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A complete guide through reheating fast-food and nuggets in particular

Written by Elisa Chan. Updated on A complete guide through reheating fast-food and nuggets in particular

How many times you had that thing happening: you order a fast-food McDonald’s set but when it arrives, it appears that you can’t actually eat all that was ordered! 

It can happen because of different reasons: either you were too hungry when making an order or you made up your mind and decided to leave some for later. No matter what it was, you still face the same question: is it ok to reheat McDonald’s chicken nuggets?

Fortunately, you are not alone so we decided to provide you with the complete instruction on how to reheat McNuggets and tell more about the correct reheating of other McDonald’s foods (just in case).

Is Reheating Fast-Food Healthy?

Fast-food restaurants and snack bars are so popular today because of their convenience. No need to waste too much time waiting for your order if you can just grab what you need and go (or eat quickly right in there).

Besides, the delivery service makes it even simpler to get some food if you don’t have the time or desire to leave home. We receive our meals and keep the leftovers in the fridge for later without worries. Why should we? People reheat chicken nuggets for lunch or go for reheating McDonald’s fries if they need a snack.

Naturally, many consumers ask how to reheat McDonald’s foods but they seldom ask another question: is it safe to reheat McDonald’s foodstuff at all?

The answer is not clear since everything hangs upon how long this food was kept refrigerated.

Any restaurant meal no matter whether it is fast-food or not is processed food that includes components that were manufactured separately and later combined in a dish. And that is the major reason why it tends to spoil when being repeatedly heated. 

Moreover, any cooked meal starts to degrade after three hours it was prepared so when ordering some fast-food, ensure it is consumed within that period of time. Otherwise, it is better to toss it away rather than eat.


How to Reheat McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets

Let’s start with these meaty chicken goodies that everyone loves so much. The question of how to reheat McDonald’s nuggets emerges quite often since not everyone is able to finish a whole portion of this fried poultry bits. Or maybe the delivery brought them not hot enough.

No matter the reason, people tend to stumble upon the same issue of nuggets getting too tough after the repeated warming up. To avoid this happening, simply remember that reheating chicken McNuggets in a microwave is not quite a good decision. 

Yes, it takes little time and effort, but reheating McDonald’s nuggets this way will most likely end with rather tough meat, and that’s not what we would like to see on our plates.

How to reheat chicken nuggets in a microwave and prevent them from turning chewy?

How to Reheat McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets
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Try out a simple solution: warm them up at the maximum heat for one minute, take out from the microwave, and let the nuggets sit for a while (thirty seconds will be just fine). Like that, the warmth will spread evenly throughout the meat.   

If the nuggets are ok to eat, help yourself. If they are still a bit cold, repeat the warming procedure again. Like that, you can avoid overheating them at least.

Nevertheless, the best way to reheat McNuggets is to toss them into the oven. It will help to keep them tender and juicy without drying the meat out. 

To get them delicious again, preheat the oven to 350 degrees and place the nuggets there previously spreading them on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper. Reheat chicken nuggets for just ten minutes, and you will get tasty foodstuff, all warm and tender.

Best Way to Reheat McDonald’s Foods

Best Way to Reheat McDonald’s Foods
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Since we made it clear with nuggets, shall we proceed to other items on the Mac menu list? Generally, it is simple to figure out how to reheat fast-food since most of it can easily go to the oven. Nevertheless, certain distinctions exist hanging upon the sort of meal.

How to reheat McDonald’s fries

One of the most frequent questions is how to heat up McDonald’s fries. Indeed, these potato sticks are so easy to grab and chew that we tend to buy them for any occasion!

To reheat McDonald’s fries, we would recommend you avoid the microwave since it makes them somewhat soggy.

For keeping those fries crisp, go for a pan. Add some oil and fry them on medium fire for 3-5 minutes.     

Can you reheat a McDonald’s burger? 

An issue of how to reheat a McDonald’s burger is another top question consumers have.

To reheat McDonald’s burger properly, you will have to deconstruct it.

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees, take a baking sheet with parchment on it and then place burger buns and patties separately. All the greenery, sauce, cheese, and pickles must be removed.

Seven minutes of warming up will be enough but if not, keep the buns and patties heated longer. When they are ready, your burger can be reconstructed again.

Reheating McDonald’s breakfast

Again, even for this tender muffin, your oven is the best place on Earth.

Use the same heat setting as before (350 degrees) but cover the tray with foil. A quarter of an hour and a delicious muffin with a firm exterior and soft insides can be consumed.

Warming up Mac’s hash browns

This dish will take some time to reheat it! You will need a microwave and a skillet smeared with butter for that. 

Toss the browns inside the microwave and set the device for 30 seconds of heating. Then, transfer them to the buttered skillet and keep there for three minutes turning over with spatula now and then.

Heating time Where to heat
Fries 3-5 min frying pan
Burgers 7 min oven
Breakfast 15 min oven
Hash browns 4 min mivrowave+skillet

We told you about reheating McNuggets and other Mac foods so that next time it would be simpler to deal with different meals and warm them up still keeping them delicious.

Be careful and try not to eat fast-food after it was kept for three hours since it may turn spoiled already by that time.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Can you eat KFC left out overnight?

We’d not recommend doing that since any restaurant or fast-food meals must be consumed within three hours after they were prepared.

⭐ Which foods should not be reheated?

Potatoes, mushrooms, rice, eggs, seafood, and buffet foods must not be reheatedust not be reheated to prevent food poisoning.

⭐ How do I make my chicken nuggets crispy again?

The optimal way is to heat them up in the oven. Like that the crust will get crispy and the insides will remain soft.

⭐ Can I eat Mcdonald’s left out overnight?

No, fast-food that spent more than 3 hours in the fridge must be discarded.

⭐ How do you reheat chicken nuggets?

Oven is the best way to do that.

⭐ What is the best way to reheat McDonald’s?

Usually, using an oven is best of all but certain meals need skillet or a pan.

⭐ Can you reheat a Big Mac?

Yes, it’s possible to do in the oven.

⭐ How do you reheat a fast hamburger?

Use a toaster oven to warm up this kind or burger.

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