How to Clean a Home Foot Bath?

Keep your home foot spa clean with our simple guide

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A home footbath is a great way to have your feet well-maintained and cared for without even leaving your home. In addition, it can become a cheaper and more convenient alternative to regular visits to a SPA center.

However, since this appliance deals with our feet and skin regularly, it is essential that it remains clean and properly sanitized.

This is why most owners wonder how to clean a foot spa correctly at home, and what solutions they might need for this purpose.

In this article, we will provide you with a complete guide on this subject. In addition, you are going to learn why it is so important to keep your home foot spa clean. We are also going to share a few disinfectants with you that can be used for cleaning your home foot spa.

Like this, you will know for sure what products will work the best.

How to Clean a Home Foot Spa?

If you have a foot spa at home and you use it frequently, you definitely want to know how this appliance should be cleaned. Our feet can probably be called the dirtiest part of our body, well, after our hands perhaps!

We walk quite a lot during the day, plus, the skin of our feet tends to get sweaty (especially during the summer months) because we keep it trapped in stiffy snickers or shoes.

All these factors often contribute to the development of various skin conditions on our feet. Quite many people who live in the cities suffer from excessively dry skin on their feet, as well as foot skin cracks and other problems! So in order to cleanse your home foot spa and remove all the dead skin particles from it, make sure the appliance is cleaned correctly and thoroughly.

Luckily, this procedure is pretty simple. Nevertheless, we would not recommend you skip the instructions given in its owner’s manual.

And for sure, you should not make the common mistake of throwing away your owner’s manual after you’ve bought a home foot spa!

In this guide, you will be provided with all the instructions on keeping your spa sanitary.

In general, there are a few simple steps you can take in order to clean a home foot spa perfectly:

  • Take out all the parts that can be removed from the spa so that they can be cleaned apart from the spa itself (jets, filter, etc.)
  • Check the basin for any large debris and if you find it, wipe it away with a wet washcloth. Use warm water to dampen the cloth since it will wipe away all the gunk
  • Use a soft-bristled brush to thoroughly clean any part you removed with either disinfectant or soap with warm water
  • Place them back on once they dry
  • Fill your foot spa with fresh, warm water and a disinfectant, and turn it on for around 10 minutes to let the mixture circulate
  • While the inside is circulating, wipe the outside with warm water and disinfectant
  • Drain your home foot spa, and then rinse it with warm water to avoid irritation
  • Let your spa air dry to complete the process

That’s it. Now, even if you have thrown away your owner’s manual by accident, you have a complete guide on how you should clean your home foot spa appliance. The process is pretty simple, so don’t worry if you have never done this before.

Make sure you move step by step through the instruction we gave you, and you can be sure that your home foot spa will be clean and perfectly sanitized!

How to Clean a Home Foot Spa
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All You Need to Know About Your Home Foot Spa Disinfection

Since home foot spa appliance deals with our feet, chances are that there might be some microbes there. Of course, it means that you have to not only clean your home foot spa regularly but also sanitize it.

For sanitizing, it is important to use the correct disinfectant for your home foot spa. Make sure that you use an EPA-registered disinfectant.

How do you know whether it is registered or not? It is pretty simple!

Footspa Cleaning and Disinfecting Part 3 - Non-Whirlpool Footspa Basin or TubFootspa Cleaning and Disinfecting Part 3 – Non-Whirlpool Footspa Basin or Tub

You can tell if it is registered as a medical disinfectant if you clearly see a registration number. It will also have a list of common organisms it kills, such as staphylococcus aureus, pseudomonas aeruginosa, and more.

Also, pay attention to the instructions that come with the product. You need to pay close attention to how it should be used. Like this, you will be able to get the best results from the disinfectant you use. For instance, it may suggest letting the solution sit overnight if you are using it daily.

If you use the foot spa alone, you can use 5% household chlorine bleach in the place of the disinfectant. For this type of cleaning, avoid any ammonia products as the mixing of ammonia and chlorine emits toxic gases.

All You Need to Know About Your Home Foot Spa Disinfection
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Why Sanitizing Foot Bath Is Important?

We all know that sanitizing is an important procedure. Especially when it comes to any tools or appliances that deal with our feet. For the same reason, you should clean your foot spas thoroughly and regularly. Like this, you will be able to prevent the spread of dangerous bacteria!

As you probably know, microorganisms tend to develop and spread in dirty environments that are wet or moist.

As a result, if you don’t clean and sanitize your home foot spa regularly, you run the risk of developing painful sores on the bottom of your feet!

Those can be very hard to get rid of and of course, removing them might require quite a lot of time, effort, and money!

Remember that any bacterial infections can be very difficult to deal with!

In addition, they cause harm not only to the skin of your feet but also to the rest of the body. This is why proper cleaning of your home foot spa is a must! With the help of detailed and regular cleaning, you can save yourself from all the discomfort.

Now you know how to clean your home foot spa correctly and also, you have learned why keeping this appliance clean is so important. In addition, we explained to you what sanitizing products would be the best for this purpose and why sanitizing should also be a part of the regular cleaning routine.

With these tips, your home foot spa will be both an effective and safe appliance to use!

Why Sanitizing Foot Bath Is Important
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A Few Handy Maintenance Tips

Even if you have an owner’s guide that your home foot spa comes with, it is good to be aware of a few extra handy tips and life hacks that can help you keep your little helper in a good condition.

Whirlpool Foot Spa Cleaning After Each ClientWhirlpool Foot Spa Cleaning After Each Client

Here are a few things to remember:

  • Always rinse your spa with warm water rather than cold or cool water to make sure that germs are all removed
  • Don’t skip cleaning your foot spa even after one use. This is important if you share the device with other family members
  • The best time to clean your home foot spa is right after you’re done using it. Any leftover from essential oils, Epsom salt, or debris can stick to the side and make it much harder to clean
  • Check your instructions to see if add-ins like oils and Epsom salt are okay to use
  • Always ensure your foot spa is completely dried once you have cleaned it. Any excess moisture can cause bacteria to grow and even create premature rusting
  • Your disinfectant needs to be registered by the EPA for use in hospitals
  • If two people are using the foot spa one after the other, clean it after each person is done without removing the parts
  • Clean your foot spa as soon as you’re done using it. Doing it later doesn’t guarantee proper cleaning as some sediments may cake up on the sides of the foot spa making it hard to wash them off

If you use these simple tips regularly as a part of your home foot spa maintenance routine, you can ensure you won’t get an infection. In addition, you will make the lifespan of the appliance much longer.

A Few Handy Maintenance Tips
LenorIv via VistaCreateAll You Need to Know About Your Home Foot Spa Disinfection

How to Clean Your Feet at Home With a Home Foot Spa. Tips And Life Hacks?

If you are an experienced owner of a home foot spa, you surely know a bunch of handy recommendations and life hacks that help you keep your feet healthy. For example, many owners of a home foot spa know that they can use Epsom salt in order to help relieve aching feet.

However, if you are new to this appliance, you might find the following tips useful for yourself! There are other things you can add in order to get the most out of your home foot spa!

To prevent swelling and helps cracks and scratches heal much faster, add a few drops of peppermint oil to your home foot spa. Also, this essential oil has absolutely wonderful smell and will leave your feet feeling refreshed!

You can also use a mouthwash that has an alcohol base combined with vinegar. This mixture will become handy if you have a buildup of dry, dead skin on your heels which can be rather painful. Just soak your feet for at least 20 minutes, then use a pumice stone or a foot scrub to take off the excess skin.

Often, if you spend a lot of time walking, sitting, or standing, your blood flow in your feet can be affected. In order to improve your blood flow and prevent swelling and pain, you can use a simple remedy.

Use lemon essential oil and a little bit of ginger with it. Boil the ginger for a few minutes before adding it to your foot spa with the essential oil.

And if you just want to relax your feet after a long and busy day, try to add a little bit of lavender oil. It will deodorize and relax your feet, as well as help remove some minor swelling if there is any.

Like that, you will be able to keep your home foot spa both clean and safe to use. We have provided you with a complete guide on how to clean an appliance known as a home foot spa.

You have also learned what you should pay attention to when choosing a disinfectant and what products can be used for this purpose. In addition, we reminded you why sanitizing is important.

Moreover, except for this useful information, now you also know a few handy tips regarding the use of your home foot spa! You are now aware of what essential oils can be used and what effect each of them will have.

In addition, we provided you with the list of useful maintenance tips. With all that in mind, keeping, using, and taking care of your home foot spa will be very easy from now on.

How to Clean Your Feet at Home With a Home Foot Spa. Tips And Life Hacks
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How long does a home foot spa last?

If you maintain it properly the appliance can serve you for up to 5 years easily.

⭐Can a home foot spa be used for kids?

Basically yes, it can. Just make sure that an adult is present as well to control the process, and the child is not too young.

⭐Can I use essential oils for a home foot spa?

Yes, you can use essential oils. They can enhance the effect of spa procedures.

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