How to Achieve Bright and Fresh Skin with an Eye Cream?

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Eye cosmetics are particularly hotly debated – do you need a special cream for such a small part of the face or is it good old-fashioned marketing?

Will home remedies help you or will you still need to go to the salon?

Then again, there are plenty of potential problems: The under-eye area is one of the first areas where stress, bad habits, and chronic lack of sleep can all give you away.

Serious eyelid cream application mistakes

The skin of the eyelids requires delicate treatment not to damage the skin. How to use eye cream correctly and what mistakes to avoid??

Insufficient cleaning of the skin.

Before you apply a special cream or gel on the eyelids, makeup and impurities should be removed as thoroughly as possible.

If this is not done, even the most expensive and effective product for the area around the eyes will not only be of no help to the skin but also damage it.

Applying cream in large quantities.

Most women opt for a generous application of eye cream to firm up the under-eye area. But this is a misconception.

Excessive creams and gels, on the contrary, don’t let the skin breathe.

They cause the skin to overheat and, as a result, it gets almost totally nourished. If you apply a lot of cream at night, you’ll wake up with puffy eyelids and sore eyes.

Serious eyelid cream application mistakes
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Sloppy application of the product.

Your eyelid skin is too thin, which means it can be easily stretched.

Massive rubbing of the cream.

The eyelids should never be rubbed. Apply the cream in smooth, light, and cautious movements.

Features of eye care

The delicate skin around the eyes is delicate and vulnerable. It’s also the area that’s most likely to tip off those around you if you’ve spent a night on the computer or had a raucous party the night before.

Your eyes are physiologically conditioned for this reason.

Massive rubbing of the cream. (2)
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The skin around the eyes is about six times thinner than on the rest of the face. It has fewer sebaceous and sweat glands, less collagen and elastin, which are responsible for firmness.

The eye contour skin is more exposed to aggressive environmental impacts and age-related changes: the rate of cell regeneration, synthesis of protein fibers, and hyaluronic acid slow down. It’s usually in this area where the first wrinkles appear.

Massive rubbing of the cream.
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Effective eye care

Eye cream is an essential element of daily skincare. Taking into consideration the proximity of the mucous membrane, ophthalmologically tested products should be used.

Taking into account the special structure of the skin around the eyes – thin, vulnerable, dependent on the high activity of facial muscles, with fewer sebaceous glands – an eye collagen anti-wrinkle cream should perform at least four tasks.

Age-related changes are not the only factor responsible for fine lines and wrinkles around the eyes, there are others:

  1. Facial expressions – we blink about 20 times every minute, engaging the eye muscles. If we’re suddenly expressing emotion (smiling or frowning), the pressure on the eye muscles is even greater.
  2. Bad eyesight – people with myopia or hyperopia often squint to see things and this also provokes wrinkles, the only remedy is to always wear contact lenses or glasses.
  3. Stress and strain – lack of sleep, poorly lit reading, and prolonged use of computers make your eyes hypertonic and you need to rest them from time to time.
  4. Photo-aging – UV exposure can age your skin prematurely, so don’t neglect sunglasses and SPF creams.
  5. Bad habits – smoking causes capillaries to spasm for around two hours and if you smoke regularly, you’ll leave your skin feeling depressed and starved of oxygen all day long. Excessive alcohol consumption dehydrates cells.
How to Find Eye Creams & Serums To Reduce Dark Circles, Puffiness & Fine Lines!How to Find Eye Creams & Serums To Reduce Dark Circles, Puffiness & Fine Lines!

Collagen retinol cream – best eye care

Collagen retinol cream ensures the maintenance of optimal moisture levels in the dermis, as well as the production of collagen. With the help of the cream you can get rid not only of wrinkles, creases and fine lines, but also of acne.

It brightens and soothes the skin, reduces irritation and redness and provides complete protection against oxidative processes. The cream is suitable as an introductory product with retinol.

It can be used together with neck firming cream for comprehensive skin protection.

Also check out the 30 glycolic acid pads, which will transform the delicate orbital eye area so you’ll enjoy your reflection in the mirror. They are fabric-based, so they fit snugly without weighing down or stretching the delicate epidermis.

Collagen retinol cream – best eye care
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Useful tips for skin care around the eyes

To prevent unwanted changes in the skin around the eyes, experts recommend adhering to a comprehensive algorithm of care, consisting of corrective products designed specifically for this area.

It is also important to get enough sleep, improve circulation and monitor your water balance.

Useful tips for skin care around the eyes
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Tips #1: How to get rid of wrinkles with an eye cream

It depends on how the wrinkles appear. They can be the result of dryness or facial muscle activity. The latter are called expression lines. Collagen anti-wrinkle cream cannot get rid of them completely.

In that case, it can only improve the skin around the eyes, reducing the depth of wrinkles, but not remove them entirely.

The thing is that every time you smile, a mimic component is involved, which will provoke wrinkle formation and its deepening.

How to get rid of wrinkles with an eye cream
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Tip #2: Use an eye makeup remover

No matter how effective an eyewash can be, using it to remove makeup from the eyes is not a good idea.

Before you wash your face, use a makeup remover that dissolves makeup particles and is gentle on your delicate skin.

Use an eye makeup remover
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Tips #3: How to lighten the dark circles under my eyes

The main reason for this problem is lack of sleep. A good eight hours of sleep is a simple and completely free way to get rid of it. But if that luxury isn’t available to you, or if dark circles are linked to your genetics, use products that improve circulation and brighten the skin.

The ingredients should include:

  • arbutin;
  • hydroquinone;
  • collagen;
  • vitamins C, K;
  • niacinamide (vitamin B-3);
  • azelaic acid.
How to lighten the dark circles under my eyes
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Tips #4: How can I eliminate the bags under my eyes

The appearance of bags is associated with the accumulation of fluid under the eyes during sleep. The causes may be many: from poor water balance to overeating at night.

If this is a common scenario for you, buy a jade roller and store it in the fridge. In the morning, dip the roller in eye gel and roll it gently over the bags, the low temperatures reduce blood flow and are pleasantly invigorating.

Hydrogel patches are also a great way to treat swelling.

How can I eliminate the bags under my eyes
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Tips #5: Related products

Don’t forget that you can also use other related products along with your skincare products.

For example, biotin and collagen shampoo, which gently cleanses and restores hair structure, strengthens hair follicles, ensures hair density and density, adds volume, and promotes active growth and healthy shine.

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