How to Melt Snow Around Your Home?

Snowy driveways make you crazy? We know how to melt snow fast and easily!

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Winter is almost here, and it means that snowy days are getting closer and closer! Of course, most of us enjoy snow and all that fun that comes with it. Snowballs fights, making a snowman, sleighing, and simply bright and white sparkling snow around – that’s what makes winter.

However, homeowners often have not only fun and joy once winter arrives. heavy snowfalls often cause certain problems to the households, and one of those problems is snowbanks.

If you own a house, you know what we mean: knee-high piles of snow may look cool and fun, but cleaning your yard of them is not.

So naturally, the majority of homeowners start wondering how to melt snow faster, and whether this is possible to do at all.

So today we have prepared an article for you where we will do our best to figure out how to deal with snow on your driveway and in your yard, how to melt it off your roof, and even how to get rid of snow in a most unusual way!

After reading everything we have prepared for you, dealing with even the heaviest snowfall’s aftermath will never be difficult for you again!

How to Melt Snow Quickly. Tips And Tricks

So, you saw that there would be snow and ice on the weather forecast, and you were definitely already thinking of what you could do to clean your driveway and sidewalk from them quickly and effectively.

And even though the very first thing you could think of is a good old bag of rock salt and a trusty shovel, this is not the only method that can be used for keeping your sidewalks and driveway free from snow and icy crust!

Check out what else you can make use of in order to de-snow the area around your home.

How to Melt Snow Quickly. Tips And Tricks
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Sprinkle Water Softener Salt

Water softener salt can be used as a cost-effective solution to melt snow in winter. If we compare it to other snow melting products, water softener salt appears to be cheaper and thus more affordable.

Also, it can be easily found in any hardware store which means that you will not have to waste your time on searching for it when you need it badly.

And finally, the very best feature of this stuff is that, once used, it does not cause the corrosion of your asphalt! This is the reason why many homeowners prefer this product for their driveways and sidewalks.

The only downside it has is that water softener salt is dangerous for animals, so if you have pets in your household, you should not opt for this snow melting solution.

Sprinkle Water Softener Salt
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Go For Deicer Salt

Deicer salt can also help you melt snow faster since it is an exact solution to this issue.

Deicer salt, also known as road salt, lowers the temperature of snow and ice. As a result, it melts the snow and ice quickly, which builds up in gardens and garage entrances.

Go For Deicer Salt
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Don’t Forget About Good Old Rock Salt

This is one of the most traditional means of fighting those icy sidewalks in winter! It is cheap and effective, and it is extremely easy to use.

And of course, let’s not forget that one can easily find it in any hardware store (well, except for the cases when a snowstorm is coming and folks grab those bags of salt like crazy, so that the stores run out of them!)

However, rock salt does have downsides, and one of them is that it harms our plants! In addition, they say it is not quite good for the asphalt as well. But still, just in case, we recommend you stock and store it in your home beforehand.

Don’t Forget About Good Old Rock Salt
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All these “salty” means will help you deal with both ice and snow on your driveway and sidewalk effectively and pretty fast. However, if you happen to run out of salt, or if you don’t have it from the very beginning, don’t get upset!

We know a few other alternative methods that will become handy for you.

Hot Water

To remove snow from your driveway and/or pathway near your home, you can use hot water. It is probably the easiest way to melt snow ever! Simply boil water and spray it on the snow with a hose to melt it down.

However, you should note that it is not a long-lasting solution. This is why, after you water your snowy yard, remember to cover the ground with sand or any ice-melting mixture to prevent the puddle from freezing!

Hot Water
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Ice Melter

An ice melter is an easy DIY solution that can help you de-snow your yard. It is very easy to make. First, you will need a bucket. Once you get it, fill it with the following ingredients:

  • half of a gallon of hot water
  • one-fourth a cup of rubbing alcohol
  • around six drops of any dish soap

Mix the solution and pour it over the area where you want to melt the snow. The snow will bubble up and melt. Afterward, use a shovel to scrape away any leftover snow.

Ice Melter
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Snow Blower

Using a snow blower might be a good idea if you need to deal with a lot of snow on your property. However, this machine requires certain skills to use it correctly and efficiently!

This is why we recommend you practice on smaller areas first, and also, ensure you learn the user’s instruction carefully before you start using this machine in your yard!

Snow Blower
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Contact a Professional Snow Removal Service

This is a more expensive but much faster way to get rid of the excess snow on your property. All you have to do is to call a professional snow removal service. They will send a specialist who will do the job for you.

What are the perks, you may wonder?

Well, they will know how to deal with difficult or potentially dangerous areas like roofs to remove snow from. And besides, they will remove snow quickly and thoroughly, leaving your yard or driveway clean.

Use Pet-Friendly Pellets

This option is helpful in case you have pets. Pet-friendly pellets will not only help you combat snow, but also help you keep your fluffy friends safe (unlike salt pellets). Simply spread a few handfuls of these pellets evenly across the snow.

They are a bit more expensive than water softener salt pellets, but at least, they are much safer for your pet’s feet and fur!

Pour Leftover Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds are another pet-safe material that effectively melts snow. Simply scatter them along your driveway right after you shovel the snow away, or before snowfall arrives. If your sidewalk/driveway is icy, spread some coffee grounds over them to add extra grip.

All these snow melting means will help you deal with both ice and snow on your driveway and sidewalk effectively and pretty fast. However, if you happen to run out of salt, or if you don’t have it from the very beginning, don’t get upset! We know a few other alternative methods that will become handy for you.

Pour Leftover Coffee Grounds
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How to Melt Snow Without Salt?

Sounds like it’s magic, but yes, in fact, you can melt snow and even ice without using salt! Did you know that? We bet that the majority of you didn’t!

How to make your own ice meltHow to make your own ice melt

However, it is useful to keep those alternative snow melting methods in mind in case there is no salt at hand and the snowfall is getting heavier.

How to Melt Snow Without Salt
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Apply Pet-Safe Pellets

Do you have cats or dogs in your household? Then borrow some of your cat’s or dog’s pellets from your furry little friends to help your sidewalks and driveways survive the snowfall!

Those pet-safe pellets can be successfully used instead of water softener salt, by the way, and also, they are extremely easy to apply!

Just spread a few handfuls of pet-safe pellets onto the snow around your house paying extra attention to the areas that are heavily covered with this white winter miracle.

While pet-safe pellets are more expensive in comparison to other snow melting products, they are safer for your pets’ fur and feet which is a great advantage for those who have pets in their homes.

Apply Pet Safe Pellets
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Opt For Hot Water

Yes, so simple! Even though you might think that using water in winter to melt the snow and ice is a bit weird. This is probably the easiest way to melt snow in fact. Simply spray hot water on the snow with a hose to melt it down!

However, we need to warn you that this is not the long-lasting solution. This is why you need to cover the ground either with sand or with any other ice melter mixture.

This way, you will prevent the puddle from freezing and creating even more trouble!

Opt For Hot Water
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Try Covering Your Driveways With Plastic Tarps

If you have a garage driveway that is covered with ice and snow on top of it, you have a thing that will hinder your car from entering or exiting. This can obviously be rather troublesome for your daily activities.

In such cases, it will be way better if you take precautions before the snowstorm hits and cover your driveways with plastic tarps.

This way, snow will pile up on those plastic tarps, allowing you to shovel it easily off the tarp afterward. In case the snow height is only one or two inches (which is approximately 2.5-5.1 cm) then it can even be simply pushed off the tarp!

But pay attention that your car must be in the garage before you do that! Do not cover the vehicle with a plastic tarp as it may damage the car!

Try Covering Your Driveways With Plastic Tarps
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Consider Using Leftover Coffee Grounds

Do you like having a cup or two of black coffee in the morning? Then make this habit even more useful and beneficial by using the leftover coffee grounds for melting snow effectively and safely. Why safely, you may wonder? Simply because coffee grounds are safe for your pets!

See, the nitrogen and acids in coffee grounds help them melt the snow faster.

After shoveling the snow off your driveway, sidewalk, or your garden, scatter the coffee grounds or you may also sprinkle them even before the snowfall. They can also be used to create extra friction on icy grounds as well!

Consider Using Leftover Coffee Grounds
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Use a Mix Of Dish Soap, Rubbing Alcohol, And Water

This homemade snow melting mixture is very easy to prepare and it is extremely useful and effective. You will need to fill a bucket with approximately 0.50 US gallons of water first of all. Feel free to make use of hot tap water for it, by the way.

Then, add a tablespoon of the dish soap and one more tablespoon of rubbing alcohol into the bucket with water. Stir the mixture for five minutes to help all the components dissolve thoroughly.

Once the mixture is ready, take the bucket outside and simply spread it across the snow! Check how much of the snow melted in fifteen minutes. It may take three to four times of preparing the same mixture again to melt all the snow around your house, keep that in mind!

And yes, this method is cheap and effective, even though it takes more time for preparing the solution and getting rid of the snow piles.

Use a Mix Of Dish Soap, Rubbing Alcohol, And Water
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Use Wood Ash

If you have a fireplace or a stove at home, and you burn wood in it, you can use the wood ash for getting rid of ice and for melting snow around your house. This is a cheap and easy solution.

With potassium salts, wood ash helps melt snow and ice and also provide extra traction for footing!

Use Wood Ash
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Sugar Beet Juice. Why Not?

We bet you have never heard of this snow melting method before, but it is real! This is one of the alternative options to rock salt that is rarely used, but it is still effective.

All you need to do is to spread the sugar beet juice before the snow or ice storm comes and limits the ability of accumulation.

Sugar Beet Juice. Why Not
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White Vinegar

Yeah, good old white vinegar that we appreciate so much in our kitchens! By mixing fifty percent warm water and fifty percent vinegar, you will be able to melt both snow and ice on your sidewalks and driveways easily.

Shoveling soon after the application of the vinegar solution will only help to speed up the process.

So now you have learned a pile of handy tips and recommendations regarding the snow and ice melting issue.

And since you are also aware of the multiple alternative snow melting techniques and methods, you will easily deal with any snowbank that comes into your way!

And now, let us tell you more precisely about how to melt snow on different surfaces around your household.

White Vinegar
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How to Melt Snow On Driveway?

We have already provided you with several methods on how to melt snow off the driveway, but just in case, let’s revise them all. So, you can make use of the following options:

  • rock salt
  • coffee grounds
  • vinegar
  • petsafe pellets
  • plastic tarps
  • hot water
  • wood ash
  • water softener salt
  • deicer salt

Of course, vinegar, tarps, and water softener salt, as well as deicer salt can be considered the most useful and handy options. They are easy to get and quick to use, besides, all of them work really fast.

How to Melt Snow On Driveway
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How to Melt Snow Off Your Roof?

If you have too much snow on your roof, you might want to get it off there since a snow pile on the roof is a hazard and threat for those who live there. But how to melt snow on the roof?

Well, you can use hot water as well, but this method requires additional snow melting products to prevent that hot water from turning into an icy cover!

This is why the most effective method will be to install a heating cable and remove snow gradually during the winter to keep the roof clean.

How to Melt Snow Off Your Roof
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How to Melt Snow On a Wooden Deck?

This question becomes a true headache for those who have wooden decks in their households! Since it is made of wood, it means that you can’t probably use high heat on it to melt snow or ice, right? But how could that snow and ice be removed then?!

Deck Maintenance Tips - How NOT to Remove Snow from Your DeckDeck Maintenance Tips – How NOT to Remove Snow from Your Deck

Relax, we know what can help you out, even though cleaning your deck from snow might take some elbow grease before you deal with it.

  • Use a soft-bristled broom to wipe snow away if the snowfall is light
  • Use a plastic, rubber-blade shovel for removing ice or snow

And always remember to leave a thin layer of snow behind to protect the deck from scratches.

How to Melt Snow On a Wooden Deck
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However, there are also things you must never apply on your wooden deck when cleaning it from snow:

  • Never use salt since it dries the wood out and makes nails and screws corrode.
  • Avoid ice melt with colorant to not stain the wood.
  • Don’t use sand or gravel since they can grind into the wood and damage the surface.

Like this, your wooden deck will always be safe and sound, and free from snow and ice!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How long does it take for snow to melt?

In general, from several minutes to a month depending on how thick the snowy layer is.

⭐ How much water will 10 inches of snow melt down to?

You will get one inch of water.

⭐ How to melt snow off a metal roof?

Use a chemical deicer.

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