How to Use a Roaster Oven Like a Slow Cooker?

Using a roaster oven as a slow cooker? Easily! We will tell you how

Written by Elisa Chan. Updated on how to use a roster oven lika a slow cooker

Nowadays using kitchen supplies is not something unusual.

We are surrounded with mixers, blenders, and other machines in our kitchens only to make it easier for ourselves to prepare meals. And slow cookers along with roaster ovens are among the best helpers for us!

However, sooner or later home chefs start asking the same question: can a roaster be used as a slow cooker? The question is reasonable since both devices share quite a lot of features and characteristics.

So today we will try to figure out whether it is possible to substitute your slow cooker with a roaster oven, and how to do that correctly to not ruin the dish.

Use An Oven As a Slow Cooker. A Detailed Guide With Tips And Hints

To begin with, yes, it is absolutely possible to convert a recipe meant for being cooked in your slow cooker into the one that can be cooked in a roaster oven.

To do that, you simply need to adjust the temperature settings! Since the roaster oven is basically a large slow cooker, there is no need to adjust the liquid level or change the cooking time somehow.

With only a few simple steps you will be able to not only use your roaster oven for making stews, cooking ham, or preparing turkey.

It will become possible to bake delicious goodies, such as cookies, cakes, and even bread! Adjust the dial to bake on a roaster oven, and get the loaf pan ready.

However, to do everything right and not to screw up the dish you are making, it is necessary to know several essential tips regarding how to adjust your roaster oven settings so that it could be used as a slow cooker.

Use An Oven As a Slow Cooker
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How to Adjust Temperature On Your Roaster For Slow Cooking

You might notice that slow cookers usually have two temperature settings that are Low and High.

Respectively, they convert into 200 F and 250 F on the roaster oven.

So if your recipe calls for cooking the dish on a high heat level and then changing it for the low one, simply switch the temperature on the device after the required period of time.

And of course, consider the individual features of your device. For instance, if your roaster oven heats up too fast, try to start with a lower temperature, let’s say, 190 F, if the recipe calls for a low-heat regime.

Tips For Adjusting Liquid In a Roaster Oven For Slow Cooking

Filling the slow cooker with the right amount of liquid is something most of us stumble upon when cooking rice, for instance. As a rule of thumb, we must use a third less liquid for cooking with a slow cooker than if we would do that on a stovetop.

And luckily, for making food in a roaster oven, you will simply have to stick to the same approach! Just make use of a slow cooker settings for the liquid level.

Tips For Adjusting Liquid In a Roaster Oven For Slow Cooking
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Is There a Difference Between a Crockpot And a Roaster?

The issue of the possible difference between a roaster and a slow cooker bothers many of us. Indeed, if there is no big difference between them, then why should we substitute one for another?

However, there are certain distinctions you should be aware of:

  • slow cookers cook dishes by simmering them slowly on a very low heat
  • roaster ovens roast our food due to even distribution of heat, and they do it faster
  • you can stew, bake, steam, or even slow cook in the roaster oven
  • roasters have a full range of cooking temperatures
  • slow cookers have less temperature options available for cooking

So as you can see, for better results, it is good to have both in your kitchen. But if you are tight on budget, or you have no extra space for two devices at the same time, we would recommend buying an electric roaster oven since it is more universal in comparison to its “cousin”.

Is It OK to Make Use Of a Roaster For Keeping the Food Warm?

Yes, this kitchen appliance can definitely be used for keeping your freshly made meals warm. This is actually the great advantage of a roaster oven: we can make use of it as a slow cooker in case we need our food to remain heated. To do that, simply set the device to 300 degrees to use it as a slow cooker.

Is It Possible to Slow Cook In An Electric Roaster?

The answer is short and it is yes. You can easily slow cook in your roaster oven, and the result will be almost the same. To switch the roaster oven to the slow cooking mode, set it to 200 F, choose the cooking time from 8 to 20, and close the lid tightly.

Is It Possible to Slow Cook In An Electric Roaster
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Maintaining Tips For a Roaster Oven After Using It For Slow Cook

To keep your roaster oven in a good working state, make sure you take care of it correctly, especially after using it as a slow cooker.

  • Always switch it off, unplug, and let the device cool completely before washing it.
  • Use kitchen gloves when removing the drip tray for cleaning.
  • Wash the drip tray in warm water with some mild liquid soap dissolved in it.
  • Discard all the large pieces of food that are stuck in the device.
  • Clean the inside part of the roaster oven using a damp clean cloth soaked with a mild dishwashing product.
  • Never use harsh abrasives or brushes to scrub the insides of the roaster oven!
  • Always let the device dry completely before you use it again.

With these tips, your roaster oven will serve you longer and will be able to cook dishes properly.

Now that you know we can use a roaster oven instead of a slow cooker, it will give you more opportunities to try out various recipes that you might not dare cook in this device before. And with proper maintenance, your roaster oven will serve you way longer.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What is more expensive, a slow cooker or a roaster oven?

Their cost is approximately the same.

⭐Can I clean the roaster oven inside with a harsh bristle brush to delete the stuck pieces of food?

No, such cleaning methods are not allowed since they can damage the surface of a pot.

⭐What is the best cleaning product for washing the roaster oven inside?

A mild dishwashing soap will be fine.

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