Simple Guide to Taking Care of Your New Hot Tub

Discover everything you need to know about looking after your hot tub

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Maintaining a hot tub might seem tedious, especially when you think about the details of keeping the tub and water clean.

But a clean spa would save you from the risk of waterborne infections and the shame of looking like a slob.

It is also a beautiful addition to your garden and an amazing way to relax and unwind at the end of a long day. So here is a guide on everything you need to know about maintaining your spa.

What You Need To Care For Your Hot Tub

Getting a long-lasting hot tub from reliable dealers like f.ex Tubs Direct or any other specialists is only half the job. It would help if you also stocked up with maintenance essentials to keep it in good condition.

Here are the basic maintenance requirements for a clean and clear spa:

Hot tub Sanitizer

Chlorine, bromine, and other mineral sanitizers make up the essentials for healthy hot tub maintenance. These sanitizers help you keep your hot tub germ-free and purify the water.

While alternative sanitizers like Ultraviolet bulbs, Ozone generators, and Ionizers, you would still need to use them with primary sanitizers like Bromine, Chlorine, or Salt minerals for water clarity and total decontamination.

Hot Tub Maintenance A Beginner’s Guide (Easy 5 Min Every Day)Hot Tub Maintenance A Beginner’s Guide (Easy 5 Min Every Day)

Cleaning Supplies

These are the most common requirements for taking care of your hot tub. A few cleaning agents, acids, and abrasives will help you keep your tub in pristine condition.

But, of course, you can always use household items like vinegar, olive oil, or even baking for cheaper but equally effective cleaning.

Test Strips

While they are necessary for keeping your hot tub germ-free, Chlorine and other sanitizers can still have harmful effects on your skin.

Testing the water chlorine level and pH with test strips saves you the trouble of skin alkali reactions from disinfectants and sanitizers.

Best Hot Tub Maintenance Tips

There are two basic rules in hot tub maintenance:

  • Keep the tub clean
  • Remember to treat the water.

Maintaining your hot tub requires that you keep the hot tub clean and you manage the water. Here are general steps to water treatment and tub maintenance:

Water Treatment

Unlike streams or other moving water, hot tubs are stagnant and need to be treated regularly.

When left untreated, the water becomes harmful to the skin and even leaves stains on the tub.

Therefore, you need to treat your hot tub water for contaminants and minerals until it is clear and clean.

Follow these 3 steps for your water treatment.

  1. Test the water 2 to 4 times weekly. Check the water hardness, pH, and alkaline levels regularly, especially after cleaning or refill the tub.
  2. Add sanitizers and minerals to balance the chemicals in the water.
  3. Maintain the water level. Refill it frequently to enjoy the full, relaxing hydrotherapy.
Best Hot Tub Maintenance Tips
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Tub Maintenance

Keeping your tub clean is as essential as having the water clean and clear.

Whether it is in your bathroom or an outdoor spa, the tub would always have mineral or scum residue from the water and other elements.

Even after you drain and refill the water, the residue on the tub will be there to contaminate the water. Here are 3 basic tub maintenance steps:

  • Clean the tub with cleaning agents and appropriate abrasives at least once a month. It can be more or less frequent, depending on how often you use the spa.
  • If you explored Hot Tub Garden ideas or are using an outdoor spa, use a tub cover to protect it from the effect of weather and other elements.
  • Clean your water filter frequently. Rinse with warm water, Spray with filter cleaners or even soak in cleaning chemicals to keep it clean. You should also replace the filter after about one year of use, especially when it can’t seem to get clean anymore.

When done appropriately, taking care of your hot tub would become another routine instead of a chore. The need to take care of your hot tub should match the benefits you get from every soak. This would help you see it as a responsibility instead of some burden you have to endure.


Are UV bulbs better than Mineral Sanitizers?

You have the options of primary sanitizers like Chlorine, mineral sanitizers, and bromine and the alternative secondary options like Ultraviolet and ozonators. Most secondary sanitizers are odorless and colorless, but they don’t last long and cannot guarantee clear and clean water.

On the other hand, the primary sanitizers are not as colorless or odorless, but they last longer and clear more germs.

When it comes to a perfectly sanitary hot tub, using both classes of sanitizers is your best bet.

How often should I drain my spa?

Depending on how often you use the spa, you may not need to drain it for weeks, even a whole month. However, if it starts to show scum just 2 weeks after you refilled it, you should drain and wash the tub.

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Hot Tub Maintenance for BeginnersHot Tub Maintenance for Beginners