He Says He Loves Me, But His Actions Say Different. Why Is That So?

A man says you are the most important for him, but his actions are far away from that. Why is that so? And what to do? Read on to find out.

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Men are well-known flirting machines! They can talk so sweetly and nicely to make a woman believe in their “true” feelings and eternal love! However, ladies often make the same mistake again and again when it comes to guys. Ladies listen to the men’s words, and they believe them.

We don’t want to say that all men are liars and manipulators! However, we do want to emphasize the necessity of being alert and cautious when your boyfriend’s sweet talks move nowhere further than talks.

Today, we will show you what men usually say to their women and whether or not those words should be taken seriously.

Also, we will explain why guys behave like that and what you can do to not get into a relationship where you will be trapped with a selfish egoist who doesn’t care about your feelings.

He Says He Loves Me, But He Doesn’t Act Like It. Why Is That?

He says he loves me but… This is a common phrase that one can hear from ladies these days. A man seems to be very loving and caring, judging by his words. But no matter how charmed you are, sooner or later, you still must admit that his behavior says completely different.

See, the tricky thing is that when a man says he loves you, he doesn’t always mean it! It’s like saying you love cakes or candy. But the fact you like them means you enjoy tasting them. It doesn’t mean you truly and deeply LOVE those cakes and candy.

He Doesn't Love You If He Does This One Thing - How To Tell If A Guy Loves MeHe Doesn’t Love You If He Does This One Thing – How To Tell If A Guy Loves Me

It works the same with men saying “I love you”. No matter how many times he says these words to you, what you should pay close attention is his behavior. Look at what he does, not says. If he keeps on saying he loves you but at the same time, he won’t miss a skirt that comes his way, it’s not about love. If he says he loves you but he keeps on flirting with other girls around (often accusing you of being way too jealous and suspicious!), this is not how love looks.

But why do men do that?

Well, there can be several reasons for this behavior. In most cases, your boyfriend would say one thing and do completely the other because:

Love is just a game for him. Yes, there are such guys and they are the most dangerous to meet! They don’t have empathy and emotional intellect mature enough to understand other people’s feelings. They just have fun!

A man might have psychological problems regarding relationships (emotional trauma, etc.). But instead of trying to fix that with the therapist, he decides to always keep his distance from women. Such men never truly fall in love because they forbid themselves to love.

He is emotionally and psychologically immature. Think of a child in a candy or a toy store. A kid will never be able to behave quietly. There are so many things to try! So many things to taste! Some men are just like kids. They simply can’t get enough of different women!

Of course, there can be more severe cases when a man is a manipulator or an abuser hiding his true nature behind the mask of a sweet and loving guy. This is why ladies should always stay cautious, especially if your man’s words go a different way than his actions!

He Says He Loves Me, But He Doesn’t Act Like It. Why Is That
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What a Men Usually Says to Make a Woman Believe He Loves Her?

Unless you are dating a professional pickup guy, you probably wouldn’t think that your boyfriend could be insincere when saying he loves you. However, guys tend to do this almost all the time. He will be sweet talking to you, making you feel like you are the most important and special person in this world for him…but he will never actually show it.

Below, we have collected the most common phrases guys say to women to make them feel special without even meaning this. Read carefully and try to recall what your crush says to you. Is there anything from this list?

What a Men Usually Says to Make a Woman Believe He Loves Her
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He Always Says He Loves Me

Ladies tend to overlook a lot of potential red flags in a relationship simply because of the magical phrase he says. This phrase is “I love you.” But just because he says it does not mean he means it.

If your guy is saying “I love you” but at the same time he is flirting with other girls, or having a full-blown affair, again and again, he doesn’t love you. He does it simply because he knows that you will forgive him anyway.

If this is your case, try to remember how he tends to treat you in general. Is he making you feel self-conscious about your appearance? Is he looking down on you? Is he making you feel stupid? If yes, then that’s not love. That looks more like emotional abuse.

He Says You Are the Most Beautiful Woman On Earth

Men are so good at compliments! He can tell you that you are the most beautiful woman he has ever seen, that everything about your face and body is perfect, and he can’t stop thinking about you all the time.

If this guy is your new acquaintance, such behavior should make you alert.

Why is he so charming? What is the purpose of all those compliments?

If a man has serious intentions towards a woman, he would never start a conversation with a lady he barely knows with heavy flirting! Perhaps, your romantic partner is just looking for some sex and fun, and that’s all.

Such men are often well aware that women don’t like the way they look. This is why by telling you that you are beautiful, he increases the chances of them seducing you. Another sign this is not sincere is that even though he says you are beautiful and perfect etc, he never wants to be seen out in public with you.

He also doesn’t make attempts to introduce you to his family and friends, and even if the two of you run into his friend somewhere, he will most likely say you are his friend.

He Says You Are the Most Beautiful Woman On Earth
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He Talks About Your Future as a Couple

This is like an ace card for most men. They talk about the future of your couple, but the thing is that they never show any intention of actually going to that future. He may say he wants to get married, he wants to be with you forever, he wants family and kids, and blah-blah-blah.

However, there is nothing else but sweet words and fantastic pictures he creates with their help. He never does anything to make those words happen. He may skip any conversations you start to discuss your future plans as a couple. And when you bring it up, he will change the subject or ignore you.

Such guys can talk a lot as long as they see you are there for them. If they think you are moving away and he is losing you (we’d better say losing control over you), he will suddenly want to talk about it again. This is an endless game since his only goal is to keep you beside him. It’s up to you whether to cut these ties down or stay tangled with the guy who won’t give you what you need and deserve.

He Talks About Your Future as a Couple
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He Texts You All the Time

Ladies often think that since he texts, calls, instant messages, and chats with you every day, that means he is really into you. However, if a man is so active and talkative, you should re-read his messages and see what exactly he is talking about in them.

Is he just telling you about himself, his life, hobbies, work, etc.? Is he bragging and discussing things only he is interested in? Then you have a selfish egoist who is only interested in his precious self and doesn’t care about others.

Or maybe he is always complaining about things? In this case, a guy just needs a “mommy” who would listen to him, give him a hug and say he is a good boy and everything will be fine. For sure, none of these scenarios is what a normal and mature woman would want to have in her life!

Now you know what a man can tell you to make you stay beside him. Also, we shared a few most common tricks guys use to make a woman feel special when in fact, they are not very interested in her.

How to Figure Out a Man Truly Loves You?

Ok, so now you know what signs and red flags can show you a guy is not sincere and he is simply manipulating you. But how can you find out when a man has serious intentions and true feelings for you? To do this, you should look for one of the following signs (or, better, as many of them as possible).

How to Figure Out a Man Truly Loves You
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He Lets You Speak Your Mind Freely

If a guy sincerely loves you, he will never try to shut you up whenever you say something he takes as “wrong”! It doesn’t mean he will blindly agree with anything you say. He will, and he shall challenge you if he disagrees.

But at least you must be sure that you can say anything and you won’t get a disappointed or accusing look back at you. Even if he disagrees, he will try to discuss it with you instead of making you do as he wants.

He Literally Shows His Love to You

As you probably know, there is a concept of five love languages. According to it, people (both men and women) express their love in five different ways. Some of us do it verbally by saying “I love you” or just being supportive during a conversation.

Others perform acts or services to show how much they love someone (it could be a cure SMS in the morning or help with house chores). Some people give gifts to show their loved ones their feelings, while others prefer spending as much time together as possible!

So if your man is very supportive, or he is always there for you to help, or he tries to spend as much time with you as possible, it’s very likely that he has feelings for you.

He Literally Shows His Love to You
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He Treats You Like His Best Friend

It doesn’t mean he sees a man in you! It means that you are as close to him as his best friend. Think about how your best friend treats you. He or she likely trusts you with their secrets; they are loyal and supportive, and often might joke at you in a kind way.

Signs You're More Than FriendsSigns You’re More Than Friends

For a love partnership, it works the same. See, real romance is about a balance of trust, spending time together, and making fun of one another from time to time!

He Also Wants to Spend Some Time Apart From You

To some women, this may sound horrible! However, in a healthy relationship, it is absolutely normal when both partners spend some time apart. He and you both need time and space for yourself, so it’s more than ok to spend a weekend separately. No matter how much a man loves you, he is a live human being, and he needs some time to spend it alone.

Well, now you know what it can be all about if a guy says he loves you more than his life, but his actions say differently. We explained why men behave like that and what signs and red flags you should pay attention to if you want to stay away from such individuals.

Also, now you know what a guy can do if he truly loves you or at least has feelings for you.

He Also Wants to Spend Some Time Apart From You
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How do I know a guy is faking love?

If he is, then he doesn't consider you a priority and wants a secret relationship. Also, you don't know your place in his life, and he doesn't want to talk about your future together.

⭐How to test a guy for feelings?

A man who truly loves you will always listen to your problems and try to solve them. He also cares about your feelings.

⭐How do I know he’s a player?

Such men won't make long-term plans and might break them last minute. Also, he won't introduce you to his friends, and of course, he's a flirt!

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He said he loves me but doesn't show it: Do these 3 things now!He said he loves me but doesn't show it: Do these 3 things now!