How to Dry Off After Bidet?

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We are mostly used to the idea that public toilets have regular toilet seats but sometimes, men may encounter a toilet that has a bidet instead. It can happen anywhere from your friends’ place to the restaurant you came to. No matter where you will have the same question: how to dry yourself after using a bidet.

Luckily, today you can find it out. We will tell you more about drying yourself after using a bidet in detail. You are going to find out about a few alternative ways of drying after using a bidet.

Also, we will discuss one of the most common stumbling points in bidet topic – whether one should wipe or not. And in addition, you are going to learn many useful things about using a bidet correctly.

How Do You Dry Off After Using a Bidet?

So how to dry yourself off after using a bidet? This question is asked quite often since, in fact, a bidet is supposed to eliminate the use of toilet paper! Still, people want to know whether wiping is needed and how to dry yourself off after you use this toilet appliance.

Well, according to the manufacturers’ advice and what most users say about it, you do not need to wipe after using a bidet. That’s because the water pressure in it is enough to do a proper cleaning.

How do you dry off after using a bidet?How do you dry off after using a bidet?

However, if you prefer being absolutely sure that you won’t leave the toilet wet, here are four ways how to dry your butt after bidet use.

How Do You Dry Off After Using a Bidet
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Let Yourself Air Dry

This option can be helpful only for those who are not in a hurry. In this case, you can give yourself time and the pleasure of air drying your bum. In fact, air drying is an excellent option!

It allows your backside to breathe, and it also provides relief for any itches you may experience. Air-drying your butt is also a chance to relax! However, if you are in a hurry, then you should consider other alternatives.

Use Bidet Dry Off Function

This is a much faster way to dry yourself off, and besides, it means you will not use tissue paper. But it has certain limitations. See, the dry-off function comes only with some bidet attachment models where it is inbuilt.

Unfortunately, this option is only used in electric bidet models, depending on the cost of the bidet. High-end models give you the option of controlling the water temperature, which speeds up the whole process.

Use Toilet Paper to Dry Off After Using a Bidet

This is a well-known and easy way to dry yourself off after you use a bidet. Besides, toilet paper is convenient since it is readily accessible. Moreover, if you manage to find eco-friendly, high-quality toilet paper, you will help with the challenge that toilet paper production poses to the environment.

In addition, high-quality toilet paper is usually more comfortable to use since it is softer and has better absorbing properties.

A small life hack for you: if you don’t want your toilet paper piece to tear apart, get one or two sheets of high-quality toilet paper and fold it in half. Like this, such a thicker tissue will do a better job of holding water without tearing.

Also, when using toilet paper, be careful not to actually wipe but instead dab it around. It will allow you to prevent small bits of paper from clinging to your skin and causing irritation.

Use Toilet Paper to Dry Off After Using a Bidet
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Wipe With Reusable Towels

Finally, you can opt for reusable towels and one of the alternatives. It is a fast, as well as environmentally friendly, way to dry off your butt after using a bidet. When using these towels, you will need a couple of them. Like that, you will make sure you always have one for use.

And also, you will need to clean the ones you have already used. But since the water usually cleans everything very thoroughly, you are not going to deal with any mess, just the water. Besides, you will be able to easily clean the towels after use.

Now you know how you dry after a bidet using one of the several alternative methods suggested. Like that, you will be able to choose which one seems more appropriate to you depending on whether you are in a hurry or not.

Wipe With Reusable Towels
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Shall You Wipe After Using a Bidet?

One of the most common issues about bidet drying is whether one is supposed to use toilet paper for drying off after a bidet. And as you are now aware, a bidet is designed so that the user can eliminate the need of using toilet paper.

This is why when it comes to wiping or not wiping, the first option is, of course, not to wipe at all. Besides, some bidet models come with the drying function already installed. This is why it often happens that most people who make the switch to bidet do not want to have to use toilet paper again later.

So basically, if your bidet has proper water pressure, there would be no need for wiping at all. But if you have any problems with your bidet’s cleaning option, you will have to check the pressure to ensure it is on a high enough setting.

You should also check the spray mode and the positioning of the spray want. Remember that the water should be hitting the right places and with the proper force!

Should you wipe before using a bidet? Experiment confirmsShould you wipe before using a bidet? Experiment confirms

So basically, wiping is not mandatory. But should you choose to wipe, you can do a pre-wipe. What is this? Pre-wiping is when you wipe yourself after you use the toilet but before using the bidet.

The idea of doing this is to let the wiping clear much of the mess and have the bidet clear up the rest. It is a handy option if you use standalone models since the water drains away instead of flushing with everything else.

So if there are large bits, chances are high that they may end up sticking in the drain. Obviously, you will not enjoy the clean-up!

On the other hand, you can choose to do wiping after using the bidet. In this case, the aim of wiping will be to dry out any water, and there are different ways to do it as we have described in the section above.

But except for these two options (pre-wiping and post-wiping), there are a few other tips on bidet use and etiquette that you may find useful to learn about:

  • Check the bidet before use to establish where the water jets will be coming from so you can prepare accordingly
  • If it is your first time using a bidet, wipe it first with toilet paper before using until you get the hang of using a bidet
  • It is not required to use soap when using a bidet. Some people may want to use some soap when they use a bidet as a mini-shower for freshening up, but it is not mandatory
  • Be sure to keep all clothing items like shirts, pants, and underwear out of the way before turning on the water spray!
  • Ladies should direct the water from front to back to avoid getting bacteria in through the vulva
  • If you are in a public area, you may notice a towel close to the bidet. It is not for wiping your rear but for your hands
  • On standalone bidets, you have the option of facing towards or away from the bidet’s water controls. Check the design to be sure which direction is best depending on the bidet’s configuration
  • If you get a bidet with cold and hot water controls, turn on the hot water first. Then turn on the cold-water valve first till you get a comfortable temperature

Like that, now you know a few handy tips on how to use a bidet. They will be handy should you face the need to use it for the first time in your life.

Shall You Wipe After Using a Bidet
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What Shall You Do With the Waste From Drying After You Use a Bidet?

There is always this problem of toilet paper disposal, especially when it comes to using a bidet! Shall you throw it into the bidet? Shall you throw it into a trash bin instead? The waste from drying after using a bidet has several possible routes of disposal, in fact:

  • The first and the most obvious way is to dispose of it by putting toilet paper (or whatever you used for wiping) into the bidet or toilet and running a small amount of water to flush it. This option is not available in all bidets, however.
  • A wastebasket is a good alternative to flushing toilet paper. This will be the ideal method in most cases, as you have wastebaskets anywhere.

So in general, we would recommend you use a wastebasket option and, should you choose to flush the paper, make sure you look for signs near a bidet first.

They should say whether it is allowed to flush toilet paper and what to do before tossing your toilet paper in the bidet. Anyway, when you are in doubt, toss it in the bin!

What Shall You Do With the Waste From Drying After You Use a Bidet
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What Benefits Do Bidets Have?

For sure, some of you might want to install a bidet seat now after they read this article. But then another question comes into their minds: how beneficial that would be? Well, getting a bidet at home does have certain perks!

One of the most obvious benefit of using a bidet instead of bathroom tissue of any kind is the decrease in irritation that is often caused by wiping. Even if you use ultra-soft high-quality bathroom tissues, they can irritate the skin.

Instead, the gentle stream of warm water is soothing to the skin and can even be considered therapeutic! Using a bidet can provide relief to those who suffer from conditions affecting the private areas.

There are even some arguments that suggest that bidets are more beneficial to preventing irritation than traditional toilets, and this is a benefit that most people do not consider.

Well, now you folks know a lot more about this subject! We told you how to dry off correctly after using a bidet, what methods of drying can be used, and whether wiping is mandatory.

In addition, you learned why bidets can be considered more useful and beneficial than regular toilets, and perhaps, you might even want to get one for yourself now! If you do, then you will know exactly how to use it.

What Benefits Do Bidets Have
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Do all bidets have dry-off function?

No, not all models have it. Check this with the shop assistance before buying a bidet or, if you’re in a public toilet, look for the signs that indicate whether thos function is present.

⭐Does a bidet leave you wet?

It depends. If it has a drying function, then it doesn’t leave you wet. Otherwise, you might need to wipe yourself afterward.

⭐What’s the difference between a warm-dry and cold-dry bidets?

The difference is that one uses warm water whilst another one uses cold water.

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