How to Respond to a Date Request?

What to say when a guy asks you for a date? We have a few witty and fun responses you can use!

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Being asked for a date is a dream of any girl! But when this dream suddenly becomes true and he (or she!) asks you to go out, for both men and women, it may appear to be somewhat frustrating.

See, while we are dreaming about a date, everything is just perfect in our mind, but the second we are asked to go out with a handsome guy or a pretty lady, we start mumbling and fighting to find proper words to reply.

And if you don’t want to sound silly to him or her, we recommend you check out what we have prepared for you today! In this article, we are going to share a bunch of witty and fun responses that you can give when someone asks you out for a date.

Like this, you will never ask yourself again about how to respond to a date request that you get either by text or in a conversation.

Also, we will explain what you should avoid doing and why if you want your date to be, well, not perfect maybe, but at least easy-going and pleasant.

And finally, you will learn a few dos and don’ts that every guy and girl should know in order to avoid making stupid mistakes when dating.

How Do You Respond When Asked On a Date?

Many of us may feel like they stumble when someone asks them to go out. All of a sudden, you receive an invitation from a man/woman of your dreams!

No wonder that very few people would know for sure what to say when someone asks you out!

Maybe you have been blindsided by someone you never imagined would ask you out or maybe it is long overdue – how you say “yes” could be something you talk about for years to come!

Whether you get asked out all the time and you need to swat advances away like flies or you just want to be prepared, knowing what you’re going to say will eliminate that awkwardness.

How Do You Respond When Asked On a Date
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So we suggest you arm yourself with a few funny responses when being asked on a date.

We are not going to tell you if you should say yes or no, but at least, we can certainly help with how you can reply!

Being asked out by someone is a tricky thing, do you agree? It can become the best moment of your life that you will never forget or it can turn to the absolute nightmare you would rather forget once and for all!

This is why knowing how to say yes when someone asks you out is so important. So grab some funny and clever ways you can say ‘yes’ that will surely make your date super great!

  • I thought you’d never ask, it’s always been a ‘yes’.
  • Sure, I mean, I have some spaces in my calendar and am sure I can fit a date in.
  • I knew today was going to be a good day – I read it in my morning tea leaves.
  • If you’re paying, I’m in.
  • Who put you up to this? It’s a yes anyway though.
  • Well, it depends…on how much fun you can promise me.
  • Yes, yep, sure, OK, would love to, did I say ‘yes’?
  • Sure, I’m free later, tomorrow, the day after, any day you want to go.
  • I wanted to act cool and pretend I wasn’t sure….but I’d love to!
  • Well, seeing as you asked in such a nice way, absolutely!
  • Because you’re the first person to ask me out today, I’m going to say yes.
  • I’m saying yes, but if I get a better offer I’ll let you know.
  • Yes. Could I have said that any faster?
  • No…..chance that I was going to say anything other than YES!

But life is a tricky and unpredictable thing! It’s not always that you would want to say yes to a date request.

How Do You Respond When Asked On a Date
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Things happen, and you might just not feel like going out on that day, or you might not feel like accepting a date invitation from that very person.

No matter the reason, except for having a few witty positive replies in your mind, you should also have several negative ones to be able to politely say no when someone asks you to go out for a date.

With these in mind, you will always manage to reject an invitation without hurting another person’s feelings and emotions which is very important if you want to keep your communication going in future.

How Do You Respond When Asked On a Date
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So how to respond to a guy/girl asking you out if you don’t want to?

  • I was really hoping you weren’t going to ask so that I didn’t feel bad, but I’m sorry, I can’t.
  • If I said yes I only get in the way of you finding someone who is right for you.
  • Sorry, it’s not you but I’m just not dating right now.
  • I wish there was an easier way to say this, but no thanks.
  • I love how you asked, that’s going to come in handy when you find the right person – but it’s not me.
  • It’s hard work turning down dates all the time – good luck next time.
  • It’s always cringe saying no, so I’m just going to stand here and not say it.
  • What is it that makes me look single or available? I really need to change that.
  • Sorry, I’m dating myself, that doesn’t leave room for someone else.
  • My parents really wouldn’t approve, I’m going to have to say no.
  • We don’t have enough in common for it to work – let’s save the time finding out.
  • We mix like oil and water, neither of us wants to experience that.

Of course, you need to realize that there is no right or wrong way to answer when someone asks you out for a date! The answer you give will only depend on whether you want to go or not, and that depends on your attitude to the person who is asking.

However, since such requests usually tend to arrive quite unexpectedly, the only way to not get flustered when you are surprised by something that may make you blush is to always be prepared.

With all the variants of answers, both positive and negative, that we have just shared with you, you will always be able to give a fun response if you want to accept an invitation. But even if you don’t want to, with the help of these response examples you will manage to say no politely.

How Do You Respond When Asked On a Date
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Dos And Don’ts You Should Know When Being Asked For a Date

Dating is not as simple as it might seem to you first. There are things that can turn a potentially pleasant experience into a nightmare that you would rather forget about.

This is why we find it necessary for everyone to be aware of the basic dos and don’ts that come in handy when you are asked for a date.

When you know how to act and behave, and what you should not say or do, you can be sure that you will experience no awkward moments during your future date!

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Do Make Your Acceptance Clear

If you decide to accept the invitation, make it clear to your partner, respond with a clear “yes” instead of the uncertain and vague reply.

However, if there is a schedule conflict with the date, but you would still like to accept, make sure that you give a specific alternative time when you will surely be available.

Also, if you accept, express more interest in the upcoming date! Ask details about the date, ask where you will go and what you will be doing there.

Suggest your ideas if your partner is not sure yet about where to spend the date. Your enthusiasm will show that you are truly interested and you are waiting for the date!

Also, remember to use friendly body language.

This way, you will express your attraction and positive attitude. Maintain eye contact, smile, and keep your stance open. Laughing and a light touch can also help demonstrate that you are interested in the person whom you are going out with.

Avoid looking away, frowning, or crossing your arms! These are all the unverbal signs that you are not pleased, angry, bored, or that the person is not the one whom you would love to date with.

Do Make Your Acceptance Clear
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Don’t Be Afraid to Say No!

If you decline, be sure you do it firmly! Don’t give the person false hope by answering something like “I have plans that day”. Like this, your words might be understood as “Try again later”.

If you know that you don’t want to go out with that very person, make it clear that you are not looking for being asked for the second time!

At the same time, don’t say no too sharply! You don’t want the person to be hurt, do you? So even though your refusal must be firm and clear, do your best to be as polite and considerable as possible.

Never mock or laugh at the person who invited you! Also, never gossip with any mutual peers about it. Instead, let the person know that you understand how much courage it takes to ask someone out for a date! Like this, you will show your respect.

With these tips and recommendations, even your negative answer will surely be accepted calmly and with no offense.

By showing your respect to the one who asked you out (even if you have to decline the invitation), you leave the person with the feeling that he or she did their best. And also, if you know what to say if someone asks you out, it will allow you to always end your conversation on a good note!

Don’t Be Afraid to Say No!
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Things that Can Prevent You From Meeting Up With Someone

It’s always good to be open and sincere with other people. However, when people start dating, some of them tend to behave in a weird manner, both men and women.

And that awkward behavior can ruin your date or even relationship! So we have prepared a few most common pitfalls that guys and girls come through when looking for their romantic partner.

Things that Can Prevent You From Meeting Up With Someone
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Consider these to avoid doing the same!

  1. Don’t apologize all the time! Especially if you need time to text back. You barely know each other, so you are not obliged to explain yourself.
  2. Avoid artificially waiting to respond! Reply in a normal timeline. If you think that not responding for half a day will make you look cool, you are wrong! Like this, you will only make your crush keep the distance and feel uncertain about you, your feelings, and your intentions.
  3. Avoid texting him or her in a poor way! Express more emotions! This way, you will let the person know that you are interested in him or her. A harmless flirt and banter is anyway better than mundane, dry and factual exchanges of information.
  4. Don’t wait too long to invite her (or him) for the date. It’s best if you go dating within the first or the second day of texting. If it happens later, or if you decide to wait longer, your crush might think that you are hesitant or that you are not actually interested.
  5. Ask for a date, not suggest! That’s especially true when you are a guy who’s texting a woman! Women like men who take charge and lead. That’s why be active and avoid timid suggestions like “would you ever want to…?”. “Let’s grab drinks and catch up!” – that sounds way better.
  6. Never oversell how great hanging out with you will be. A woman should come to that conclusion herself through a fun conversation with you, not because you are trying to convince her how cool you are! So avoid grand statements, excessive smileys, and excessive exclamation marks when texting her.
  7. Leave some room for intrigue, don’t give out all the details of your upcoming date! If you put pressure on her to commit to the entire ordeal before she’s gone out with you is overwhelming!

We know that it all may seem a bit too complicated to some of you, but in fact, it’s pretty easy to learn all these tips.

And once you do it, you will find out that dates can actually be easy and fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ If a guy gives too many options for the 1st date, what does it mean?

Perhaps, he is uncertain of what he wants and he is forcing a woman to figure everything out.

⭐ Is it ok to ask her why she’s not responded at once?

No. Like that, you’ll only make her distant.

⭐ A guy disappeared after we’ve been texting for a few days. What could be the reason?

Perhaps, he was just playing with you. If he didn’t explain his behavior, better go find another guy.

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