What to Say to Someone Who Lost a Game?

Learn what to say if your kid or friend has lost an important game and not to make them feel even worse!

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Games are fun and exciting, but only until you win. Once you lose, you will rather feel sorrow and sadness than happiness and joy! Besides, some people cope with a lost game harder than others, drowning in worries and negative thoughts.

Is it possible to cheer them up somehow?

Well, in fact, it is.

In this article, we will provide you with a bunch of phrases that can help you if you don’t know what to say to a person after a game loss.

Also, you will learn what it is better to say to your child if he or she loses an important game at school.

What to Say When Someone Loses a Game?

Nobody likes losing, and there are very few people that can take a game loss calmly and philosophically. In most cases, one would have negative feelings and thoughts, trying to figure out how it happened and whether the team (or this person itself) could do any better.

This is why it is very important to know what to say when someone loses a game! Your words can have a significant impact on the mood of this person that day and even their attitude towards losses in the future.

What To Do When You Have A Bad Game and Lose A MatchWhat To Do When You Have A Bad Game and Lose A Match

So, what is it better to say when someone loses a game?

What to Say When Someone Loses a Game
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Losing a Game Quotes to Support the Team/Player On Their Efforts

Sometimes one team/player is just stronger and more skilled than the other, and there is nothing one can do about it! So no matter how hard they try, they will most likely lose the game. In this case, you should know what to say to support the player/ players and congratulate them on their effort.

  • You made the team, you went out there on the field and play, and you put up a good fight against your opponent! It is more than enough to be happy about, don’t you think?
  • Great game! You did all you could, but it could have gone either way!
  • You should be really proud of yourself and your team!
  • What a game! You played hard right to the end and gave us quite the show! This was so spectacular! You are awesome!
    The way you handled yourself during the match/game was exceptional! No one could even imagine it ending this way.
  • Hey, there is no reason to be upset! Just remember you scored the most points out of everybody! You are the star of the game/match!

With these phrases, you will let the person/team know that they did really well and they did everything they could to win this game. By acknowledging their effort, you let them know they are not being blamed or judged, besides, you express your support and appreciation. This values a lot!

How to Motivate a Team After a Bad Loss?

Of course, we all know that losing a game is not the end of the world, and next time, the team or the player can do much better! However, as a player, one can be very upset because all the hard work he or she put into the victory was in vain! So if you are not sure what to say in this situation, here are a few variants that can be helpful.

  • It was a tough game, but with a little more time and training, you should be golden! Don’t give up! Next time you will make it for sure!
  • Trust me, I know how disappointed you feel right now, but I know you will do better next time! Everything will be ok!
  • I know this sucks because I know how hard you trained for this game, but it’s not over. You still have a lot of time to train and improve your skill, and you will overcome it!
  • I’m telling you, you looked really good out there! Keep at it, and you will be the one with the gold next time!
How to Motivate a Team After a Bad Loss
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What to Say to a Winner When You Lose a Game?

It is relatively easy to comfort a team that has lost or to cheer up a player who did well on the field but still lost. However, this can be very challenging for a team or a player who lost to say something good to a winning party! Here are a few good ideas on such phrases that will help you to keep your dignity even though it was a bad loss.

  • What you did on the field was awesome! There was really no way to stop you! I hope to learn that move soon.
  • Good game! You played a good match from start to end, so you surely deserve this win! I was happy to play with you!
  • Well, you got away this time! But next time, our team will win the game! But you played well. We all saw it!
  • Thank you for a great time! It’s been a while since someone had me on my toes like this!
  • In this game, you were the better player, but next time, I’ll overcome you! I will put all my effort and train long and hard for that!

With the help of these phrases and quotes, you will be able to support a team or a player who lost an important game and do it delicately. Or at least you will be able to use these phrases as samples to make up your own greeting or comforting message.

Do I need to say some words when losing a game at school

What to Say When Your Kid Loses a Game?

Even adults are not always capable of dealing with a game loss calmly. Sportsmen put in a lot of effort and work hard to win the game, so when they lose, it’s always about disappointment. People often have mixed feelings like anger, upset, annoyance, and others about losing an important match or a game they wanted to win badly.

What do I do if my student loses a game?What do I do if my student loses a game?

Imagine now how hard it can be for a kid to lose! Children are much worse at controlling their emotions than adults.

What to say to a parent when a child has lost

Besides, they tend to take every loss close to their hearts. So if your child has lost an important game at school or a sports section, there are a few things you should keep in mind as a parent to comfort your kid correctly.

What to Say When Your Kid Loses a Game
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Let Your Kid Grieve

Parents often make a huge mistake by forbidding their child to grieve about the game loss. They tend to say it’s nothing and there is nothing to be upset about. However, this is the wrong approach!

Your child has put tons of effort into winning, so it’s natural he or she feels sadness and grief when losing. Let your kid go through these emotions and be OK with grieving too. You can tell your child that it’s ok that he/she feels bad now, and so do you. It will show your son or daughter that you are compassionate about their feelings and you understand and support them.

Don’t Downplay the Loss!

Remember the rule of thumb: never tell your child that the loss doesn’t matter! Of course, it matters. Moreover, you kid would think that, since you downplay the importance of the loss, then logically, you don’t care about him/her (and their feelings) much.

Don’t Downplay the Loss!
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Tell Your Child How Proud You Are Of Him/Her

After a bad loss, it is very essential for a kid to hear that mom and dad still support them and estimate the effort they put into the game and training. Let your son or daughter know you are proud of them and explain why. There is always something to praise them for.

Go Over the Good Moments Of the Game

Let your kid know that you pay attention to all the good things he or she did on the field. Emphasize the best moments of the game where your child showed the best skill and agility! Through this, you will let your kid know that he or she is not hopeless as a sportsman.

Go Over the Good Moments Of the Game
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Avoid Blaming the Coaches of the Referees!

never blame your kid’s coach or referees, and don’t support others when they do so! By blaming them, you encourage a state of helplessness because you give all the power to some arbitrary force. You need to teach your child that if he/she wants to win the game, a “bad” call or two doesn’t matter in the long run.

And it depends on him/her (and the team) whether they will win next time or not. It’s not the fault of some third party.

Don’t look for the ultimate loser baby

Forget About the Phrase “Winning Isn’t Everything”!

You may think it is a good way to support your kid, but in fact, by saying this, you show your child that you don’t take his effort seriously! So if you haven’t established a healthy attitude on winning/losing before, such words won’t have a positive influence and may even create distance between you.

In general, when your child loses a game (or the team loses), you should try to keep your comments, feelings, and attitudes positive. Remember that good sportsmanship begins with the parents and ends with the parents!

Well, now you know that it is very important to find the right words to tell a person who has lost an important game or match. By saying the right things, you will show how compassionate you are about their loss and how supportive you feel about this person. Also, you learned how essential it is to find the right words for your kid when he or she loses a game at school or a sports section.

You may think “it’s just a game!” and “who cares about losing!” but to those who have put tons of effort and time into winning, such words would mean you underestimate the hours they spent on the court or on the field.

So even if you personally don’t see a game loss as a big tragedy, you should be more understanding about other people’s feelings. The phrases we shared with you today will help you find the right words to support the losing party.

Forget About the Phrase “Winning Isn’t Everything”!
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How do you cheer someone up after losing them?

If you can't think of something to say, just offer a squeeze of the hand or a reassuring hug. Offer your support. Ask what you can do for the grieving person.

⭐Is it always necessary to comfort someone who lost a game?

It depends on the person. Some people need time to stay alone with their pain.

⭐What do you say when a child loses a game?

Tell your child how proud you are because of the effort they put into an activity — regardless of whether they win or lose.

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What to Say (and Not Say) to Comfort Someone Who’s Lost a Loved OneWhat to Say (and Not Say) to Comfort Someone Who’s Lost a Loved One