What to Do If My Boyfriend Has a Female Friend Who Likes Him?

Learn how you should act if your boyfriend has a female friend who has feelings for him

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on What to Do If My Boyfriend Has a Female Friend Who Likes Him

When your boyfriend has female friends, it is always nerve-wracking for you as his girlfriend. Besides, seeing other girls close to your man can also hurt you emotionally.

Most girls would feel jealous and uncertain if their boyfriend has many female friends and he communicates with them regularly and often enough.

So what shall you do in this case? Does it make sense to continue this relationship?

In this article, we will answer all your questions. You are going to learn what to do if your boyfriend has a female friend who likes me.

Also, we will tell you about the signs that will show you he likes his female friend. In addition, we will explain how you can tell if your boyfriend’s female friend has feelings for him and vice versa.

What Shall I Do If My Boyfriend Has a Female Friend Who Has Feelings For Him?

If your boyfriend has female friends, it is always uneasy for you as his girlfriend. If you can withstand seeing other women around him every day (for example, if they are his colleagues), it is not the same with his female friends since they are usually much closer to your man!

What’s the correct behavior for male-female friendships (when in a relationship)?What’s the correct behavior for male-female friendships (when in a relationship)?

So if your boyfriend tells you he has a female friend but they are just friends and nothing more, listen to your gut!

What exactly do you feel about this fact?  Are you calm and trusting him? Or maybe your gut tells you it’s a red flag?

Nowadays, it is absolutely normal for anyone to have friends of the opposite sex, and for sure, your man is not an exception. However, it does not mean that all men and all women are absolutely sincere when they say they just have a friendship with their opposite-sex acquaintances.

Quite often, one might say they are friends and nothing more, but at the same time, he or she would still have hidden thoughts of having a love affair with this “friend”.

For sure, a mature person must be able to keep feelings under control and differentiate friendship from closer intimate relationships.

Unfortunately, not all of us are able to do this. But the question is: what shall you do if you realize your boyfriend’s female friend has feelings for him?

We have prepared a list of several useful recommendations for you for this case. Read them carefully and keep in mind that you should anyway make sure first what exactly is going on between your boyfriend and that girl!

What Shall I Do If My Boyfriend Has a Female Friend Who Has Feelings For Him
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Talk to Him Openly

This is the very first thing you should do if you don’t want to turn your relationship into a toxic one. Simply have an open conversation with him about what you feel when this girl is around him and when she is showing her affection to him. Let him understand your emotions and explain how their “friendship” can affect your relationship as a couple.

However, you need to keep in mind that it is important for you to be calm and emotionally balanced when talking to him! And also, you should be ready to accept everything that your man addresses when he replies.

Trust should be the foundation of your relationship. If you don’t trust your man, then it is time to think about what you are doing in this couple.

Talk to Him Openly
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Try to Connect With His Female Friend With Compassion

Well, this step is not mandatory and moreover, not every girl would be able to do this. However, if you feel enough strength and confidence, you can try to connect with her in a compassionate way.

Our emotions and feelings are often out of our control, especially when it comes to romance. So instead of hating this girl, try to understand her feelings and accept them. Approach her from the position of compassion and understanding and try to be like a friend to her in this complicated situation.

At least she might understand that you and your boyfriend are a strong and loving couple where there is no place for her and leave you alone. Or, if she keeps on being around him hoping for something, you can search for another way of action.

Try to Connect With His Female Friend With Compassion
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Work On Your Triggers

If you react way too hastily to the presence of a female friend around your man, consider your own triggers. What exactly makes you jealous or feel insecure about this situation? What are you afraid of? Where is the source of this fear/jealousy/insecurity?

In this situation, it is very important for you to stay calm and balanced and act wisely. You need to observe and at the same time be conscious of your triggers. It will help you not fall into negative emotions and keep your head cool and your thoughts clear.

Work On Your Triggers
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Build Deeper And More Trustful Connection With Your Boyfriend

If you realize that you feel jealous or insecure about this girl, it is often about your own fear of losing your loved one. However, this fear becomes a sort of obsession, which prevents you from thinking clearly.

Want a Deeper Connection? Let Down Your Guard (Matthew Hussey)Want a Deeper Connection? Let Down Your Guard (Matthew Hussey)

When this is happening, you should ask yourself: do you trust your boyfriend? Or maybe you are trying to project your own insecurities on him?

If there is peace, love, support, and understanding, as well as trust in your relationship, then there is a healthy mental space in your couple. But if you lack these features (some of them or all), then there is hardly any real trust between you. In this case, the presence of a third person will always be a trigger.

Remember to Set Healthy Boundaries In Your Couple

What we mean is that you should be very clear and loud about your position on this situation, as well as about your boyfriend’s limits! He needs to understand where his borders are, which he should not cross. But at the same time, don’t be too oppressive and try to understand his personal space too.

Clarify with him calmly what you find acceptable in his communication with that female friend and what behavior or actions of his would be unacceptable for you and why.

Let him know about your actions should you see something going on between them that you may assume to be fishly or that may lead you to some bad thoughts.

Remember to Set Healthy Boundaries In Your Couple
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Learn When It’s Time to Leave

Men are not perfect and quite often, something that has initially been just a friendship between your boyfriend and his female friend may develop into a closer relationship…This is sad to admit, but this is life and things like that happen all the time!

What should you do if you realize that your boyfriend also has feelings for that girl?

Well, if the situation is out of your control and, no matter how hard you try, there is no way you can save your relationship, the best thing would be to leave.

Don’t take it as her victory in this love battle though! Instead, try to think about this situation from another angle: you saw your partner from another side, which appeared to be not so attractive and nice. Perhaps, it’s even better that he fell for her. Otherwise, you would get married, and what then? Who knows what he could do later?

Now that you know what to do if your boyfriend has a female friend, let’s figure out what factors you should take into consideration before you make any conclusions and start acting.

Learn When It’s Time to Leave
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Things to Ask Yourself Before You Do Anything

Girls tend to react without thinking the situation over first. However, such impulsive actions often lead to bad results and broken couples. So in order to not repeat this sad scenario, learn what you should think about before you do anything about your man’s female friend.

Is It Your Insecurity Or His Ingenuity?

First of all, you have to clearly see what exactly is going on between them. When you learn your boyfriend has a female friend, your mind may start offering you all sorts of scenarios of their “friendship”, but your task is to stay calm and think clearly.

It might be that nothing “criminal” is going on between them and they are really only friends. In this case, it would be your subconscious jealousy messing things up.

But if something is going fishy between them indeed, you will have to take action. So in any case, stay calm and analyze the situation very thoroughly!

Is It Your Insecurity Or His Ingenuit
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You Might Be Jealous

Jealousy is not the feeling everyone would admit to having easily. However, when you see your boyfriend is communicating with another woman whom he calls a friend, it’s pretty hard to get rid of this feeling.

In this case, it’s most likely about you and your fears. Our insecurities are often the strongest reason for doubt, jealousy, stress, misunderstanding, etc.

On the one hand, it is normal for you to dislike the presence of another female around your man. However, you should also admit that he had a life before you appeared and if he has been friends with this girl long before you came in, he will not break it all up that easily.

Hi Is Ingenuine

If you feel insecure about his female friend and you tried to talk about it with him, but the only answer you managed to get is “We’re just friends”, think about it! If your boyfriend says they are just friends but his actions toward her reveal the opposite attitude, you are in a toxic relationship.

In this case, the best thing for you would be to leave since staying in a relationship that makes you feel emotionally unstable and hurt is not good. And anyway, why would you need a man who can’t appreciate you and your feelings for him?

With these tips, you will be able to clarify what is going on between your boyfriend and his female friend instead of acting hastily.

Hi Is Ingenuine
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How to Tell If Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend Likes Him?

If your boyfriend has a female friend, you will surely start being jealous of her sooner or later. However, when you are very emotionally involved in the situation, it could be pretty hard to take things with your mind being calm and cool. That’s why you may often see things not as they really are.

However, there are certain clear signs that will tell you your boyfriend’s female friend likes him. So if you are not certain, check out a few handy tips we have prepared for you:

  • She always has a glow of joy on her face when she sees your boyfriend or spends a lot of time with him (even if you are also there)
  • She is wearing the gifts your boyfriend gave her (e.g. earrings, bracelet, etc)
  • She always tries to spend more time with him in private
  • She treats your boyfriend as her go-to guy no matter the situation
  • She avoids dating other men or her love affairs are not very long-lasting
  • She may hint at her feelings
  • She behaves awkwardly around you and is always “nice” to your boyfriend when you are also there

So if you notice any of these signs, take a closer look at that girl but remember to stay calm! The calmer your mind is the clearer you see the situation. This situation requires no rush.

You need to collect as much information as possible and analyze all the facts before you make your move and decide what you should do next.

How to Tell If Your Boyfriend’s Female Friend Likes Him
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Sign Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend

If your boyfriend has a girl best friend and you are sure he has no feelings for her, then you are lucky.

However, it often happens that a guy might show a random spark or interest in his bestie, and should this happen, you should be aware of a few signs that will clearly show you he does have some romantic feelings for his female friend (even though he claims the opposite).

  • Your boyfriend tries to stay too close to his female friend (e.g. sitting close to her, etc.)
  • He makes negative comments about her sexual life (e.g. he might call her a prude or a slut)
  • He is supercritical about her new partners (why would he? It’s none of his business!)
  • Your boyfriend is hanging out with his female friend way too often
  • He compares you to her (no comments)
  • He is always slightly bringing her up
  • He often forgets to tell you they were hanging out together
  • He gets weird if you say she is pretty (e.g. he might call her hideous when she’s really hot!)
  • He values her opinion above yours
  • He is overprotective about her
  • He is freaked out about the idea of you and that girl being friends (especially if there is no obvious reason for such a reaction)

If your boyfriend does something that’s on this list, perhaps his “friendship” with this girl is something more than just friendship. At least for him.

At this point, we would like to put the emphasis on the fact that even if he has some romantic feelings for her or if he likes her, it doesn’t mean he is going to leave you. Not all men have such a trait as loyalty to their partners.

So when a pretty girl is getting around them, they would instinctively react by showing interest in her. This is why you should always try to make things clear with him. Talk to your boyfriend and ask what his true feelings are for his best female friend.

And don’t forget to watch his emotions when he replies, as well as watch his behavior toward her. It will help you make the correct conclusion since our body language never lies unlike us.

Sign Your Boyfriend Likes His Female Friend
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐My best friend likes my boyfriend. What do I do?

Talk to her and let her know that this is not going to happen. She must understand her borders.

⭐Is it ok for boyfriend to have female friends?

It’s ok if he knows his limits and realizes that it’s only about being friends, nothing more.

⭐Should I be jealous of my boyfriend's female friends?

It depends on how much you trust him. If there’s a lack of trust, it will be hard for you to stay calm in this situation.

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What To Do When Your Boyfriend Has Female Friends?What To Do When Your Boyfriend Has Female Friends?