What to Say When Boys Ask Why I Wear Makeup?

Don’t know how to reply to this question? We can give you a couple of ideas!

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For girls, makeup questions can be rather tricky to ask, especially if they come from men! Let’s be honest, most women would feel puzzled if a man asks why they wear makeup (especially if they are not wearing it right now).

So if you have been wondering why men can ask such questions, we recommend you read this article carefully.

We will explain why they come up with such questions at all, and how you should respond to this question.

Also, you are going to find out what could be other reasons why men ask such questions since they don’t always do it because of a romantic interest!

What Is It Best to Say When Boys Ask Why I Wear Makeup?

When a boy asks you why you wear makeup, this question comes up probably because he likes you and tries to create a closer bond with you this way. However, you should not take this question so straightforwardly!


See, quite often, men ask such questions for other reasons as well (for example, if he is a makeup enthusiast). But let’s sort all the things out slowly.

When you hear a man or a boy asking you “why do you wear makeup?”, it typically means that they are really trying to advance their flirting position with you.

A guy coming to you asking about why you wear makeup now, especially when you don’t wear any (or very light), just tries to get near you and give himself the opportunity to ask you out!

Knowing this, it will be easier for you now to know what guys mean when they ask such a question “why do you wear makeup?”. They are just flirting with you and are just asking you to spend some time with him!

But what should you say in response?

Well, there are plenty of answers that can be given to this question! The one you choose depends on how close you know this guy and whether or not you want to continue communicating with him.

Depending on that, your answer might be playful, funny, serious, or maybe even arrogant!

Anyway, we suggest you check out a few useful options to keep in mind. Like that, you will always be ready for such a random makeup question and you will not stumble, trying to find the answer and muttering something uncertain!

Just Laugh In His Face!

If a guy is the kind of person who truly believes that Kim Kardashian is an example of the “natural look”, you can just start laughing at this ridiculous concept!

And there is no way to feel guilty about it. Of course, we don’t want to say your laughter should be mean! Just have some fun and let him see that his concept of female beauty is a bit, well, ridiculous. So easy.

Just Laugh In His Face!
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Walk Him Through Your Whole Makeup Routine!

This is another way to answer such questions when they come from guys who don’t mean to build a bond with you and instead just ask stupid things.

So you can simply do the opposite of the previous tip, and lead your interlocutor through your makeup routine in detail. This will hopefully just make him feel bored and exit the conversation on his own.

Walk Him Through Your Whole Makeup Routine!
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“Because Makeup Makes Me Feel Confident”

This is a bit more serious of a response, but it is true and it is valid. I have always been pro-whatever-makes-you-happy, whether it be wearing a ton of makeup (or none at all), cosmetic surgery, or wearing a purple wig with green eyebrows.

“Because Makeup Makes Me Feel Confident”
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Because It Is an Artistic Expression!

For girls, applying and wearing makeup is a way to express their creativity. Indeed, applying makeup can be compared to creating a painting where your face is canvas and your mascara, blush, and lipstick are your paints!

So if you see that a man is truly interested in this makeup question, and if you feel like indulging him in some secrets of the makeup world, you can answer him like this.

“Because I Like It. And That’s All That Matters”

Mic drop. Perhaps, the shortest answer ever, and quite an arrogant and cold one. This is why you should consider using this option only if you are not really into this guy.

If you are not going to keep on communicating with him, and you know you will feel no regret about letting him know about your attitude, then feel free to answer like this.

“Because I Like It. And That’s All That Matters”
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“I Don’t Know. Why Do You Grow a Beard?”

Okay, so let’s make it clear at once: we guess this answer is only applicable if a guy asks you why you wear so much makeup (which actually happens a lot, since they’re basically clueless to what makeup actually does).

“Because It’s a Bonding Experience”

For most women, such a simple thing as makeup can be a way to form friendships off of a mutual hobby, and there is nothing wrong with making new friends like this.

We mean it, if you ask any girl out there, most of them will prove that the hour before going out when you are applying makeup with your girls is the best part ever! Let’s be honest, getting ready with them is almost more fun than actually going out.

“Because It’s a Bonding Experience”
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“Just Because You Don’t Understand My Hobby Doesn’t Mean That Yours Are Any Better”

This response will be more appropriate if a guy approaches you with the makeup question, sounding more like reproaching or judging.

If you feel that he is picking on you, don’t hesitate to say something like: “I don’t know, why do you spend so much money on extra car parts that you don’t really need?” Or “Why do keep buying antique figurines that no one can touch?”

You need to let him know clearly that he should leave you alone about your hobbies, and you will leave him alone about his.

“Just Because You Don’t Understand My Hobby Doesn’t Mean That Yours Are Any Better”
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“What Makeup?”

You can respond like that if a guy asks why you are wearing makeup and you have no makeup (or very little of it) on your face right now. But also, you can use this response if your face is painted like a geisha!

Play a trick on him by asking this question in response! Just make him feel surprised and wonder! Say something like “Oh, my lips are naturally fire-engine red and I was born with this bright pink blush on my cheeks!”.

Don’t know what makeup you are talking about! Don’t be afraid to look silly or ridiculous!

Well, these are just a few ways to answer a guy who asked you about your makeup.

Of course, you should be wise and reply politely if you see that he asks sincerely or if he uses this question as a way to approach you and/or ask you out with him! In this case, any rude, ignorant, arrogant or other similar responses would not be appropriate at all!

But if this question from a guy is just a silly way to ask you silly things, then feel free to play a joke on him! Anyway, there is no sense to keep on communicating with such a person!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks If You Wear Makeup?

So, when you hear a man asking you a question like one of the following:

  1. Why do you wear makeup?
  2. Are you wearing makeup?
  3. Are there occasions when you wear makeup?

The motive is as clear as day. He is flirting with you and through such questions, he is trying to find a way to get closer to you and eventually ask you out. These questions above are just a variation of what they call “man speak”.

What Guys Say vs What They MeanWhat Guys Say vs What They Mean

So when you find this happening to you, then it’s crystal clear what you need to do… Be ready for him to ask you out!

What Does It Mean When a Guy Asks If You Wear Makeup
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What If They Don’t Mean It Like “I Like You And Want to Ask You Out”?

Now, we want you girls to be aware of one important nuance about this makeup question! See, not all guys are alike and not all guys will ask this question for exactly the same reason.

Most of the time, you can assume that, if a man is asking you questions like that, he likes you and would love to ask you out. But sometimes, such a question can have other meanings!

Below, you can check out what other reasons for this question from a guy could be.

He Is Just Trying to Be Friendly With You

If a guy starts a conversation with you with a makeup question, it probably means that he saw your makeup and he liked it! And he is just telling you about this (maybe, in a bit weird way).

Of course, you probably know they say that guys aren’t interested in being “only friends” with girls, but you should not think of this as true.

So, it can be that he saw you standing there and just thought it would be fun to talk to you while you powder your nose. What should you do? Embrace it! Say thank you or tell him how pleased you are that he liked your makeup!

He Is Just Trying to Be Friendly With You
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He Might Be a Makeup Enthusiast!

It can also be that he’s a makeup enthusiast himself and he’s trying to find out how much you know about makeup so you two can share knowledge!

For sure, this might be a kind of a shock to you now, but quite a lot of guys actually love makeup and they are interested in it! Some of them might even want to enter the beauty industry to become makeup artists.

So if a guy like this asks you about your makeup, he might just be interested in you in a so-called professional way.

He might notice that your makeup is well-applied or somehow interesting to him, and he wants to know how you did it, what tools you used, etc.

So before you decide that he fell in love with you and now he is asking things about your makeup just to find a way to get closer to you and finally ask you out, breathe out and keep your mind clear! He might just be building a friendly talk with you, and that’s all!

So if you hear such questions from a handsome man, we recommend you figure out first why exactly he is asking them. Is it just a mere interest? Or is it a way to make a bond with you?

How to Find Out Why This Boy Asked You Why You Wear Makeup?

Ok, this can be a little tricky because it can be a little bit daunting to ask a man straight up about it. Even though this can be something you are scared of, we think you really should do that.

Although, when he likes you, you probably don’t think of putting him on the spot and asking “do you like me?”! Let’s be honest, this doesn’t seem like the best thing to do.

When he likes you, you will probably see that he is acting nervous and this can be your biggest clue on not asking him about it. When it is one of the other two options, it is safe for you to just ask!

You will probably see that he isn’t nervous at all and will likely ask other makeup-related questions when you have answered the first one.

When he asks more of these kinds of questions, it can be great to ask “do you like makeup?” or “do you know something about makeup?”. Because when he is an enthusiast, he just wants to know and talk about it!

When he is just friendly, he will tell you something along the lines of “no I’m not really interested in it but I thought it would be fun to talk to you about it.

Now you know that when a guy asks “why do you wear makeup?”, it can be for all sorts of reasons!

Most of the time, it is probably because he likes you and wants to ask you out, and asking this question is the way to create a bond and a stronger connection with you through talking about the things that you like and know well.

But it can also be that your new friend is trying to find out how much you know about makeup because he likes it too! He is probably going to make you jealous when you hear him talk about it and you see his collection.

Anyway, when he does find you attractive and you like him as well, go on a date! Maybe it is the man of your dreams who finally found the courage to ask you out!

How to Find Out Why This Boy Asked You Why You Wear Makeup
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐If a guy asks me about makeup, does it mean he’s gay?

No, not necessarily. He might just be a makeup enthusiast or a beginning makeup artist.

⭐Is it a joke or a way to mock on me if a guy is asking about my makeup?

Yes and no. It depends on how he is asking. He might be truly interested in this subject.

⭐A guy is always asking different questions about my makeup when we meet. What’s wrong with him?

Well, he is either a makeup enthusiast or he likes you and tries to let your know about it this way. Or he’s a makeup artist! Try to ask him about that!

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