What Is a Small Area For Laser Hair Removal?

All you might want to know about the small, medium, and large areas for laser hair removal

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Laser hair removal is a popular and relatively quick method of getting rid of unwanted hair on your body no matter where they are located. Plus, this approach is pretty fast and painless. So even despite the fact that laser hair removal may appear to be pricey, people still do it in salons.

However, if you decide to undergo this procedure, you might need to be able to let your laser hair removal specialist know what laser hair removal area size you need to do. And this is when most of us stumble.

How do I know whether the area is big, small, or medium?

In this article, we will explain to you what a small area for laser hair removal is. In addition, you will learn more about medium and large zones. Like that, you will be able to understand better how this zone classification is done.

What Is Considered a Small Area For Laser Hair Removal?

If you are wondering what a laser hair removal small area is, here is a simple answer: a small area for laser hair removal procedure is considered to be a 2×2 inches surface.

Science of Laser Hair Removal in SLOW MOTIONScience of Laser Hair Removal in SLOW MOTION

In order to help you draw a more precise picture of how big it is exactly, imagine your credit card, and then leave only one-third of its full size. That one-third part would be what is considered a small area for laser hair removal procedure that is offered in beauty salons.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can drop in into any beauty salon and ask them to laser-treat a random part of your body with the size of 2×2 inches! Such small areas for laser hair removal are typically strictly defined and include the following zones on one’s body:

  1. Upper lip
  2. Chin
  3. Nipples (Areolae)
  4. Abdominal line
  5. Eyebrows
  6. Sideburns
  7. Fingers
  8. Toes

Now you know what area a laser hair removal specialist might mean when asking you whether you would like to process a small area or not. But what would the price be for treating such a small piece of your skin?

Laser Hair Removal 101

How Much Does a Small Area Cost For Laser Hair Removal?

Of course, the price depends on the salon you are undergoing this procedure in. In top-quality salons, the check might be pretty high even for such a small area of your body! However, if we take a look at the general price, the numbers will be much less frightening.

In general, you can expect to pay around $90 to $120 to have a small area of your skin treated with a laser for removing all the unwanted hair. But that is the cost for one session only! People often think that removing hair with a laser takes only one session, but this is not like that.

Depending on the area you need to work on, the total hair removal might take you several sessions. In particular, laser hair treatment typically consists of 6-8 sessions 8-12 weeks apart depending on the area.

This is the standard number of sessions needed to provide a permanent solution. Respectively, the price will be higher (sometimes much higher!) than you expected.

Now that you know what is considered a small area for laser hair removal procedure and you are also aware of the expected price for such a procedure, we suggest you read on to find out more about the other areas for laser hair removal, such as medium and large ones.

How Much Does a Small Area Cost For Laser Hair Removal
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What Is a Medium Area For Laser Hair Removal?

A medium laser hair removal area is an area of your body that has measurements of 4×4 inches, which is two times larger than the small one. Medium areas include the following parts of one’s body:

  1. Lip and chin
  2. Chin and jawline
  3. Shoulders
  4. Upper Arms
  5. Lower Arms
  6. Upper Legs
  7. Lower Legs
  8. Extended Bikini
  9. Underarms
  10. Back of neck

Of course, the price for treating the medium-size area of your body with a laser to remove hair will cost more than doing the same procedure on a small area of your skin.

In general, the price for treating the medium area with a laser is $250, but you should still double-check this information with the salon you are going to.

And once again, take into consideration that removing hair with a laser will take you several sessions for sure! This procedure is not done in one session. So you should expect to pay for at least six to eight sessions.

What Is a Medium Area For Laser Hair Removal
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What Is Considered a Large Area For Laser Hair Removal?

A large area for the laser hair removal procedure is an area of your body that has measurements of 8×8 inches, which is two times bigger than the medium area. So, as you can see, the math is pretty simple here, and you can easily calculate the size of the area that needs to be treated with a laser.

Laser hair removal: Be prepared with these 5 factsLaser hair removal: Be prepared with these 5 facts

Large areas for laser hair removal include the following zones of one’s body:

  1. Brazilian
  2. Full face
  3. Abdomen
  4. Chest
  5. Buttocks
  6. Full Arms
  7. Full Back
  8. Full Legs

Sometimes, however, the abdomen and full back can be categorized as extra-large areas, so consider this nuance when figuring out what zone you need to free from unwanted hair.

As for the price, the average check for removing hair from a large area can be upwards of $600 per treatment.

Of course, note that you will need at least six sessions, so the total price will be significantly higher than six hundred dollars. Also, if you choose to remove hair in a top-quality salon, they might have a general price even higher than what we indicated.

Things to Do Before Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure

It does not matter which part (or parts) of the body you are going to delete the unwanted hair on. In any case, it is essential to get ready for the upcoming procedure properly.

It will help you prepare the skin for the laser treatment much better, and thus, get better results. In general, all laser hair removal specialists recommend their clients do the following before their laser hair removal treatments begin:

  1. Stop plucking and waxing
  2. Shave the area
  3. Avoid sun exposure
  4. Keep your skin clean
  5. Check your medications
  6. Remove makeup or creams

Below, you can read more about each of these factors. Like that, you will be able to get yourself ready for the upcoming laser hair removal procedure properly, which is especially important for those who are going to undergo this procedure for the first time.

Things to Do Before Your Laser Hair Removal Procedure
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Don’t Tweeze or Wax

This recommendation is especially important between your laser hair removal appointments. See, the laser targets the pigment in the hair, this is why, if you have damaged the follicle by doing tweezing or waxing before the appointment, the treatment will not work.

Instead, you will see the hair that you removed by tweezing or waving grow back. This is why it is recommended that you wait at least 4 weeks after your last waxing session before beginning laser hair removal treatment.

Don’t Tweeze or Wax
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Shave the Area

You will need to shave the area that is going to be treated with the laser within 24 hours before your laser treatment session. The crucial requirement of any laser hair removal center is that you must arrive without any hair remaining in the area that is going to be treated!

There is one more nuance that you should keep in mind. For the bikini area, it is not recommended to wait until the last minute to shave.

As you all perfectly know, the skin in this area is especially delicate and sensitive both for men and women, which is a major reason why it is a good idea to ditch the razors! This is also why you might want to leave some time for any irritation from shaving to subside.

Shave the Area
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Stay Out of the Sun

If you are going to undergo a laser hair removal procedure for the very first time in your life, you need to learn a rule of thumb: laser treatment cannot be performed on sunburned or recently tanned skin!

This is why, before you visit the beauty salon, you should have at least two complete weeks free from sunbathing before your laser appointment. Your skin will be particularly sensitive after treatments, so lather on SPF between your appointments and avoid the sun.

Stay Out of the Sun
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Arrive with Clean Skin

You should always arrive at your laser hair removal appointment with clean skin! Do not use any skin creams, body oils, as well as sunscreen, deodorant, or makeup before you visit the salon. Body mists and perfume are also not welcomed.

If there are really no chances that you can stop using these products for a while, ask for a wipe once you arrive. Like that, you will be able to clean your skin before treatment and remove any product residue that might be there.

If you are using any self-tanning treatments, keep in mind that you will have to stop using them too for two weeks before your laser hair removal appointment. Make sure that you exfoliate thoroughly before your treatment to remove any residue of your self-tanner.

Arrive with Clean Skin
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Be Careful With Skin Products

You might not be aware of this fact, but some common skin products tend to increase the photosensitivity of the skin. And since laser hair removal uses light to target the hair follicles, increased photosensitivity of your skin can lead to a higher risk of the treatment burning your skin!

To avoid that, double-check the components of your skin products in advance. The ingredients that should be avoided typically include the following:

  • benzoyl peroxide
  • salicylic acid
  • retinol

Stop using products with these ingredients 2-3 days before treatment and wait another 2-3 days after treatment before using them again.

And one more thing: make sure that you are wearing comfortable clothes for your appointment. This is needed because you might feel some irritation in the area after your skin is treated with a laser.

This is why, in order to avoid further irritation caused by uncomfortable clothing, make sure that you opt for something delicate. Choose loose and breathable clothing made of soft and natural fabrics. If you are treating your bikini area, remember to put on clean cotton underwear and loose-fitting pants.

Like that, you are now aware of all the nuances that one should know before going to remove hair with a laser. Now you know what the most common areas of hair removal are and what categories they are divided into. Also, you learned what size each of these areas has and how much it might cost you to laser-treat it to remove hair completely.

In addition, we have shared a few handy tips with you on how to get yourself ready for the upcoming procedure. This information will be especially important for those of you who will be removing hair with a laser for the first time!

Be Careful With Skin Products
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What is the minimal number of laser hair removal sessions?

To remove hair completely, youo will need at least six sessions. However, their number may vary depending on certain factors. You should negotiate that with your hair removal specialist.

⭐Can laser hair removal be done if a person has varicosis?

No, usually in this case it’s forbidden to use laser since it may cause damage to the blood vessels.

⭐Can I do laser hair removal if I cut my skin while shaving?

You should wait until the cut is healed. Damaged skin should not be laser-treated.

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