17 Ideas Mum Haircut

Hairstyles evolve, from the feathered cuts of the 70s to the bobs of the roaring 20s, and each decade brings with it a fresh new take.

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Hairstyles evolve, from the feathered cuts of the 70s to the bobs of the roaring 20s, and each decade brings with it a fresh new take. But let’s talk about the iconic “Mum Hair Cut”. This versatile style has seen countless variations, some more daring than others.

And while most people remember it as a classic “I’ve given up” look, the Mum Hair Cut is far more than just a convenient chop.

Let’s take a walk down the memory lane, exploring 17 unforgettable variations of the classic Mum Hair Cut and why they still matter.

1. The Timeless Bob

The bob is the epitome of timelessness. From Cleopatra to modern-day celebs, this look has endured and evolved.

  • Elegance in Simplicity: A bob cut speaks volumes with its simple lines and understated flair. It’s versatile and can be dressed up or down depending on the occasion.
  • Variations: The A-line bob, asymmetrical bob, or the blunt bob – there’s a style for every face shape and personal taste.
  • Maintenance: Easy to manage and style, it’s no wonder the bob continues to be a favorite, even in the busiest of routines.
1. The Timeless Bob
the_bob_haircut via instagram

2. The Shaggy Layered Look

If the bob is timeless elegance, the shaggy layered look is rebellious flair. A haircut that shouts personality and freedom.

  • The Rock-n-Roll Essence: This haircut exudes a carefree spirit and is often synonymous with rockstars and their electric performances.
  • Textures and Tones: The layers give room for experimenting with textures and colors. From deep undertones to sun-kissed highlights, the possibilities are endless.
  • Who’s It For?: It’s perfect for those who love volume and dimension in their hair. Plus, it’s a style statement in itself.
2. The Shaggy Layered Look
vogueandcoffee via instagram

3. The Classic Pixie

The pixie cut is audacious, capturing both the essence of femininity and a hint of tomboy charm.

  • History Speaks: From Audrey Hepburn to modern trendsetters, the pixie has always been a symbol of elegance with an edge. 
  • Short but Versatile: Contrary to popular belief, the pixie is versatile. Slick it back, add some curls, or let it flow naturally – there’s much to play with.
  • Empowerment: Many see the pixie as a statement of empowerment and breaking away from conventional standards of long-haired beauty.
3. The Classic Pixie
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4. The Curly Crown

Curly hair doesn’t always need straightening. Embracing the curls with the right cut can lead to mesmerizing results.

  • Natural Volume: Curls naturally add volume to the hair, making it look bouncy and full of life.
  • Styling: With the right products, maintaining and styling curly hair can be a breeze. Remember to avoid heat as much as possible. 5
  • Unique Every Day: The best part? Your hair looks unique every day, as no two curls are ever the same.
4. The Curly Crown
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5. The Undercut Extravaganza

The undercut is not just a haircut; it’s a statement. Bold, edgy, and undeniably stylish, it’s a blend of traditional and avant-garde.

  • The Side Statement: An undercut isn’t limited to the back of the head. A side undercut adds an asymmetrical twist to your look, turning heads wherever you go.
  • Customizable Designs: From intricate patterns to sleek simple shaves, the undercut can be customized in numerous ways, making each one unique.
  • Balance: Paired with a longer top, it balances edginess with femininity, proving that contrasts can coexist beautifully.

6. The Luscious Lob

The lob, or the long bob, merges the convenience of shorter hair with the allure of longer tresses.

  • Adaptable Length: Falling anywhere between the chin and collarbone, the lob offers enough length for braids, buns, and other updos.
  • Face-Framing: With its gentle curves and angles, it frames the face elegantly, enhancing the jawline and neck.
  • For Everyone: Regardless of hair texture or type, there’s a lob for everyone. Whether you have straight, wavy, or curly hair, the lob works wonders.
6. The Luscious Lob
olgakursitis via instagram

7. The Boho Waves

Relaxed, beachy, and free-spirited, boho waves embody the essence of a carefree summer day.

  • Heat-Free Styling: Get those waves without damaging heat. Braiding damp hair overnight or using natural methods can give you that wavy look.
  • Versatile Vibe: Boho waves can look casual for a day out or be accessorized and glammed up for events.
  • Natural Look: Unlike more structured hairstyles, boho waves embrace the natural texture and flow of hair, giving an effortlessly beautiful appearance.
Boho Waves Hair Tutorial - Olsen Twins Inspired - TheSalonGuyBoho Waves Hair Tutorial – Olsen Twins Inspired – TheSalonGuy

8. The Retro Beehive

A blast from the past, the beehive is more than just a tall hairstyle; it’s a nod to the glamorous 60s.

  • Volume Galore: The beehive is all about volume. It stands tall and proud, making a statement.
  • Events & Parties: While it might not be an everyday hairstyle, it’s perfect for theme parties or when you want to channel your inner vintage diva. 5
  • Styling: It requires patience and a lot of hairspray, but the results are always show-stopping.
8. The Retro Beehive
mila_kryshchykhina via instagram

9. The Asymmetrical Drama

Breaking the mould of symmetry, the asymmetrical cut is for those who love to stand out and make a statement.

  • Dynamic Design: One side shorter than the other, this cut is all about creating dynamic visuals that captivate attention.
  • For the Bold: Not for the faint-hearted, this cut is for those who confidently embrace their individuality.
  • Styling Ease: Despite its edgy look, it’s surprisingly easy to style. Let it be, add waves, or straighten for varied appearances.
9. The Asymmetrical Drama
yeterhasanova via instagram

10. The Braided Beauty

Braids aren’t just a style; they’re a beautiful form of art, weaving strands into intricate patterns.

  • Traditional to Trendy: From classic three-strand braids to fishtails and waterfalls, the possibilities are endless.
  • Protective Style: Braids, especially for those with curly or textured hair, can serve as a protective style, promoting hair health.
  • Accessorize: Add beads, threads, or even flowers to elevate your braided look, making it perfect for any occasion.
10. The Braided Beauty
braidsbyluca via instagram

11. The Tousled Tapered Cut

For a look that’s effortlessly chic and irresistibly cool, the tousled tapered cut strikes the right balance.

  • Volume at the Crown: By keeping volume at the crown and tapering down the sides, it adds a modern twist to the classic pixie.
  • Wake-Up-And-Go: One of its biggest perks? It’s the epitome of a wake-up-and-go style, requiring minimal maintenance.
  • For All Ages: While it screams youthful exuberance, it’s a style that suits all ages, proving that age is just a number.
11. The Tousled Tapered Cut
yeterhasanova via instagram

12. The Pinned-Up Perfection

A resurgence from the vintage era, pinned-up hairstyles are both glamorous and graceful.

  • Vintage Vibes: Channel your inner 40s diva with rolls, waves, and pin curls. It’s nostalgia done right.
  • Events Galore: Ideal for weddings, proms, or any grand event, this style adds a touch of classic elegance.
  • The Magic of Accessories: The right hairpins, bands, or clips can transform the look from simple to stunning.
12. The Pinned Up Perfection
kadiryilmaz.imajmaker via instagram

13. The Cascading Curls

Flowing, graceful, and undeniably romantic, cascading curls make a statement of timeless beauty.

  • From Soft to Spirals: Whether you prefer loose, soft curls or tight spirals, there’s a curl type for every mood and occasion.
  • Natural or Styled: While some are blessed with natural curls, others can achieve this look using curling tools or no-heat methods. 
  • Perfect for Volumes: With the right care and products, curls can give hair a voluminous and bouncy appearance that’s hard to resist.
13. The Cascading Curls
diba.pourbagheri via instagram

14. The Sleek and Straight

Straight hair exudes a minimalist, contemporary elegance that never goes out of style.

  • The Silky Appeal: There’s something undeniably alluring about shiny, straight hair that flows seamlessly.
  • Versatility at its Best: From sharp cuts to layered looks, straight hair serves as a perfect canvas for various styles.
  • Maintenance and Care: While achieving straight hair might require tools, ensuring its health means investing in heat protectants and regular trims.

15. The Updo Extravaganza

From buns to top knots and chignons, updos are the epitome of sophistication and elegance.

  • Classic to Contemporary: Updos have evolved over the years, with modern twists added to traditional styles.
  • Event Ready: Be it a wedding, a gala, or a red-carpet event, the right updo can elevate your overall look.
  • Endless Variations: From messy buns to sleek ponytails, there’s an updo for every hair type, length, and occasion.
15. The Updo Extravaganza
samernaim via instagram

16. The Playful Ponytail

Beyond just a gym hairstyle, the ponytail is versatile, playful, and a go-to for many.

  • Highs and Lows: Whether you like it high, low, or side-swept, ponytails offer a range of styles to choose from.
  • Accessorize and Elevate: With the right accessories like scrunchies, bands, or ribbons, a simple ponytail can become a style statement. 5
  • For Every Occasion: Casual or formal, there’s a ponytail for every event and mood.
16. The Playful Ponytail
micki_hairartistry via instagram

17. The Twisted Tales

Twists, quite literally, add a twist to your regular hair game, offering a fresh and exciting look.

  • Protective and Pretty: Especially popular among those with textured hair, twists not only look great but also serve as a protective style.
  • From Roots to Tips: From crown twists to twisted ends, there are numerous ways to incorporate this style into your look. 
  • Easy and Effective: While they might look complicated, with a little practice, twists can be quick and easy to achieve.
17. The Twisted Tales
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Why Mothers Often Choose Short Haircuts and How to Comfortably Arrange Long Hair During Motherhood?

Motherhood brings with it a plethora of changes, both internally and externally. Among the myriad of adjustments, one noticeable transformation often occurs in the realm of personal style, with haircuts being a prominent facet. It’s common to see mothers opting for shorter hairstyles, and there are compelling reasons behind this trend.

Why Mothers Often Choose Short Haircuts and How to Comfortably Arrange Long Hair During Motherhood
cesarlararuvalcaba_hairdesign via instagram

Convenience and Time-Saving

Motherhood, especially during the initial years, is time-consuming. Between feedings, diaper changes, and sleepless nights, finding spare moments for elaborate hair care routines can be challenging. Short haircuts require less maintenance, are quicker to style, and, importantly, dry faster after a wash. This means less time with the hairdryer and more precious moments with the little one.

Safety and Practicality

Babies, with their curious fingers, often have a penchant for grabbing anything within reach, including long tresses. Hair pulling is a common baby behavior, and it can be quite painful for mothers. Short hair minimizes this risk, ensuring that playtime or cuddles don’t turn into a tugging war.

Safety and Practicality
iam.bobcut via instagram

Hygiene and Cleanliness

Shorter hair is generally easier to keep clean. Given that babies can occasionally be messy — think food smears, spit-ups, or random sticky fingers — shorter hair is less likely to get soiled or tangled.

A Fresh Start

Becoming a mother is a transformative experience. For many, it’s a rebirth of identity. A new, shorter haircut can symbolize this significant life transition, reflecting the evolution from an individual to a caregiver. It can also serve as a confidence booster, offering a fresh and rejuvenated look.

However, while the allure of short hair is undeniable, many mothers still cherish their long locks and seek ways to make them manageable during motherhood. If you’re a mom looking to retain your lengthy tresses, here are some tips to arrange and care for them comfortably:

  1. Ponytails and Buns: These are the quintessential hairstyles for busy moms. They keep hair off the face and neck, ensuring you stay cool and preventing your baby from grabbing handfuls of hair. A high ponytail or bun is both functional and stylish.
  2. Braids: Braids are a versatile option, suitable for both casual and formal occasions. A simple three-strand braid, a fishtail, or a Dutch braid can keep hair organized and tangle-free. Additionally, braids can serve as a protective style, minimizing hair breakage.
  3. Use Headbands or Hairbands: These accessories are not just decorative but also practical. They can keep hair away from your face, especially those pesky flyaways, ensuring clear vision while you’re busy with baby duties.
  4. Invest in Dry Shampoo: There will be days when washing your hair feels like a monumental task. Dry shampoos come to the rescue on such days, absorbing excess oil, refreshing the scalp, and adding volume.
  5. Regular Trims: While you might want to retain the length, regular trims ensure that split ends are kept at bay. This not only maintains hair health but also makes long hair more manageable.
  6. Night-time Care: Consider braiding your hair or putting it in a loose bun before sleeping. This prevents tangles and reduces the morning hair prep time.

In conclusion, whether a mother opts for a short, chic bob or continues to flaunt her Rapunzel-like tresses, the underlying reasons are deeply personal and varied.

The key is to find a style and care routine that aligns with one’s lifestyle, comfort, and preferences. After all, motherhood is challenging enough; one’s hairstyle should be a source of joy and confidence, not added stress.


Navigating the world of haircuts and styles can often feel like a labyrinth of choices, but it’s these myriad options that make the journey so exhilarating. From the audacious undercuts to the classic elegance of updos, the realm of “Mum Hair Cuts” is a testament to the ever-evolving nature of personal expression.

Whether you’re seeking a transformative change or a subtle refresh, there’s a style in this treasure trove of ideas waiting to be unearthed, ready to redefine and enhance your unique beauty. Embrace the adventure, and let your hair tell your story.

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