How to Respond to an Accidental Text?

Whether you get accidental texts from a stranger or from someone whom you know well, grab a few ideas on how to respond in a funny way!

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People send tons of text messages these days both at work and at home. We text our friends, family members, colleagues, relatives, sometimes even neighbors!

We do it literally everywhere, often while going somewhere or talking to somebody in person. So no wonder that quite often we make a mistake and accidentally send a text message to the wrong person!

And of course, we don’t have to get surprised if someone sends us the very same email or sms.

However, here comes the question: what shall I do if I receive a text message from a stranger, and that message does look like it was meant for someone else, not me?

And what am I supposed to do if I accidentally sent a message to the wrong person?!First of all, calm down.

There is no need to worry that much since nothing horrible happened! You just texted the wrong person, just like somebody could text you by mistake.

What we suggest you do is to relax and take it easy. And make fun out of this situation! For this purpose, we have prepared a few funny things to text to random numbers.

Like this, if somebody sends you a message by mistake, you can always let this person know that he or she texted the wrong number, and you will do it both politely and cheerfully!

From this article, you will learn what to text to a stranger to reply to the wrong text message, as well as what to text back in response if the wrong message was sent to you by a friend.

In addition, we will teach you what to do and how to behave if it was you who sent a wrong text message by accident.

Funny Responses to Wrong Number Texts

It is so extremely easy to send a text message to the wrong number these days!

With our daily lives being so busy with work, home chores and tons of extra tasks, it is clear why people often make the same mistake and accidentally press the send button letting their text message go to the wrong recipient!

We often do several things at the same time: we can talk to our best friend while typing a message with our smartphone at the same time, and holding our kid with our other hand.

No wonder that in such a mess we can easily choose the wrong number or press the wrong digit when typing a recipient phone number to send them an sms!

However, we still get confused and puzzled when we suddenly receive a message that, as we can see from the text, was not meant for us. Even if it arrived from someone whom we know well enough.

What shall we do in this case?

Well, we suggest you take a few funny wrong number replies into account!

With their help, you will be able to reply both to strangers and to your friends if they send you wrong number texts by accident!

Funny Responses to Wrong Number Texts
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How to Respond to a Stranger’s Wrong Text Message

It is rather embarrassing to receive such messages from someone whom you don’t know at all since quite many people feel as if they are spying on that person.

It feels as if you are looking at them through the keyhole. Especially if you didn’t notice the text arrived from the unknown number and you opened it!

If a strange person sent you a text message, you can use one of the following wrong number text responses.

With their help, you will be able to fix the situation easily and in a light funny way without hurting anyone’s emotions or feelings.

How to Respond to a Stranger's Wrong Text Message
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Sorry But You Have the Wrong Number

This is the most formal wrong number text reply.

In addition, it allows you to stay upfront and prevent other unwanted text messages from this person in future (which can happen if the person didn’t notice the message went to a wrong recipient and they keep on sending you texts!).

So just let the sender know that you are not the person to whom they sent their message, and do it immediately after you realize that the text was not meant for you.

However, be careful at the same time! Talking to strangers can be dangerous!

Especially if they are behind the screen. So be cautious when you respond to a text message that arrives from an unknown number.

Also, if you text the stranger back, never let them know any personal information about you! No name, last name, address, or emails!

What to text a girl who stopped responding (UPDATED)What to text a girl who stopped responding (UPDATED)

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I Don’t Think I’m the One You Are Looking For

This reply is the instant way to tell the stranger that you are not the person to whom they were going to send their message.

And if you don’t feel like playing any trolling games, this is the best way to stop the conversation and avoid more accidental texts from that side.

You should also be aware of scam messages!

For example, if somebody whom you don’t know sends you a message saying that you won a prize, and all you need to do to receive it is just to click to a link, delete the text!

Scammers often use this trick to steal other people’s accounts or to get their personal information!

I Don’t Think I’m the One You Are Looking For
Credits: sergio_pulp, via

Who Is This?

This message is a good way to double check in case you accidentally deleted the phone number of someone whom you know.

It’s not likely, but still things happen, so you can never be sure!

Such a simple question will let you know whether there is a familiar person or a stranger on the other side of the screen.

And if it’s a stranger, your question can let them know that their text was sent to the wrong number.

Who Is This
Credits: Goodluz, via


If you accidentally receive a “Hey” message from the unknown number, you can, of course, let the sender know that they sent it to the wrong person. But you can also have a bit of fun!

Just wave back or send a “Hi” message in response. However, be sure that you let that person know clearly that you are not the one they were going to contact!

Except for that, why not give it a try? Who knows, maybe you will make friends!

Credits: frimufilms, via

Nice to Meet You!

If you received a scandalous picture or a friendly introductory text, replying with “nice to meet you” is the best thing you can do.

Of course, you may not be the one they are trying to reach out for, but at least, you can add more action!

But in any case, make sure that you let the person know that you are not the one they think they are texting with.

Nice to Meet You!
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Send a Picture

All right, you need to be really careful with this method!

Sending your pictures to strangers can be dangerous, especially if you are underage! So always read the message you receive to see whether it’s harmless or not.

For instance, if you receive a love confession, you can send them your selfie back asking “Me?!”.

It will make the person understand that they got the wrong number. Or, if you have just received a text message with their pic of the latest fit, you can mimic their pose and sign it as “Wrong number!”.

Such texts are obviously harmless and it’s clear that someone simply confused the number!

Send a Picture
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Wrong Number Text Meme Response

There’s no better way to troll than with a meme. Send whatever hilarious or viral meme pops into mind that fits the mood. There’s really no way you can be too silly!

Using these response samples, you can easily turn the other person’s mistake into a funny joke that you both will laugh at! But again, when receiving text messages from strangers, always read them!

Don’t worry, you are not stealing somebody’s personal information! You are just double checking that the sender is a safe person.

Wrong Number Text Meme Response
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How to Respond to a Wrong Number Text From a Friend

All right, you may say, now I know what to text back if I received a message from the wrong number.

But what if I got accidental text messages from friends or people that I know? Colleagues, for example?

Well, if this is the case, you can be more open and easy-going!

If you receive a wrong number text message from someone whom you know (except for your boss!), feel free to use one of the following fun replies!

How to Respond to a Wrong Number Text From a Friend
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LOL! Don’t You Think It Was Meant For Someone Else?!

This wrong number message reply will help you and the sender have a good laugh together at their mistake!

Who knows, maybe your friend opened up the wrong text thread and sent you a flirty text meant for his or her partner?!

That’s embarrassing, but also hilarious!

LOL! Don’t You Think It Was Meant For Someone Else!
Credits: 2Designbcn, via


A random question is best to be answered with another random question.

So if you receive a message that asks something like “How’s the new place”, better ask the sender what they mean and who they’re texting with exactly.

That’s because you might not be aware of receiving the accidental text until you are deeply in the conversation with the wrong person already!

Credits: imtmphoto, via


By sending such a response, you will let the sender know that you have no idea what they are talking about. Maybe you have just received a long text from the unknown number about how someone broke up?

Or you got an unexpected message saying that you need to make sure to grab something from the store!

Definitely, the sender probably opened the wrong text thread.

A few question marks can make the person check the contact and apologize for the mistake.

With these funny replies to text messages received from a well known person, you will easily fix the uneasy situation and have some fun without turning this accidental mistake into a drama!

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What to Do If You Accidentally Texted the Wrong Person?

Ok, it’s good to know what to do if you got the text message from the wrong number. But what if it’s you who are that wrong number? What if you sent the text message to someone who was not supposed to receive it?

In this case, you need to let the person know that you made a mistake, and this must be done as soon as possible!

What to Do If You Accidentally Texted the Wrong Person
Credits: AllaSerebrina, via

Here is what exactly you can do id you accidentally sent a text message to the wrong person:

  1. Text that number again the second you realize that it’s the wrong number apologizing and explaining that you accidentally used the wrong number.
  2. Delete the message if possible. In some messengers, there is such an option that allows the sender to delete their messengers both for them and for the receiver. But you should do it only after you explain to that person what has just happened!

And just to be sure that you are going to send your message to the right person, never get distracted when texting and sending messages.

Also, always check the phone number you are going to send your message to.

It will help you to avoid such uneasy and confusing situations!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ What to do if you keep on receiving messages from the wrong number?

Block that number everywhere.

⭐ How to prevent unknown numbers from sending you messages?

You can install a special app that will block the unknown numbers.

⭐ What if I read the message sent from the wrong number and it was personal?

Just forget it.

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