How to Get Rid Of Rodents Under Mobile Home?

Learn how to get rid of rats and mice that live under your mobile home

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Human homes often become homes for other creatures as well, but unfortunately, these “neighbors” do not belong to those whom we would like to see beside us. And we are talking not only about annoying insects and pests like roaches!

There are worse options, for example, mice and rats!

Many people believe that these animals dwell only in brick or stone houses enjoying the dark and damp cellars. However, this is not quite so.

See, even if you live in a mobile home, these critters can find their way to your home and accommodate themselves there!

This is why, if you have been looking for the answers regarding how to get rid of rats under your mobile home or how to deal with mice in a mobile home, this article will be very useful for you.

Today you are going to learn more about how to keep mice and rats out of a mobile home, and how to keep them away from your living place.

Also, we will tell you how to mice-proof your mobile home, and what damage these creatures can cause to it.

How to get Rid Of Rats And Mice Under My Mobile Home?

Having mice in a mobile home is definitely not something that people want to experience.

These rodents not only cause damage to your home, they can also spread diseases and be a potential hazard for your health and even life!

How is that, you may ask us? Well, if a small mouse gets to the wiring and chews on it, it may lead to a short circuit which, in its turn, can become a source of a fire!

This is why it is important that every mobile home owner knows how to deal with these critters if they come and start living under your house.

Usually, the general list of actions includes the following options:

  1. Using a mouse poison
  2. Using mouse traps
  3. Getting a cat
  4. Calling the exterminator
  5. Patching up all the holes

However, this is not a complete list and we could name a few more options that can work well if you need to free your mobile home from any rodents.

This is why we recommend you read on and find out what methods exactly should be used, and what each of these methods includes.

Below, we will explain what to do in order to get rid of mice and what actions to take if you learn that you have rats under your mobile home.

The more alternative options you learn the easier it will be for you to cast the critters away. Besides, using several methods at once will give better results than if you stick to only one option!

How to get Rid Of Rats And Mice Under My Mobile Home
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How to Get Rid Of Mice Under My Mobile Home?

Since mobile trailer homes are usually somewhat raised above the ground, and because of the way they are manufactured, there are several more openings and ways that mice and other rodents can make their way in.

There are several different methods you can use in order to catch and kill rodents, in addition to taking additional precautions to ensure that mice do not continue to come into the trailer home.

How to Get Rid Of Mice Under My Mobile Home
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Use Mouse Traps

Good old mouse traps still remain one of the most widespread and commonly used methods of destroying these critters in our homes.

They remain so popular mostly because mice traps are the most affordable method of rodent control.

There are two different types of traps you can get: traditional and humane. The traditional type of a mouse trap looks like a cage made of metal bars.

We all know how it works: the bars shut when a mouse gets in. It happens because a rodent puts its weight onto a special lever inside of the trap making the device work and kill the mouse.

The humane trap catches the mouse into a small metal box so it can be released back into the wild.

So if you have mice in or under your mobile home, buy the type of trap that you find more appropriate for you and place these traps in the home.

Once a critter gets trapped, either release it (if you are using a humane type of trap), or get rid of the dead rodent in case you stick to a more “deadly” alternative.

Use Mouse Traps
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Make Use Of a Mouse Poison

Another old-fashioned method that still shows its efficiency though. It is also rather affordable, just like mouse traps, but just like with traps, you need to be very careful with this one! Even way more careful!

If you have pets, it is important to put the poison in a place where they cannot get to it.

All you need to do is to leave the amount of poison needed for killing mice by the possible entries the rodents might use to get into your mobile home. And of course, make sure your children stay away from the places where you left poison for killing mice!

How to Get Rid of Rats and Mice Guaranteed- 4 Easy StepsHow to Get Rid of Rats and Mice Guaranteed- 4 Easy Steps

Hire an Exterminator!

The simplest but at the same time the most costly method to use if you need to get rid of mice under your mobile home badly. A professional exterminator can come in and apply special spray for killing rodents.

This is a good option to consider when you are not sure where the mice are nesting or where they are coming in.

An exterminator can spray the entire trailer home! While this is a costly option, it may be the most cost-effective because you aren’t constantly spending money on traps.

Hire an Exterminator!
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Get a Cat!

This is probably the most pleasant way to get rid of rodents! Many homeowners, especially those who live on farms, can swear that, once they got a cat, mice vanished once and for all! And it is pretty easy to explain: cats are moice’s natural enemies.

Once mice sense a cat near their nests, they start leaving your home and the area in order to find a safer hideout. It is not even necessary to get an adult cat! A young animal or even a kitten will have the same effect!

So if cats are allowed in your trailer home, this might be a good option.

However, you must realize that this may mean that the cat will bring you dead mice as a trophy, or the cat you bring into your home may not be the best mouser.

Get a Cat!
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Make Sure That All the Holes Are Patched

Patching holes will not kill mice, of course, but it will prevent them from getting into your home again and again.

Check your trailer and cover any holes that mice might get in through.

What to Do to get Rid Of Rats Under Your Mobile Home

Rats are often considered even more dangerous than mice, so homeowners pay more attention to this issue and thus they tend to spend more effort on getting rid of these smart yet rather dangerous critters!

So if you are sure that you have rats in or under your mobile home, you need to act quickly.

Examine your mobile home both inside and outside in order to locate any spaces that rats can use as entries. Once you locate them all, you can proceed to the rat-destroying process!

What to Do to get Rid Of Rats Under Your Mobile Home
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Cover All the Possible Entries

Rats can get into your home through many different entries. You need to cover such spaces.

We suggest you use either plywood or steel wool. Steel wool is useful for plugging small holes that are hard-to-access.

See, even such big rodents as rats can’t chew steel wool which means that they won’t be able to get indoors through such a barrier.

You should also use caulk to seal all the edges of your mobile home.

Cover All the Possible Entries
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Use Rat Traps

Rat traps work the same way as mouse traps do. Just leave them near the openings of your trailer that can be used as entries by these critters.

And when you need to remove the living rat from the trap or get rid of the dead rodent, remember to wear rubber gloves to protect yourself from their teeth!

Poison the Rats

When using poison, be extremely careful since this is a very strong chemical that can be deadly for humans as well!

Poison should be used only if all the methods described above did not help much! If you have small children or pets in your family, you can also stick to the natural rat poison that is harmless for humans and pets.

You can find it in hardware stores.

Another such aid is boric acid. You can make your own, non-toxic rat poison using it.

Sprinkle this mixture around the predetermined entry points of rats and place small bowls of water around them.

With these life hacks, tips and recommendations, you will manage to relatively easily get rid of rodents, both mice and rats, if you notice that they live in or under your mobile home.

However, since it is easier and cheaper to prevent rather than to deal with, we suggest you check out what can be done to keep rodents away from your home.

Poison the Rats
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What to Do to Keep Rodents Away From Your Mobile Home?

Any rodents no matter how big they are can become a real issue for homeowners! And usually it doesn’t matter what type of house you live in since this is true in cities, towns, and villages.

Mobile homes are particularly prone to rodent infestation because they aren’t attached to the ground completely.

This is why you need to be aware of what to do to prevent these pesky creatures from getting into your place.

Usually, for both mice and rats, similar actions can be taken.

  • Patch the holes. Check where pipes and lines enter your home from outside and look for chewed areas. Patching these holes will prevent mice from getting into your home.
  • Install new skirting. It is one of the key elements that can actually keep mice and other rodents from getting in!
  • Eliminate food sources. As you know, rodents are attracted to food. This is why you should empty your trash cans as frequently as possible since the longer it sits, the stronger the mice-attracting odor. Buy plastic tubs with lids since they can also help.

What to Do to Keep Rodents Away From Your Mobile Home

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What Can Be So Dangerous About Mice And Rats?

We all know that rodents are unwanted. But do all of you know why? Quite many people still believe that the major damage rodents cause refers to food we stock at home, since these critters may get to the cereals and grains and chew on them.

However, this is not the only hazard they bring with them!

Once mice get under the mobile home, they start reproducing. With time, they will try to squeeze inside through ducts, chewing through foam insulation and electrical wiring.

This can cause expensive damage and short circuits, not to mention the inconvenience caused by mice droppings they leave, as well as odors, and potential diseases!

So if you want to keep your mobile home free of rodents, no matter mice or rats, or both, make sure that you use the tips and recommendations we have shared with you today!

With their help, you will be able to live without worries about these critters.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Will getting a cat help to get rid of rats?

It might help, but you should also use additional measures like poison, etc.

⭐ What can be used as bait in mouse traps?

Peanut butter works well.

⭐ Are bait boxes effective for killing mice?

They are. But there’s a chance that a rodent will die somewhere you can’t get it and starts decaying which will cause bad odor.

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