Battle of the Sexes: 19 Amazing Differences Between Men and Women

We will not talk about the obvious signs that everyone already knows. This issue contains many different facts - and many of them may surprise you.

differences between men and women

It’s a shame, but a fact: men have longer eyelashes than women.

Men’s, fat tissues settle between organs. In Women’s organisms, most of them are deposited on the stomach and around the waist, in a for of the ring.

Based on this difference, any medical student will be able to determine the patient’s gender from MRI images. And, by the way, it is easier for women to do liposuction than for men.

The index finger on the female hand is longer than the ring finger. Men have the opposite situation. Admit it, are you also looking at them now?

different facts about women and men

Boys are four times more likely to be diagnosed with autism.

According to various sources, men have stutter 3-10 times more often.

Women recognize shades of colors better than men. Well, how can you not distinguish salmon from coral?

Although both sexes lose their hearing equally often, men more often cease to hear high sounds, and women – low.

According to statistics, boys are more often diagnosed with congenital disabilities.

For female embryos, nature has prepared a “safety belt”: if a defect is found in one of the X chromosomes, another copy of the chromosome comes to help.

In men, blood flow is evenly distributed throughout the body. But in women, blood is concentrated mainly in the pelvic area and next to vital organs.

facts about gender differences

There are about 1,000 genes related to the liver function that are different in men and women. That is why we react differently to the same substances – from alcohol to pain medications.

According to scientists, the female face is wider than the male.

According to some studies, men have a larger standard deviation of IQ. This information was widely disseminated in the media, which explained the fact that among men, there are more people with mental disabilities and geniuses.

Women get most of their energy from aerobic respiration and men from anaerobic.

Women have more developed peripheral vision, but men, on the contrary, are strong in a quick review. Perhaps the reason for such differences in evolutionary development (hunters versus gatherers).

During a heart attack, men experience “classic” symptoms, including chest and jaw pain. In women, a heart attack manifests itself in a completely different way. Often it can be confused with ordinary heartburn.

Compared to men’s blood, a woman’s blood contains more water and 20% less red cells.

differences between men and women

We must pay tribute to men: their spatial thinking is much better developed.

Women, more often than men suffer from kinetosis (motion sickness in transport). It is especially manifest itself during pregnancy.

Men die from almost all diseases, and exceptions are breast cancer, diseases of the female reproductive system, and benign tumors.


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