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Proper storage of food can extend its lifespan for many days and thus it becomes a real point of concern when we face the necessity to keep our foodstuff fresh and consumable.

When it comes to Worcestershire cause, hardly many of us will remember the nuances of its storage, and today we will remind you that.

How to store Worcestershire Sauce? Worcestershire Sauce can be stored for 5 years if the bottle is unopened and you keep it in the pantry at 70 °F temperature. Stored Worcestershire Sauce in the pantry should be totally consumed during 6-12 months if the bottle is opened. Store Worcestershire Sauce in a fridge at 40 °F.

What Is This Sauce And How Can We Use It?

To begin with, let’s refresh our knowledge about this truly universal product.

Worcestershire sauce was first created long ago, in 1835 by the two chemists. 

Today, we mostly know this product as an ingredient for the Bloody Mary cocktail, and, well, maybe someone will recall that Worcester can also be used for culinary purposes, but for what exactly?

Let’s start moving from the beginning.

This sauce is basically used for marinades and as a condiment. It is a fermented foodstuff that has vinegar as its base, and it is fermented for eighteen months before it ends up in our kitchens! 

It is generously flavored with anchovies, molasses, tamarind, onion, garlic, and various other seasonings.

This incredible mix gives the sauce its peculiar aroma and taste. It is savory and at the same time it is sweet with a distinct tang that vinegar gives to the product.

Today, you can find different varieties of this condiment, for instance, a gluten-free or vegetarian sauce so that everyone could find the very own favorite.

How Long Does Worcestershire Sauce Last?

Whether you knew it or not, this condiment is one of the most long-lasting products that we can find in our kitchens! If stored properly following the required tips and rules, it can remain consumable nearly forever.

Traditionally, the best place for its storage is your pantry, just like for any high-sodium sauce.

If you’re concerned about whether to chill it or not, it depends: in case the sauce will be totally consumed within 6 to 12 months after its purchase, keep it unrefrigerated. But if there is a chance that you won’t manage to use it all during that time, we would advise you to refrigerate it just in case.

How to Make Authentic Worcestershire Sauce - Make Real Worcestershire Sauce at Home!!!How to Make Authentic Worcestershire Sauce – Make Real Worcestershire Sauce at Home!!!

Anyway, since today we have various types of this condiment, the content of which differs from the original recipe, it would be useful to learn for what period of time we can keep certain sorts of this sauce.

Unopened Opened
Classical sauce Indefinite period of time in the pantry An opened bottle will be consumable for 3-4 years in the fridge
Gluten-free sauce The condiment will be of the best quality for three years after the purchase An opened bottle is better to be consumed within three years after the purchase
Homemade vegan sauce Keep it for up to ninety days refrigerated The opened tank must be consumed within the three months after the sauce was made

And How Long Does Worcestershire Sauce Last? Worcestershire Sauce lasts for up to 4 years if kept in the fridge below 40° F.  Opened bottle of  Worcestershire Sauce lasts for up to 3 years in a fridge. Homemade sauce lasts for 90 days in the pantry and up to 3 months in the fridge.

How to Store Worcestershire Sauce

How to Store Worcestershire Sauce?

Of course, every prudent housewife would like to know how she could make this product last to its longest.

What Is This Sauce And How Can We Use It
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Luckily, this sauce belongs to the type of foodstuff that can be kept on the pantry shelf almost forever! Literally, the shelf life of Worcestershire sauce is considered to be indefinite as long as we store it correctly.

  • Keep the bottle in a cool and dry place (the pantry or a shelf in the kitchen cabinet would be just fine)
  • After you unscrew the bottle, reseal it tightly each time after using the condiment
  • Refrigeration is not a must but it will indeed prolong the lifespan of the condiment significantly
  • Keep the bottle hidden from the direct sunlight
How to Make Worcestershire Sauce | Potluck VideoHow to Make Worcestershire Sauce | Potluck Video

Like that, your condiment will remain consumable much longer and preserve its unique taste.

Does Worcestershire Sauce Go Bad?

Naturally, the issue of spoiling is one of the most frequently discussed topics!

Since Worcestershire sauce is rather durable itself, a question occurs whether it goes bad at all.

How to Store Worcestershire Sauce
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The answer is…no. It doesn’t spoil unless we do something wrong when storing it!

Indeed, an old sauce may change its aroma or taste, and even color a bit but it doesn’t mean it is spoiled.

Only if you notice any signs of mold, discard the product instantly!

Well Does Worcestershire Sauce Go Bad? Yes, Worcestershire Sauce goes bad if the bottle is kept at higher than 70 °F temperatures and is not sealed tightly. Worcestershire Sauce goes bad when exposed to direct sunlight. Opened Worcestershire Sauce goes bad in 18 to 24 months if kept in the pantry and in 3 years if kept in a fridge. 

Is This Condiment Good For Us?

Does Worcestershire Sauce Go Bad
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Indeed, is there anything useful about this product? Let’s see what this magical “potion” can give us!

  • Garlic, molasses, and pepper extract that this sauce has in it influence our immunity positively
  • The condiment has vitamin B6
  • Vitamin C the condiment includes fights free radicals which means this condiment is an antioxidant
  • Consuming Worcestershire sauce will make your brain work better
  • Vitamin B3 is good for our joints
🏆 Make WORCESTERSHIRE Sauce At Home - Maybe??🏆 Make WORCESTERSHIRE Sauce At Home – Maybe??

So there are quite many reasons why we should include this product in our daily eating!

As you can see, this foodstuff is both healthy and long-lasting which makes it a true living dream of any housewife! In addition, Worcestershire sauce can be used in many different ways, and not only for marinating.

It is perfect with hot meat dishes, as a salad dressing, as an ingredient in vegetable courses, and of course, for making sauces and dips!

Feel free to experiment and find the best way to use this condiment for yourself!

Is This Condiment Good For Us

How to Store Worcestershire Sauce?

Even though this type of sauce is very long lasting with almost an endless shelf life, it does not mean that you can skip on following the storage rules and recommendations!

Yes, Worcestershire sauce lasts really long thanks to its content which consists of distilled white vinegar, molasses, and multiple spices that are later aged for eighteen months before the bottle ends up on a store shelf. However, an extended improper storage can make even this sauce fail.

So if you have ever wondered how you could store your Worcestershire sauce so that its shelf life was extended, we can give you a couple of recommendations.

How to Store Worcestershire Sauce (2)
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First of all, we would recommend you store this condiment in its original air tight container. Second, make sure that the temperature does not undergo any fluctuations during the sauce storage period.

A constant temperature is the best, this is why make sure your bottle of Worcestershire sauce is kept as far as possible from the stove or a dishwasher.

Third, once you open the bottle of the sauce, you can, of course, keep it in a pantry. However, we would insist on removing it to the fridge if you want to make the sauce last way longer.

Just don’t go back and forth, keeping it one place or another! If you do this, you will get completely the opposite effect!

How to Store Worcestershire Sauce
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How Long Is Worcestershire Sauce Good For When Prepared In a Dish?

Everyone knows that, once any foodstuff ends up in a cooked dish, its lifespan usually shortens due to the thermal procession. And if you thought that Worcestershire sauce is different regarding this issue, you were unfortunately wrong.

First of all, let us remind you that this condiment lasts for quite an extended period of time. An opened bottle kept in the fridge will easily last for up to three years!

And even in a pantry, its shelf life will be no shorter than eighteen to twenty four months.

However, what will happen if we add this extremely long lasting foodstuff to a dish? Well, in this case, once Worcestershire sauce ends up in a cooked meal, it will only last the same long as the dish remains fresh.

That means that the average shelf life of your Worcestershire sauce will get reduced to a maximum of one week depending on the type of dish we are talking about.

How Long Is Worcestershire Sauce Good For When Prepared In a Dish
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Does Worcestershire Sauce Go Bad?

Worcestershire sauce is a well known condiment thanks to its long shelf life. We are pretty sure that most of you have a bottle of this sauce on the shelf of your fridge, and if we ask you to remember who bought it, you will hardly find the answer.

Indeed, Worcestershire sauce is able to last so long that some people tend to believe it is able to remain consumable forever. Nevertheless, it is not true no matter how badly we would desire the opposite.

So does Worcestershire sauce go bad or spoil? Well, if we speak of the regular meaning of the term “spoilage”, we can say that Worcestershire sauce does not actually spoil or go bad in a traditional meaning.

However, after the extended storage, this condiment can indeed lose some of its taste, flavor, and even color and texture!

Nevertheless, even when this sauce undergoes such changes, it can still be used in dishes unless you see any visible signs of spoilage.

But why is this sauce so long lasting and what makes it stay consumable even after a year or more of storage in a pantry in an opened bottle, you may wonder? Well, the answer is very simple. See, the majority of its ingredients are natural preservatives. This is why it is very unlikely for any kind of bacteria to live and grow in such an environment.

Does Worcestershire Sauce Go Bad


Well, as you could already guess and see, Worcestershire sauce is quite a long-lasting stuff that will easily survive both on a pantry shelf and in the fridge even if you leave the bottle of it unsealed. It is possible thanks to the content of this condiment that includes natural preservatives which protect the product from spoilage and any bacteria that could think of getting into it.

So if you buy a bottle of Worcestershire sauce for your summer barbeque and you still have a lot of it left, don’t throw it away!

Seal the bottle and keep it refrigerated or even in a pantry safely. Be sure that this condiment will remain consumable for a couple of years for sure!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Do you need to refrigerate Worcestershire sauce?

It’s not a must. If you won’t use the sauce within a year, then refrigerate it.

⭐ How long does Worcestershire sauce last in the fridge?

An opened bottle remains consumable for up to four years.

⭐ Does Worcestershire sauce go bad after opening?

It does if we keep it improperly. If not, its lifespan is almost indefinite.

⭐ Is Worcestershire sauce bad for you?

Unless you’re allergic to some of its components, the condiment is absolutely safe and, moreover, even healthy for people.

⭐ Does Lea & Perrins Worcestershire Sauce need to be refrigerated after opening?

No matter who the manufacturer is, this condiment can perfectly stay in a pantry for a long time.

⭐ Can I use old Worcestershire sauce?

Absolutely. Unless there are traces of mold, this foodstuff is safe to use even after several years of storage.

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