What to Wear Hiking In Fall?

Learn what outfits will be the most suitable and comfy for hiking in autumn

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Going on a hiking tour in autumn is not the same as doing it in summer or spring – this season requires specific clothing and footwear to feel comfortable on the route.

Besides, any more or less experienced hiking enthusiast knows that the quality of your boots and even socks can affect the journey often dramatically! Not to mention the backpack and other clothing.

So what shall you be wearing in case you decide to set off on a hiking trip in autumn? We have prepared a short but informative list of recommendations for you!

What to Wear to Go Hiking In The Fall

First of all, before you start your journey, you need to prepare all that you will be wearing during the trip. That means all clothing from your socks to the jacket including boots!

And if experienced hikers are well aware of what to take with them on the route, newbies may find it a bit difficult to get everything they need.

Afraid of forgetting or missing something? Well, here is a brief reminding list for you to take a look at whenever you will be packing for the next journey!

  • wool socks
  • hiking boots or hiking shoes
  • hiking shirt
  • leggings
  • fleece jacket
  • rain jacket
  • down jacket
  • beanie
  • gloves
  • buff
  • microspikes
  • backpack
  • trekking poles (optional)

This is the basic list of outfits that you will need no matter whether you are a man or a woman. And now let’s take a closer look at each position on this list to see why this or that item is so important on your trekking journey.

What Socks to Wear When Hiking In The Fall

Wool socks are what you must have on you during your hiking tour! See, good quality socks will help you to prevent the development of blisters which will significantly ease your life during the trip.

What Socks to Wear When Hiking In The Fall
Photo by Alí Díaz on Unsplash

What Boots to Wear For Hiking In Fall

Footwear is another important kind of hiking gear that you need to take care about before setting off on the journey. Depending on where you are going and what the weather will be, you may need either hiking boots or shoes.

Boots, f.ex Timberlands for hiking,  will become very handy if you know there is going to be snow or ice on the way. Besides, most hiking boots have perfect traction which means that your toes will be protected from rocks. And if you happen to have weak ankles, you can simply pick up the pair of hiking boots that will support your feet on the road.

As an alternative, you can opt for hiking shoes, of course. They are cheaper and more lightweight in comparison to the boots. However, hiking shoes normally have no ankle support option!

What Clothing to Wear When Hiking In Fall

When it comes to clothing, you need to remember that it is pretty cold in autumn, so your outfit will anyway consist of several layers whether you want it or not. And to not end up sweating like hell on the route, we suggest you take the choice of clothing very seriously!

To feel comfy and warm during your hiking trip, you will need several layers of clothing that include:

  1. base layer (a shirt)
  2. mid layer (fleece jacket)
  3. outer layer (rain jacket)
  4. leggings
  5. gloves, beanie, and buff

Your shirt must not be made of cotton since this fabric absorbs sweat which leads to hypothermia. Instead, stick to moisture-wicking and breathable fabrics. And if you will be hiking on cold days, think of wearing a merino wool shirt. But in most cases, they are still too hot to be wearing even in autumn.

As for the mid-layer, a good old fleece jacket is a must. It will keep you warm on the way downhill and if it is really cold outside, you can always put it under your dawn jacket. Besides, fleece jackets are very lightweight so you will not feel like you are carrying a couple of extra kilos on your back!

And finally, don’t forget about the outer layer which includes a good waterproof jacket. Even if you know there is going to be no rain, packing it is still necessary – just in case. And besides, nobody is insured from sudden weather fluctuations!

Also, if you are hiking up, there is a big chance that the viewpoint will be much colder in comparison to the trailhead. So having a lightweight but warm down jacket is essential, too.

And let’s not forget about leggings, a buff (to protect you from wind) and, what is also super important, gloves! The latter ones take very little space in your backpack but they can literally save you on a cold day or if it will start snowing unexpectedly.

What Clothing to Wear When Hiking In Fall
Photo by Toomas Tartes on Unsplash

What to Wear Hiking In The Fall When It’s Raining

Basically, the list of clothing you will need for hiking on a rainy day is not much different from what we have just listed above. The only distinction is probably that, in case of rain, you will need your outer clothes and boots to be waterproof or at least water-resistant.

Also, it will be necessary to wear rain pants over your hiking leggings, and re-waterproof your rain jacket before you set off on the trail.

As for the gear, we would recommend using a waterproof backpack cover, trekking poles, and dry bags to keep your belongings inside of the backpack dry, too.

What Else to Bring With You When Hiking In Fall

Being properly dressed for your autumn hiking tour is a good thing but except for clothing, you will also need some extra stuff that can be very useful. For instance, remember to bring a headlamp with you, especially if you are planning to camp or hike late in the evening.

Also, having a hot drink flask with you will be definitely handy. A dry stuff sack will protect your belongings, and an orange vest will be extremely needed if you live and thus hike in the areas where people go hunting in autumn.

And of course, don’t forget to bring a power bank and pack enough food with you!

With all these suggestions and tips, your autumn hiking tour will turn into a pleasant and exciting trip instead of becoming a nightmare with cold feet and running nose because you lack warm clothes!

Remember to check the weather before you set off on the route, and, if you are planning to camp, take care of the needed gear and stuff like tents, sleeping bags, insect repellent, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Do you need hiking boots or shoes for hiking in fall?

It depends on the weather. Also, boots are better if you have weak ankles.

⭐Are hiking poles mandatory to have on the route?

No, they are optional.

⭐Do men and women wear the same type of clothes for hiking?

Yes, the list of clothes needed is the same.

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