Why He Blocked Me After Argument And What to Do About It?

Learn what to do in this situation to save your relationship

Written by Kate Holmsy. Updated on Why He Blocked Me After Argument And What to Do About It

Being in a relationship is not always only about romance and a bed of roses! Also, building your relationship means quite a lot of effort from both of you.

So when he blocks you on all social media suddenly, no wonder you will feel stressed! And of course, you will want to figure out why he did so and how you could make him unblock you.

In this article, we will do our best to answer these questions, as well as a few others. You are going to learn why guys can block you on their phones all of a sudden or after you had a fight.

Also, we will tell you what to do should this happen to you, and how you could make him unblock you and start communicating with you again.

What to Do When He Blocks You After an Argument?

First of all, if he blocks you on all social media and also blocks your phone number so that you can’t reach him, you need to figure out what happened before he did that.

For example, if you had a bad fight and then he blocked you, he might be very mad at you and this action would be more of an impulse rather than a reasonable did. But if he blocks you unexpectedly for no obvious reason, this should make you take a closer look at this guy!

Respectively, your actions, in this case, will depend on the reason of the blockage. Below, we will explain what you should do if he blocks you after an argument considering two possible scenarios: when you are not guilty and when there is your fault in what happened.

And also, we will tell you what to do if he blocks you everywhere without any explanation and with no obvious reason.

What to Do When He Blocks You After an Argument
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If You Had a Fight But There Is No Fault Of Yours

All couples fight and have quarrels, it’s absolutely normal. What is not normal is to solve these conflicts by constantly blocking and unblocking each other! So if you and your boyfriend had a fight and he blocked you, but you are sure that you are not at fault, it’s just about him in this case.

Seems like he is way too preoccupied with something that is out of his control. What shall you do in this situation?

You can take one of the two ways.

If You Had a Fight But There Is No Fault Of Yours
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Give Him Time And Be Empathetic

All of us react to stressful situations differently. Some people tend to start looking for a solution to end the conflict whilst others may react with anger and even aggression!

If your boyfriend reacts too harshly, it would be wise of you to step back and give him time and space to cool down. Note that, due to social stereotypes and societal norms, men are expected to be more reserved than women (which is totally unfair!).

However, this pressure leads to men concealing and holding back their emotions, which can be quite strong!

Naturally, it creates even worse and stronger stress! So if your boyfriend suddenly bursts out after a small fight and blocks you, note that he might have accumulated a huge doze of stress in him, and your fight just worked as a release for it!

So what you can do is to leave him a message saying that you understand how he feels right now and you are ready to give him time to heal and calm down. And don’t forget to tell him that you truly want to be with him and support him even in his hardest times!

Give Him Time And Be Empathetic
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Ignore Him Too

It may sound challenging since many women now think that, if they ignore a man who blocked them, he might think they broke up and find another girl.

But let’s be honest: if he is truly interested in you and your relationship, he will never go search for another one! And if he hasn’t been into anything serious from the very beginning, then why would you need this guy at all?!

So if he blocked you on all social media after a fight, simply ignore him. Stop visiting his social media pages and accounts, and just enjoy your own life! Since you will have more free time, spend it on taking care of yourself! Go out with your friends, go shopping on weekend, spend a couple of days out of town or do whatever you feel like that makes you happy!

If he is really into you, your absence in his life will make him worry! If he starts doubting his existence in your life, he might want to show up to see what (or who) makes you forget about him!

Of course, this method would be more suitable for the brave girls who are not afraid that a man might leave forever!

Ignore Him Too
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If You Had a Fight And You Are at Fault

If it was indeed your fault in this fight, and your man blocked you everywhere after that, that means another scenario for you. See, you somehow hurt his feelings with your words or actions, no matter knowingly or unknowingly. So the best thing you can do now is to simply say “I’m sorry”.

However, remember that you should say this sincerely! If you apologize, sounding like you are doing him a great favor, this is not going to work.

Instead, a sincere and clear “I’m sorry” will show him that you truly value your relationship and he (as well as his feelings) is important to you. Besides, it is always better to show that you are courageous enough to ask for forgiveness since it makes another person realize that you are able to take responsibility for what you committed.

What to Do If He Blocked You Everywhere All Of a Sudden?

It can happen that your boyfriend suddenly blocks you everywhere without saying a word of explanation. It both sounds and feels disgusting, but usually, it’s quite easy to predict such action from him.

Typically, such a guy would start slowing down your conversation, cutting the dialogue, and delaying answers. But sometimes, he may just shut it down for you one day!

So what shall you do in this case?

Well, the answer is on the surface: block him on all social media too, block his phone number so that he can’t reach you, and forget about his existence! He is some kind of jerk that has no idea of how to communicate with people properly, so why would you waste your precious time on him?!

Now you know how to react should a guy block you unexpectedly. With these hints, you will be able to react correctly and not turn your relationship into a cheap drama.

But why do men do this at all, you may be wondering now?

That’s a good question. There are several reasons for this kind of men’s behavior, and we recommend you learn more about each of them. Like this, such actions from a guy will hardly be unclear for you anymore!

What to Do If He Blocked You Everywhere All Of a Sudden
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What It Means When He Blocks You?

When he blocks you on everything, it is very unpleasant and in some cases even humiliating. No wonder most women typically react through anger, disappointment, sadness, and other not quite positive emotions. However, instead of thinking that it is because of you (which is not always true!), let’s try to figure out why guys can do such unexpected things.

Why did my boyfriend block me?

This question may have quite an obvious answer if you had a bad fight and you or he said a lot of things none of you should say to each other. But if nothing like that happened, it makes sense to figure out why you are now on the black list.

They Blocked You, what it says about them and what do you do next?They Blocked You, what it says about them and what do you do next?

He Might Be Angry With You

Once again, try to remember whether you two had a fight recently. If you really had one, and your boyfriend turned really mad at you, then you should not be surprised when he blocks you everywhere.

Especially if he is an emotional kind of person who tends to act hastily. If the possible reason for the blockage is his anger, then you should say sorry. Of course, if it was your fault!

Never say sorry if you did nothing wrong or if it was him who screwed up everything, and you are now just trying to save your relationship and be a good girl! It won’t help and moreover, like this, you will only make him believe that he can manipulate you through such behavior.

He Might Be Angry With You
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He Might Find Another One

This only makes sense if you have known each other for a short period of time, for instance, if this guy is your new acquaintance. If you have been communicating pretty well and then he suddenly disappears and blocks you everywhere, chances are that he simply lost interest in you and/or found another girl to spend time with.

This is usually quite easy to tell. Just try to remember how you have been communicating recently. If he became less involved in your conversations and started missing your calls or messages more frequently than before, this was probably the way he was getting you ready for being blocked…

If this is the case, anyway, then it’s not about you. This guy seems to be unaware of how to say no correctly to a woman so he finds it easier to just ignore her and block on all social media and messengers!

He Might Find Another One
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He Might Be Manipulating You!

Yes, it also happens quite often! When a guy with whom you have been communicating pretty well suddenly blocks you everywhere, he might be trying to drag your attention and all your thoughts to himself!

Such men would typically unblock you later and restart your communication as if nothing happened, or at least they will give you some silly explanation of their behavior. Anyway, if you keep on texting him, you will see that he tends to play that block-and-unblock game often enough!

Since this is just the way he wants to keep your attention and also keep you hooked, we would not recommend you stay in touch with this dude! Better block him everywhere too and find someone who’s truly worthy!

These are the most common reasons for a man suddenly blocking you everywhere. If he is a gentleman, he will tell you that he is going to block you and explain why he wants to do so.

This is not going to be a pleasant experience for you of course, but at least, you will not feel abandoned and thrown away.

He Might Be Manipulating You!
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If He Unblocks Me, Shall I Text Him First?

When your boyfriend blocks you on social media and then suddenly unblocks, what would you feel?

Most girls would say that they’d feel happy perhaps because to them, unblocking means that the critical phase in their relationship is over. However, we would not recommend you be so trustful!

See, relationships are somewhat trickier nowadays than they used to be before! Today, there are no strict rules as for how men (or women) should behave in a couple. Of course, it doesn’t mean that betrayal is legalized, but at the same time, the limits of what’s allowed are far wider and less certain today.

What guys often do is that they are trying to keep relationships with two different girls at the same time, and for most of you, this is definitely not a surprise to learn! So what such a man would do is simply manipulate one of his partners to provoke a fight, then he would block her for a while, and then…yep, he’d unblock her back!

Sometimes, this guy might blame the girl, saying that it was her fault that he blocked her. This usually happens to girls who have low self-confidence. In other cases, he would come back with apologies, saying that he was a fool and swearing that this would never repeat again (a small spoiler for you: it will!).

My Ex Unblocked MeMy Ex Unblocked Me

Either way, this is all about toxic relationships and manipulations, so if you see your boyfriend has a tendency of blocking and unblocking you regularly, ask yourself whether this is what you truly want to have in your life.

Perhaps, you might even want to contact a relationship counselor to check out whether you are in a toxic partnership now!

Should you text him first in this case?

Definitely not! Such men never change, remaining the same silly boys who only can play games with girls, being unable for serious relationships. So you’d better block him on all social media, block him on your phone, and instead turn all your attention to yourself.

How to take your mind off relationships and focus on interesting and useful things

Such simple actions will help you get distracted from him and focus on far more interesting and useful things that make you happy!

So, now you know why a guy might block you and what you should do about it. As you are now aware, this can happen for different reasons, but since not all of them are innocent, we would recommend you stay attentive and check out whether you are dealing with a manipulator or a narcissist who just wants to play games and cheat on you!

Luckily, with all the information we shared with you, it will be quite easy for you to figure out what’s really going on.

If He Unblocks Me, Shall I Text Him First
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What does it mean if my girlfriend blocked me after a fight?

Perhaps, she’s just too emotional and now is mad at you. Try to text her saying you’re sorry and let her know that you want her back very much!

⭐How to get him to unblock me?

You can’t make a person do this unless he wants it. However, you can try and ignore him everywhere. Perhaps, curiosity will lure him out.

⭐If a friend blocks you, what does it mean?

If you didn’t have a fight, perhaps your friend decided to stop being friends with you. Or he(she) wants to stay alone for a while and doesn’t know how to say it to you.

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