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A bathroom is a shared space that should be enjoyable and easily usable for everyone in your household, whatever their gender.

Sometimes, however, disagreements may arise over the aesthetics and design elements of this vital room. These can be caused by anything – from key practical issues such as ease of use or the lack of suitable storage to basic matters of taste and style.

Of course, no one should have to compromise on their experience of using the bathroom in their own home. When it comes to selling a home by whatever means, having a style that appeals to both sexes is likely to create a better outcome (and get a better price).

In this article, we offer a few ideas relating to bathroom design that will satisfy the needs and preferences of people of any gender.

Elegant, Minimalist Decor

Aesthetics and colour schemes are among the biggest points of contention in the design of any room. This even includes practical spaces like bathrooms.

Fortunately, there are steps you can take to make sure the room decor will suit all tastes.

Simplicity and minimalism have been hugely popular design trends for the last few years. To that end, it’s easy to settle any dispute over aesthetics by opting for simple and stripped back bathroom decor along one of the following themes:

Elegant, Minimalist Decor
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Neutrals and Naturals

Natural materials – whether genuine or faux – offer the opportunity for a gender-neutral approach to decor that will never be too divisive.

What’s more, a focus on naturally occurring colours and textures is key to the ever-popular “Scandi” design trend.

Stone or slate effect tiles and countertops can look extremely stylish and will give your bathroom the feel of an intimate and sensuous cave hideaway.

You can also opt for specialist wood featuring moisture and heat resistant treatments for use on all surfaces, shelving and even panelling.

Neutrals and Naturals
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A sharp black-and-white palette will help you to swerve any arguments about colour. It’s classy, classic and subtle. It also goes beautifully with stainless steel or chrome accessories.

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Mid-Blues and Greys

Blue is a very traditional colour for a bathroom but, unfortunately, different shades have become pigeon-holed according to gender.

Lighter, softer tones such as baby-blue, cornflower blue, powder blue and sky blue are associated with femininity, while steel blue and navy are considered more masculine.

Opting for matt midtones offset with grey, stainless steel or natural materials may be the best approach to utilising blue in a gender neutral bathroom.

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Separate Storage and Shelving

Toiletries littering surfaces and taking up shared space can be irritating for individuals of any gender. To that end, it’s important that your bathroom has sufficient storage for everyone’s products.

Ideally, each person should have their own designated area in which their items may be kept.

This may seem a challenge in smaller bathrooms, but clever accessories and furnishings such as over-door racks, corner cupboards and mini in-shower shelves and baskets can prove excellent solutions.

Separate Storage and Shelving
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Good Lighting

A well-designed bathroom is key to a stress-free routine – whether members of your household are getting ready for the day ahead or preparing for a night on the town.

It’s usually the place in which makeup is applied and faces are shaved, which means that excellent lighting is vital.

For best results, try to set up a system that mimics strong but natural light.

This will help users of the space to avoid grooming mistakes that would otherwise occur if detail were difficult to see.

Good Lighting
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Heated Mirrors

Sharing a bathroom when getting ready to leave the house can become a real balancing act.

Perhaps one half of a couple needs to jump in the shower, while the other individual wants to shave or put on makeup. This can create a major issue in the form of a steamed-up mirror.

This can be easily and effectively avoided through the installation of one extremely handy feature – a heated mirror.

An accessory of this kind will tackle condensation, making it exceptionally easy for the two tasks to be undertaken at once.

Heated Mirrors
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Room for Two

Many homes have a single bathroom to be shared between the entire household. This can easily cause frustrations, arguments and problems with timing.

The easiest way to avoid this is to jump on the “doubling up” trend. If there is sufficient space, the installation of twin sinks and mirrors can help couples – and even whole families – to significantly cut down on time spent queuing for the bathroom.

It can also be a sweet way to share an intimate moment with a partner, or to organise your products and accessories in a way that suits you, without having to compromise in a shared space.

Room for Two
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A Range of Counter Heights

Some people may prefer to sit at a vanity unit in order to shave or apply makeup, while others would rather stand.

Of course, these approaches can also vary depending on age and physical ability.

If you have a bathroom with sufficient space, you might decide to install counters at two separate heights in order to accommodate all requirements and preferences of this kind.

Not only is this a very practical move, but it also provides ample opportunity for creative design solutions and clever layouts.

A Range of Counter Heights
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Shower and Bath

It’s a typical point of contention: you prefer showering and your partner prefers bathing – or vice versa. So what do you choose when it comes to furnishing your bathroom?

The answer is easy: opt for both!

The combination a shower and bath doesn’t need to feel clumsy or thrown-together. There are plenty of modern designs that play to the strengths of both and look extremely elegant.

Alternatively, if you have a large enough bathroom, you might decide to install two separate units: one shower and one tub.

That said, if both halves of a couple prefer the same approach, double-sized showers or tubs are also available.

Whatever your personal preferences and those of your partner or other family members, there are plenty of ways to ensure that everyone gets what they need out of a bathroom.

From time management to space-sharing and even aesthetic preferences, by following the tips above, it can be easy to design a bathroom that works for everyone.

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