How to Dry a Beauty Blender?

Learn how to dry it quickly after using and how long your beauty tool might take to dry

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A beauty blender is a useful tool for applying makeup but since it is in constant contact with different cosmetics, it becomes dirty pretty soon. In addition, dust in the air only helps it to become less clean.

No wonder women often want to know how to clean their beauty blenders correctly and how to dry this beauty tool in particular.

So today we are going to tell you more about it. You will find out how to clean and dry a beauty blender properly. In addition, we will tell you how much time it usually needs to get fully dried.

And except for learning how to make a beauty blender dry out properly, you will also learn more about how to use it and what you could do to keep it clean longer.

How to Dry a Beauty Blender After Washing Or Using It?

If you use a beauty blender, you know that you should use it damp. So, before your makeup application, you will want to wet the sponge under water to activate the blending powers. But how to dry a beauty blender quickly afterward?


One of the most effective ways to dry your beauty blender is to simply let it air-dry. This is the most natural and safe way to dry it, but of course, to use this option, you need to have enough time! This is why you should know that there are other methods you can use to dry a beauty blender if you are on the go or pressed for time.

In order to keep your makeup sponge hygienic and safe to use, you need to keep one simple rule in mind: make sure you clean it regularly and eliminate all the moisture from the blender after it is washed! You can easily tell that your blender is dry, by the way: when it dries, you will see it shrinks back to its original size.

Why is it so important to keep your blender dry?

If you don’t dry your beauty sponge thoroughly, it can grow bacteria, mold, and even mildew! As you can understand, this can lead to infections of your skin, or even contaminating other beauty products you use or keep with the blender.

So, how can you dry a beauty blender properly?

The basic cleaning and drying procedure looks like this.

How to Dry a Beauty Blender After Washing Or Using It
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Use The Correct Cleanser

First, you need to clean your beauty blender. This will help you remove all the leftover makeup products from its surface so your blender can dry entirely.

If you skip this step, you will notice that when your blender dries, it will harden and feel sturdy, with the surface being kind of powdery.

One of the best ways to wash your beauty blender is by using a special soap formulated for this beauty tool. At this point, please remember that these blenders are not average makeup sponges! They require extra care if you want them to last longer and remain in perfect condition.

Use The Correct Cleanser
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Rinse It Well

Rinsing your blender thoroughly is the same essential as washing it correctly. Proper rinsing will remove the soap suds and foam from your beauty blender.

Believe us, you don’t want to have either leftover makeup sitting in the sponge or leftover soap! So, squeeze and rinse your blender until the water runs clear, and the suds disappear completely. Not a single soapy bubble should come out of it!

Rinsing your blender thoroughly will ensure there isn’t any product or moisture left over in the sponge. It will help extend the lifespan of your blender because leftover products won’t alter its flexible texture of it.

Remove Excess Moisture With A Towel

Drying is the next step on your way to the clean beauty blender. One of the best ways to do it is with a towel. You can use either a regular towel or a paper towel, it doesn’t actually matter. What does matter is that you will need one to wring out excess moisture. The main goal of properly drying a beauty blender is to eliminate as much moisture as possible.

Beauty blenders are more expensive than regular makeup sponges, as you probably know, so you don’t want bacteria growing in yours! With the help of a towel, you will be able to absorb all the excess water from the sponge.

Remove Excess Moisture With A Towel
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Let Your Blender Air-Dry In An Open Space

As we already said, leaving your sponge to air dry is the most effective method of drying it. However, you should avoid leaving the blender to dry in the bathroom! A bathroom can still be humid, which may cause unwanted mold and bacteria growth on the surface of your sponge.

Instead, leave the blender in a cool, dry, and open space. Place your beauty blender on the towel and let it sit like this. If you need to speed up the drying process, you can rotate your sponge and even let it sit near a window. Once it’s dry, it will shrink back to its original size, and then it’s clean and ready for your next makeup application.

This is the basic way of drying a beauty blender. But as you can see, it is pretty long-lasting. If you don’t have so much time to wait until your blender dries properly, you can make it dry faster. For that, one of the alternative drying methods can be used.

How to Dry a Beauty Blender. Alternative Methods?

We don’t always have plenty of spare time to wait until our beauty tools dry to be used again.


If this is the case and you need to use your beauty blender really soon after it is washed, you can use another drying method, not the one that we described above. Alternative methods take less time but they will require the use of additional drying tools!

Use A Blow Dryer

Using a blow dryer can speed up the drying process significantly. While it may not be the most effective, it can come in handy if you’re in a hurry and need to use your blender right now.

There is only one precaution you should keep in mind: when drying your beauty blender with a blow dryer, you will want to use the dryer on a very low or cool heat setting! It will help you to avoid damaging the sponge.

Use A Blow Dryer
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Try a Desk Fan

Allowing your beauty blender to sit near a desk fan is another method of drying it faster. Desk fans are small enough to provide proper air circulation without damaging your sponge. You can rotate your beauty blender frequently so it can dry thoroughly.


Finally, if you have enough time, you can simply leave your beauty blender in a sunny spot somewhere to be dried naturally. However, we recommend you use this method sparingly because the sun can potentially alter the color, texture, or structure of the sponge if not cared for properly!

With these alternative drying options, you will be able to dry your beauty blender quickly no matter what!

Things to Avoid When Maintaining Your Beauty Blender

Not all beauty tools are easy to take care of. Some of them can be simply washed under the running water and left to dry whilst others need more time and attention.

It is important to be aware of how exactly you should maintain each of them and in particular, what you should never do in order to not damage them!

Things to Avoid When Maintaining Your Beauty Blender
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You Don’t Allow It To Dry Fully

After you wash your beauty blender, it is mandatory to let it dry completely. If you never let your blender fully dry, this can lead to your sponge getting ruined over time. The longer your blender stays wet or moist, the better the chance bacteria, mold, or mildew will grow.

You Don’t Clean It Regularly

Regular cleaning is essential. If you do it randomly, don’t be surprised if it leads to the deterioration of the sponge. Remember the rule of thumb: your beauty blender should be cleaned after every use!

If you don’t do this, residual makeup in your sponge can hinder your next makeup application, preventing you from achieving a beautiful finish. It can also lead to breakouts or skin irritation.

You Don’t Clean It Regularly
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You Apply Pressure On The Sponge And Face

When using a beauty blender, you don’t have to press it hard! It is designed to be gently dabbed on the skin. To get a flawless application, simply lightly bounce, dab, or pat the sponge.

If you apply unnecessary pressure or drag the sponge while applying makeup, it won’t do any good for your face. It will also not do any good for the blender. Since your beauty blender is flexible when wet, it can tear apart if you drag it forcefully!

With these life hacks in mind, you will be able to not only wash and dry your blender correctly but also use and maintain it properly.

What Is A Beauty Blender?

Now it’s time to actually figure out what a beauty blender is in fact since not all of you might be aware of this. So, a beauty blender is almost like a makeup sponge, but in a modern way.

Unlike latex sponges that were widely used before, a beauty blender is a versatile sponge that can help apply beauty products. It can be used multiple times in comparison to latex sponges that should be discarded after each use.

Beauty blenders come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, which allows you to choose the one that doesn’t only satisfy your aesthetic feeling but also works best for your needs.

In addition, it is the texture of the sponge and its egg-like shape that makes it so unique and easy to use. The narrow end of the beauty blender is ideal for blending around your eyes, while the rest can blend the face.

Another unique feature of a beauty blender is that it is designed to absorb water. It can also blend liquid and cream products, creating a seamless layer of makeup. Of course, because of all these perks, beauty blenders are more expensive than latex makeup sponges, but they are worth that price!

What Is A Beauty Blender
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How to Store Your Beauty Blender?

Ok, now you know how to wash it and dry it correctly. But this is not all in the maintenance routine! There is another issue that the owners of beauty blenders often face: how to store it correctly?

usually, this beauty sponge comes in a special box where you might want to keep it after you start using it. But this can be a huge mistake! See, keeping it sealed in an airtight container invites moisture and mold to flourish, as well as nasty bacteria, too.

What you can do is use household items that are no longer in use and utilize them as holders for your blender! For example, you can opt for toothpaste or foundation bottle caps, or make use of the containers that most beauty blenders are sold in.

Another storage option is to use an egg cup! Just make sure it is dry and clean before you place a sponge into it. Since beauty blenders have a shape of an egg, this might be the most suitable place for them to be stored.

Using a drain-friendly soap dish might be your next option to consider. Find a soap dish with holes in it so that it provides maximum airflow and minimal contact. This is perfect for those of you who keep your makeup stored on the counter in the bathroom.

finally, if you need to take your blender with you on a trip, opt for a mesh bag. It is breathable so the blender won’t be predisposed to mold or bacteria growth. Besides, this bag is foldable which means it will take up little space in your bag or even a purse!

So, now you know a lot more about storing, using, washing, and even drying beauty blenders! With this guide, you will be able to make use of this awesome beauty tool to apply the flawless makeup you ever made!

How to Store Your Beauty Blender
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How long does it take a beauty blender to dry?

It usually takes around 30 minutes to fully Dry a blender. But the time can be shorter if you use a blow dryer or a fan.

⭐Do you wet beauty blender with hot or cold water?

You can use warm or cool water to dampen the blender, but you may find your application more refreshing if you use cool water.

⭐How often shall I change my beauty blender?

A good rule of thumb is to switch your blenders every 3-6 months or every seasonal weather change. How well you care, clean, and dry your sponge will also determine its longevity.

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