.

So what we suggest is that you keep your plants, flowers, trees, and grass near the side of a house trimmed regularly. It will help to eliminate spiders quickly and get rid of them easily.

They Have a Regular Food Supply In Your Home

Don’t turn your house into the spiders’ canteen! Spiders eat insects, as all of you know for sure. So If there are insects inside your home, spiders will have a steady food supply.

This is why keeping your home clean by merely sweeping up crumbs and wiping down the kitchen every time you use it is the simplest way to make your home less attractive to insects.

Also, we would recommend you inspect your home for water sources, as well as places to hide, such as piles of old magazines and newspapers, or cardboard boxes in your garage or attic, or open containers of pet food, etc.

If you get rid of the spiders’ food supply, you can get rid of the spiders as well.

Without food, your home will stop being so attractive for them.

Your Home Provides Them With the Climate They Prefer

The majority of spiders like dark and comfortable spaces to hide and dwell there.

If it is cold outside, the chances are pretty high that spiders will make their way inside where they can be warm and cozy.

They will also search for a way to cool off inside if the outside temperature is too hot.

Your Home Provides Them With the Climate They Prefer
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It’s Time For the Mating Season!

This is not quite a pleasant thing to learn, we know, but spiders often invade our homes during their mating season.

Spider mating season starts in the late summer and early fall when many of these creatures will leave their web searching for a mate.

Some of them may move inside, and once there, they will mate and nest in comfortable spots.

So naturally, sooner or later you will start seeing way more spiders indoors than you did before!

You Accidentally Brought Them Inside

Finally, even if your home is well maintained, clean, tidy, and your garden and lawns are ideally rimmed and maintained, spiders may still get inside…simply because you brought them in! Even without knowing.

Spiders are good at hiding, and it is common for them to ride on firewood, camping equipment, vegetables, patio furniture, toys, or even on our pets. This is why, before bringing anything inside the home, always make sure that you check for spiders or other pests.

So, as you can see, there are plenty of different reasons why spiders may end up in your home and start bothering you. Luckily, each of these factors is easy to fix. Do your best to keep your home clean and tidy both indoors and outdoors.

Maintain your garden and lawn (if you have them) and keep them trimmed. Free your yard and garden from dry grass and any clutter that may attract spiders. With these efforts, you will be able to not only get rid of these creatures, but also keep them away from your home.

Where Do Those Spiders Come From?

This is a common and quite natural question. If you suddenly start seeing spiders all over your house, you will surely want to know where all of them come from. And let’s be honest: it doesn’t even matter if the spiders you have indoors are dangerous or not, you just never want to see them in your home.

Especially if those are some threatening and potentially harmful species!

Luckily, unlike some other pests (like ticks or mosquitoes), when these house spiders multiply, they are not coming into your home so they can suck your blood or latch onto your neck! There are many other reasons these eight-legged creatures sneak into our homes.

And unlike a common belief, you are not seeing more house spiders because it is getting colder outside (even though this may be one of the reasons). However, the most common reason the house spider population is increasing in your home is that you have the shelter they are craving for in order to survive and lay their eggs.

Of course, we also need to mention the fact that these spiders feed on other pests that have found their way inside your home! So if you know that you have other insects living indoors, chances are high that sooner or later your home will welcome spiders as well.

Yes, that’s correct folks. If you have a spider problem, you are likely to have other pests-related problems.

There may be other pests in your home that you simply cannot see. So it is always a good idea to call for the pest control service to come and check your house for any unwelcome creatures.

Why are there so many spiders and insects in my house?Why are there so many spiders and insects in my house?

How to Prevent Spiders From Visiting Your Home?

Of course, nobody wants to live with spiders beside them! This is why homeowners try to find all the possible ways to get rid of these “visitors” as soon as possible.

The very first thing you need to do in order to prevent house spiders from taking over your home is to prevent other bugs and insects from entering your home.

Like this, you will cut off the major food supply that attracts spiders indoors.

Below we have provided you with a few useful tips that can help you prevent spiders and other common pests from entering your home:

  • Vacuum up spiders and nests when you see them in the corners of your home
  • Tear down cobwebs throughout your house
  • Vacuum your home often, and pay special attention to dark corners, hidden spaces, and anywhere else bugs and spiders can hide
  • Move debris, garbage, mulch, and wood piles away from your home’s exterior e.g. yard and garden
  • Seal cracks, crevices, and holes around your home
  • Inspect and repair/replace damaged window screens
  • Call the local pest control service
How to Prevent Spiders From Visiting Your Home
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These life hacks will help you to cope with the spider invasion more successfully.

But if you notice that, even after you take all these steps, the spiders won’t go away and keep coming back, you should call your local pest control service.

They will come and manage the problem in the most effective way once and for all!

Well, now you know why you might have spiders in your home in multiple numbers.

We have provided you with a few most common reasons, as well as explanations for those reasons.

In addition, you learned what attracts these creatures to your houses and what can be done in order to both get rid of them and prevent their comebacks in future.

So if you make sure that your home is kept tidy and clean both inside and outside, you have no food or water supplies available for the spiders all the time, and you check your stuff and pets for spiders after each long walk outdoors, it is very unlikely that these pests will make their way into your home.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Are home spiders harmful?

No, they are typically harmless. However, some species that may get into our houses can be dangerous! It depends on the area where you live.

⭐Do spiders feed on human blood?

No! Spiders feed on moths and other small insects. None of them drink human blood like ticks or mosquitoes do.

⭐If I have a bird - a parrot - at home, will it eat spiders?

It’s very unlikely. Besides, spiders tend to hide most of the time. To get rid of them, you need to call your local pest control service.

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