How to Convert Manual Gas Fireplace to Remote?

Can I add a remote to my gas fireplace? Today all the secrets and nuances of this process will be revealed!

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If you have a manual gas fireplace, you might think of adding a remote to the gas fireplace in order to make its operation easier for yourself.

As an alternative, you might need to replace your current gas fireplace remote controller since it is not working anymore. No matter the reason, the issue of turning your manual gas fireplace into a remote one is a key point of concern in each case.

However, if you have never done anything similar before, you are definitely worried about how all this must be done.

The process may seem to be rather complicated indeed since it has to do with a fireplace, but in fact, it is super easy! So no worries, we will explain step by step how and what is supposed to be done.

Today you will learn how to convert a gas fireplace to the one with the electric start first of all.

We will provide you with a detailed and precise instruction on the process from which you will figure out what steps to take and in what order if your fireplace needs to undergo this sort of transformation.

So read on attentively and memorize all the seven steps we are going to tell you about, and you will see that turning your current manual gas fireplace into a remote one is way less scary and difficult than you could imagine.

Learn How to Convert Gas Fireplace to the One With the Remote Control

If you have never done this before, you may think that converting your manual gas fireplace into a one with a remote control is something extremely difficult that might require the help of a professional.

However, this is on the contrary very simple thing to do! You just need to have a gas fireplace remote control kit and install the remote.

It will turn your manual gas fireplace into the one with a remote control! And moreover, it will make your fireplace start with just one simple click like one of the best gas fireplaces!

But here comes another question that may bother you even more than the others: do you know enough about converting a gas fireplace to a remote control one? Do you know exactly how to install a fireplace remote control kit?

Or how to do a gas fire remote control conversion properly?

If you can’t give a positive answer to any of these questions, don’t get upset! Below, we will provide you with seven steps of gas fireplace remote control installation where we will describe precisely what shall be done in order to have things done correctly.

With that information in mind, you will use this guide for installing a fireplace remote control effortlessly.

And as a result, if you do everything right, you will be rewarded with a smart fireplace to ensure a cozy living space for you and your family!

Learn How to Convert Gas Fireplace to the One With the Remote Control
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Step One: Get a Smart Thermostat Remote And Receiver

To convert a gas fireplace to the one with electronic ignition, start with getting a smart thermostat remote and receiver. We would recommend you find enough time and spend it on finding the best smart thermostat and receiver possible, making sure that they are user-friendly, safe, and reliable. For example, you can opt for a universal fireplace remote control.

The thermostat will come with a transmitter and a fireplace remote receiver.

After getting a transmitter and receiver, simply follow the steps provided below for the gas manual fireplace remote control installation.

As a result, you will find your existing manual gas fireplace as a smart remote control one!

Get a Smart Thermostat Remote And Receiver
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Step Two: Install the Battery Into the Transmitter

After you get the thermostat, it is time to install the battery into both. First of all, you need to start with buying 2/4 AAA size 1.5 V batteries.

Then remove the battery cover and insert all the batteries into the compartment meant for them.

Make sure that the batteries are inserted in the right position with + and – ends being placed correctly where they should be. And for providing better performance, it is recommended to have alkaline batteries, by the way. That’s because these batteries come with a long life.

Once you have inserted the batteries, replace the battery cover. Now you can proceed to the next step in the installation procedure.

Gas Fireplace Remote Not Working? Relearning Skytech ON/OFF Remote!Gas Fireplace Remote Not Working? Relearning Skytech ON/OFF Remote!

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Step Three: Insert Battery Into the Receiver

After you bought the right batteries and installed them into the transmitter, here you have to insert four AA size 1.5 batteries into the receiver.

Alkaline batteries are suggested to use for maximum performance and long life as they are known as the best performer. This is why we would strongly recommend you use them for this purpose as well.

Carefully open the battery cover and install the batteries in the (+) and (-) position.

In addition, we find it necessary to remind you that new batteries are preferable and important for better operation! Avoid using the batteries that have already been in use for some time before.

Insert Battery Into the Receiver
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Step Four: Operating the Receiver Fireplace Remote

Now that you have finished with installing alkaline batteries into your receiver and transmitter, it is time to proceed to the next step in the transformation of your gas fireplace into the one with a remote starter.

So the next stage will be the following. You will find three modes: “on”, “off”, and “remote”, in front of the receiver. If you keep the fireplace switch in the on position, the receiver will stay on until you slide it to the remote or off position.

And when you slide the switch at the off position, the device will remain off. Now, if you slide the switch into the remote mode which you will find in the center, the receiver will work if it gets the signal or command from the transmitter.

We would advise that if you stay away from the home for a long time, it is safe to keep the switch in the off position. Even if the receiver is placed at the reaching position of the children, it is still recommended to slide the switch into the off position.

Finally, when this stage is passed successfully, you can go for the next one. Now, you will have to perform the learn function!

Operating the Receiver Fireplace Remote
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Step Five: Perform the Learn Function

To get a remote start fireplace, in front of the receiver, you will get the “learn” button. What you need to do is to take a sharp pencil, a needle, or a small screwdriver and press the learn button.

Only if you are going to use a needle (or any other sharp and thin pointed object), do not press too hard since you can damage the button with a sharp end!

After pressing the learn button, you will get a signal, and thus the receiver gets paired with the transmitter. It indicates that the receiver is ready to use or function with the transmitter. And now you are almost at the finish line! The next step will be to install the receiver correctly.

But don’t worry, we will tell you what to do step by step! Just make sure you follow the recommendations precisely, and everything will be fine.

Step Five Perform the Learn Function
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Step Six: Installing the Receiver

Finally, we have reached this stage! Good job, you did everything right, and now you only have a couple of things left to do on the way to your gas fireplace remote control!

First of all, you need to deal with the receiver. And so now the time has come to finally install the receiver into the gas valve. It may so happen though that you are not sure where you should search for that valve.

In this case, just make use of a simple hint: most of the gas fireplace valves will be found on the front of the valve. In your existing ting gas valve, you will get three terminals to connect wires namely TH, TP and TH/TP.

What you need to do is that you should connect the two wires from your receiver into the TH and TH/TP port. After connecting the receiver wires into the valve port, your remote is ready to function! Yes, this is so very simple!

However, we would like to remind you of one thing: Keep the receiver away from the valve and make sure it is away from the overheating of the fireplace mantel! Like this, the device will always be safe and sound, and thus it will serve you much longer.

Installing the Receiver
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Step Seven: Test the Remote Control Function

After you add a remote to the gas fireplace, the very last thing you need to do is to test it to check how well it is working before you start using your gas remote fireplace regularly.

Now that your remote control is ready to function, check it by pressing the setting button in the remote and set the necessary programs in the remote according to your need. And test all to make sure your fireplace is working perfectly with your newly installed remote!

Now you have learned everything that one may need for converting a gas fireplace to electric start.

With these recommendations in mind, you will easily convert your gas manual fireplace into a remotely controlled one.

Test the Remote Control Function
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What to Know About Your Gas Fireplace Servicing And Maintenance

Having a gas fireplace at home is great since you can always warm up near the fire on a cold winter day with a cup of hot tea or coffee.

However, gas fireplaces are not all fun! These devices must be checked regularly in order to make sure that they are working well.

Since these fireplaces work with the use of gas, you need to be very careful when using them: gas can be hazardous at home, so always make sure you check your gas appliance for a proper functioning!

To have your gas fireplace properly checked and serviced, you must always call for a professional gas check.

What to Know About Your Gas Fireplace Servicing And Maintenance
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Never do this yourself unless you are such a specialist! You may be wondering, what the gas service will do to your fireplace to have it inspected. Well, we can answer this question easily:

  • They will inspect the exterior to make sure the unit is properly mounted with no gaps or cracks.
  • They will check the glass for cracks.
  • Logs will also be inspected to see if they have deteriorated and must be swapped out.
  • Then, the service will check the gas ignition with the test-fire.
  • Carbon monoxide detectors must also be checked to see that they work properly.
  • Finally, the chimney of your fireplace will also be inspected.

You, as well, can contribute to your gas fireplace maintenance significantly if you keep it up properly in a good state.

What to Know About Your Gas Fireplace Servicing And Maintenance (2)
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Remember to clean the glass door of the unit once it gets dirty. To do this, you can simply make use of white vinegar. Pour some in a spray bottle and pulverize over the glass.

Wipe it down with a cloth and let it dry. As an alternative solution, you can also make use of a fireplace gas cleaner or another non-ammonia cleaning product.

See, now you already know what steps to take in case you are going to transform your current manual gas fireplace into a more modern and convenient remote control one. And as you could already understand, this procedure is way less complicated than you might think of it!

With just a few simple steps, you will be easily able to improve your fireplace into a handy device that will be providing you with warmth whenever you and your family need it with just a slight move of your finger!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Do all gas fireplaces have a pilot light?

Almost every gas fireplace has it.

⭐ Can you manually light a gas furnace with electronic ignition?

No, you can’t light a gas furnace equipped with electronic ignition.

⭐ How far from the fireplace can I be to start it with a remote control?

It can be activated from the 25 feet.

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