Signs From the Universe That Someone Is Thinking of You

How do you know whether anyone has you on their mind? The universe may tell you about that! Read on to learn how exactly

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We tend to feel bonded with loved ones like family, friends, or romantic partners. And, of course, we want to know whether these people think about us the same as we think about them, especially if we are not together for some reason.

Because of this, people often want to know how to know if someone is thinking about you. And you will be surprised to know that there are sure signs the Universe may send to you to let you know that someone has you on their mind!

This article will share several signs that show someone is thinking of you.

What Signs Will Tell That Someone Is Thinking About You?

If you have a habit or introspection, you have probably noticed several times that you’ve got that warm physical sensation coming out of nowhere. Most of us would simply skip this feeling, but those who tend to listen to themselves often wonder what it is about.

11 Psychic Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking Of You11 Psychic Signs Someone Is Constantly Thinking Of You

This can happen anytime and anywhere. You may be engaged in a particular activity, but suddenly the feeling appears that doesn’t go away no matter how hard you try to get rid of it. This usually means that someone is thinking about you. Below, you can find several most common signs of someone thinking about you.

What Signs Will Tell That Someone Is Thinking About You
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These People Appear in Your Dreams

Of course, our dreams can be different, but not all of them leave us with a profound impact. If you don’t even interact with the person, but they just appear in your dreams out of nowhere, it means that they probably think about you.

When someone is thinking about you, you may have dreams about that person and those dreams may leave you wondering about them the rest of the day.

Why does this happen?

See, our dreams are usually associated with our subconscious mind. It could point us to what that person represents in our life.

This is why, if the dream is so vivid and realistic that you can still feel the sensation for the rest of the day, then the universe is giving you a sign that the person from your dream is thinking about you, and perhaps, there is a special connection or bond tying you to them.

You Bite Your Lip by Accident

If you bite your lip or inner cheek and there is no reason for that (e.g. you don’t have your mouth stuffed with food), it is likely that someone might be talking or thinking about you.

Of course, there could be other reasons for that! For example, when you are eating. However, if it is entirely random, like when you are watching a movie, doing your house chores, or talking to someone, then it could be that someone has you in their thoughts.

You Bite Your Lip by Accident
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You Can’t Sleep at Night

If you tend to have those nights when you just can’t fall asleep as fast as you usually do, no matter how hard you try, then someone is thinking of you for sure. You can try and do anything, from closing your eyes, thinking positive thoughts, or counting sheep.

Everything will be in vain. If it happens to you, you are probably in someone’s thoughts or you are awake in their dreams.

That Person Appears in Your Thoughts

If someone just appears in your thoughts when you are doing something entirely unrelated to them, it could be a sign that this person is thinking about you right now. When someone pops up in your head out of the blue, it could mean that you also came to their mind. Perhaps at the same time.

That Person Appears in Your Thoughts
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You Keep Seeing the Same Numbers Around

If you see numbers such as 2, 6, 222, 33, 000, and 711 constantly, that could mean that your soulmate or twin flame will soon appear in your life. Those numbers can appear anywhere, for example, in your time watch, a plate number, etc. Hence, seeing these divine numeric sequences often means that someone is practicing manifestation to attract romance in their life, and it is you who they think about.

You Feel Uncomfortable While Eating

Have you ever had a sudden feeling of discomfort (as if someone is watching you) while eating peacefully? You might even try to scan the room just to find out that no one was there. What could it be, then?

No worries, it doesn’t mean somebody is stalking you! But it could be because someone is thinking about you and that person is not physically there. It’s just that your spirit might have sensed it.

You Feel Uncomfortable While Eating
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You Experience Sudden Sneezing

In some Asian countries, there is a belief that when someone is talking about you without your knowledge, you start sneezing no matter where you are at that moment. Besides, the frequency of sneezing shows whether they think good or bad about you.

For example, if you sneeze once, then they are talking or thinking good about you. Twice in a row means someone is just thinking about you with no particular emotions. Sneezing three times means they are in love with you.

Your Cheeks Blush All of a Sudden

If you feel that your cheeks are burning, it could simply be a natural reaction in situations where you feel embarrassed or flattered. Also, it could be because you caught a cold or have a fever.

However, it may also happen that your face begins to heat up and blush for no reason when you are absolutely fine and healthy. If it happens (and especially if your right cheek blushes), it is an omen indicating that a loved one is thinking about you.

Your Cheeks Blush All of a Sudden
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Your Eye Twitches Suddenly

Let’s make it clear at once: eye twitching may also occur when you are simply tired or have an eye strain. It’s not always that there is some supernatural reason for that! However, there is another reason that could explain why it does so. Perhaps, someone special is thinking about you right now.

A Butterfly Perches On You

In many cultures, butterflies are known as creatures that have a special connection with the spiritual world. In several cultures, they are also known as divine energy transmitters that get attracted to positive energy from people and things.

So if a butterfly perches on you, it is not just a coincidence! It may be a signal from the Universe that someone is having a telepathic connection with you right now. It could be a psychic sign that someone is thinking about you.

A Butterfly Perches On You
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You Have Random Hiccups

Hiccups is one of the most common and we would even say traditional signs associated with someone thinking about you. For sure, let’s not forget that hiccups can occur due to natural reasons (e.g. eating or drinking too fast, nerve irritation, or specific medication intake). But chances are that you could be running through someone’s mind! Especially if you start getting hiccups for no reason.

Synchronistic Encounters Happen to You

We bet many of you had these situations when you run into someone you have been thinking about. Or you could receive a call or text from that person randomly. Or you wanted to call the person and they suddenly call you first. Such coincidences do not happen accidentally.

They often show that this person has you on their mind. So the next time it happens to you, it could be because they have been thinking about you for a while!

Synchronistic Encounters Happen to You
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You Have the Same Thoughts

Have you ever had situations when you chat offline or online, and you instantly say: “That was what I was thinking about too!” Both of you think the same thought at the same time. There could be a kind of telepathic connection between intertwined souls.

How Do I Know Someone Is Thinking About Me Without Any Supernatural Stuff?

Ok, now let’s get a bit of practical information here! Magic and mystery are good, but we live in the real world with real people.

5 Weird Signs Someone is Thinking of You ⎮⎮ PSYCHIC SIGNS5 Weird Signs Someone is Thinking of You ⎮⎮ PSYCHIC SIGNS

So how do you know if, let’s say, a guy you like or that pretty girl from your neighborhood thinks about you?

Well, asking a person is not an option since very few people will simply confess that he or she has you on their mind. However, it’s still possible to figure out whether someone is thinking about you.

  • That person could be following you on social media. Is he or she watching your Instagram stories regularly? Is this person putting likes under your Instagram or Facebook posts?
  • Then it is likely that he or she is thinking about you.
  • This person remembers your Birthday. If you get a greeting card or SMS from this person, he or she definitely has you on their mind!
  • This person stays in touch. He or she never disappears for weeks for no reason giving you no explanation.
  • When you meet, this person always asks how you’re doing and what’s going on in your life.

These are the most common psychic signs showing that someone is thinking about you right now or repeatedly. Of course, it is up to you whether to believe in them or not. Some people are way too pragmatic and realistic to believe in things like psychic powers and supernatural signs!

But we would not recommend you turn away from such signs of the Universe!

Who knows, maybe they point to someone special for you?

How Do I Know Someone Is Thinking About Me Without Any Supernatural Stuff
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Can you feel when someone is thinking about you?

Some people can, but one must be very sensitive to do that!

⭐What happens if someone has bad thoughts about you?

If you communicate with that person, you may have an unpleasant feeling of danger or anxiety.

⭐What does it mean if you see your deceased relative in your sleep?

Perhaps, you’re missing that person very much.

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Five Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking About YouFive Signs From The Universe That Someone Is Thinking About You