Do Guys Ever Come Back After Rejecting You?

Let’s find out why he would want to return you after you split up

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If a guy rejects you, it is always unpleasant, moreover, it often hurts a lot! However, women find ways to cope with this problem and move on. But what guys often do is suddenly return, asking for a new chance!

Why you might be wondering? And how sincere are they? Can a guy change his mind after rejecting you?

This is what we are going to figure out today. We will tell you whether guys come back after rejecting their women. Also, you will learn what can make them do this at all (spoiler: it is not always about you, ladies!).

Finally, we will give you several tips and recommendations on how to react should your ex-boyfriend suddenly show up out of the blue.

If Guys Reject You, Do They Ever Come Back?

This is a common question from those women who had the sad experience of being rejected by men. If you fall in love with a guy and you may even start dating, but then he suddenly rejects you, it always hurts!

Even if you haven’t developed very deep feelings for him yet. And of course, you might be wondering whether in this case guys ever come back.

So the answer is yes and no. Guys can either come back or not. It depends on the reasons why he rejected you, as well as on his further intentions. Let’s say, if he was not very sincere from the very beginning, taking you more like a random acquaintance just to hang out with, he will hardly ever come back!

However, if you managed to develop a more or less close relationship while you were together after he rejects you, he might feel guilty and want to try to return to you.

This sounds like the behavior of a whimsical child, and women tend to think that men are more reasonable, wise, and stable emotionally…however, guys can be the same emotional and naughty sometimes!

What we suggest you do is to learn why guys may come back. It will help you understand their intentions a bit better and avoid blaming them for nothing.

If Guys Reject You, Do They Ever Come Back
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Why Guys Come Back?

Of course, if a woman was rejected by a man, she thinks he is an awful person with no feeling and an ice-cold heart!

However, instead of dramatizing, why not to try and make an attempt to understand why he did so?

Men are also human beings with their feelings and emotions. Of course, they are mostly less emotionally open than women, but it doesn’t mean that they feel nothing at all. So if a man rejects you and then he tries to return you back, it is not always about games and insincerity.

  1. He may feel regretful about rejecting you
  2. He could reject you in the heat of the moment
  3. He might act way too emotionally when rejecting you

And this is not a complete list of reasons why rejection could take place. So if he rejected you because of being jealous, and then he realizes that there was no reason for his jealousy, he might want to bring things back as they used to be.

Also, he could get scared when he realized that your relationship is getting closer. Men are quite afraid of serious relationships, you know! These guys are mostly not into any kind of serious responsibility, rules, restrictions, etc. So if he realized that things are getting serious, he might freak out and reject you! Of course, later he will come back, asking for your forgiveness.

However, there is one type of guy who tends to reject and then return again and again, and it is not because they are so uncertain about you and your relationship.

They are just jerks! These guys never think of anything serious to develop with a woman, moreover, women usually interest them just as a way to have fun. You can easily spot these dudes by how many ex-girlfriends they have.

Apparently, you might now be curious about how to tell if a guy is rejecting you. Below, we have prepared a detailed guide for you about it.

Why Guys Come Back
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How to Tell That a Guy Is Rejecting You?

Human behavior is a very complicated thing. You can’t categorize people’s emotions and reactions to create an ideally structured catalog! We wish it could be possible though! However, reality hits: it is usually rather hard for a common person who is not knowledgeable in psychology to define another person’s behavior absolutely correctly.

If You Get Rejected By Your Crush, Try Doing THISIf You Get Rejected By Your Crush, Try Doing THIS

But how do you figure out whether a guy is not behaving well with you? In particular, how to tell that he is rejecting you?

Well, even if you are not a psychologist, you can still learn a few tricks!

How to Tell That a Guy Is Rejecting You
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Is He Always Busy For You?

Answer this question sincerely. Is this guy always too busy for you but available for his friends or family, let’s say? If any time you address him or message/call him he says something like “I’m busy at work now. Call you back later” and he doesn’t call back or do it very late, you should think about it.

The truth is that if a guy you like is truly interested in you, he will move heaven and earth for you, without a doubt! And anyway, we all are busy and have a lot of other things to do in our lives.

But if you are interested in someone, you make time for them, right?

You may reschedule many things, you can try to squeeze them in, you do at least something just to see this person one more time or talk to him or her on the phone during your coffee break!

Whatever the case might be, if he is not interested in you and you feel like his behavior is a little off, then he is probably rejecting you. If he is always too busy for you, you will sooner or later end up in the friend zone.

Is He Always Busy For You
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You Can’t Reach Him

Let’s be honest, it doesn’t take a lot of time to reply to a text message, right? Well, at least that is true if he likes you and wants to pursue a relationship. But if a guy rejects you, he will be mostly unavailable.

If he says that his battery died or he didn’t take his phone with him when he went out with his friends or any other nonsense of this kind, he is probably lying to you. We are sorry to say it but it is a bitter truth that everyone needs to hear.

When he is truly interested in making it work with you, he will have his phone close at hand at any time!

If a guy is truly interested in developing relationships with you, he will be glad to hear from you anytime and he will be waiting for your call or message, meaning that you will not receive a reply to a message you sent a week ago. That is, he will be when he is interested in you.

You Can’t Reach Him
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Is He Jealous Of Other Guys?

If he is not jealous of other guys around you, he is either way too confident or stupid. Or he might simply be not interested in you! Men are naturally very protective beings.

When they have found a woman that they consider a potential partner, they don’t like to be threatened by other possible suitors. And if they are, they will become jealous!

On the other hand, when a guy doesn’t even notice when you are around other guys, it is a bad sign that you are being rejected by him. You probably know that men like the thrill of the chase and they like competition! They want to be better than the other guys, especially if they are trying to impress a girl they like.

They will do almost anything to be better than other males around you. So if a guy is genuinely interested in you, then he would not like the idea that anyone else is.

Is He Jealous Of Other Guys
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How Is He Treating You?

The way he treats you can tell a lot about his attitude. See, if a guy likes you truly and sincerely, and he considers you as a potential romantic partner, he will never treat you like his female friend or a stranger!

Being interested in a person means you care about what they think of you. It allows you to change your behavior to feel more comfortable with him or her. And also, you tend to treat that person differently, according to the feelings you have toward them.

If a guy is rejecting you, his behavior toward you won’t change a bit. You will be someone who is just another friend to him. But if he likes you, he will show this to you for sure! He will act differently around you than other people, and this is not something that you can miss or misunderstand.

How Is He Treating You
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Does He Flirt With Other Women?

When you are together and there are other ladies around him, pay attention to how he treats them. Is he flirting with them? Is he behaving reserved and decent? Like this, you will be able to tell what his real intentions and feelings for you are. Such a guy is not really interested in you and doesn’t want to invest his time or effort into making it work. He is rejecting you.

So now you know how you can tell whether a guy is serious toward you or he is just about having fun and not more. With these life hacks, you will save a lot of your time and nerves! Instead of trying to guess what his feelings are, you will now be able to clearly decipher his emotions and behavior.

Does He Flirt With Other Women
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How to Tell He Regrets About Rejecting You?

Yes, men also regret rejecting a woman! However, it can be somewhat difficult for ladies to figure it out since guys are not as emotionally open as women. Nevertheless, you can still use a few tips that can help you out with that uneasy task!

He Maintains Contact With You Even After You Split Up

Most guys move on from one girl to another pretty quickly and their love life is quite chaotic! They don’t give one girl too much attention if they are not interested in her. Apparently, this type of guy won’t hang around you if they are not interested in you.

Such a guy might even try to avoid you, just to not make it awkward. However, he will regret rejecting you, and now and then, he will send you a text out of the blue just to check how you are doing.

He Will Treat You Like His Therapist

This may sound silly but if a man feels guilty for rejecting you, he will start being interested in your opinion much more than he used to be before! That means he will be asking you for your opinions about things that are important to him.

He may seek your support and avoid going to anyone else besides you. Like this, he is trying to gain sympathy from you after realizing that he lost a beautiful girl.

He Will Treat You Like His Therapist
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He Can Change a Lot

This is not a rule of thumb, but a guy who regrets rejecting you will do a lot to get your attention. Even his friends will notice the changes!

So if a guy who rejected you suddenly turns into completely another person, keeps communicating with you regularly, and he is still single, then it might be you who inspired him to change that much!

He Will Do Grand Gestures

Huge bouquets of roses, your favorite sweets, expensive gifts or anything of this kind will show you that this guy is regretting his decision to reject you. It depends on you how to react and whether to accept his gifts, but anyway, it is a clear sign of his feelings.

He Can Try Keeping Your Communication Afloat

If he rejected you but you didn’t have a bad fight, he might be trying to keep the communication going at least a bit. Questions like “How’re you doing?” or “What’s up?” will most likely be your frequent guests on messengers! Shall you respond or support him and keep communicating? Well, it’s up to you!

Now you know about several signs that can tell you a guy is regretting his decision to reject you. But how it would be better for you to react? We tried to figure it out for you as well.

What to Do If a Guy Tries to Come Back After He Rejected You?

First of all, it’s not a very pleasant situation when you split up and start moving on without him, trying to cope with the emotional devastation and paint, and then he suddenly shows up out of the blue as if nothing happened!

Why Do They Come Back After Rejecting You? (And What You Should Do About It)Why Do They Come Back After Rejecting You? (And What You Should Do About It)

Most women would be mad at him and they would be right. However, if he comes back and you see that he is truly and deeply regretting, you might start hesitating. What shall you do in this case? You have several options to choose from.

  • You can reject him just like he rejected you. It may sound like revenge but if you are trying hard to get over it and his presence only makes things worse, then it’s better to let him go for good
  • You can give him a second chance. But you should set strict rules regarding your relationship, and if he breaks them, then there will be no way back for him!
  • You can leave him in your friend zone unless his presence is too painful for you.

Like that, now you know that guys can indeed come back after rejecting you (though they still don’t do this very often). And also, you learned what to do should this happen to you.

With our tips and life hacks on this topic, we hope you will be able to cope with this situation in the most comfortable way for you!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐He rejected me and now wants me back. Is he sincere?

He could be. Ask him directly and also see how he behaves with you. It will help you understand his motive.

⭐Did he reject me because he is insecure?

This could be one of the reasons. Anyway, your guy should figure things out first before coming back to you.

⭐Do guys regret rejecting a girl?

They do. It’s just that they don’t show it very often.

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Why Do They Come Back After Rejecting You?Why Do They Come Back After Rejecting You?