How to Walk Without Creasing Shoes?

Learn a few tricks on how to avoid creases on your shoes once and for all!

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If you walk a lot during the day, it is essential for you to have shoes that fit you perfectly and sit on your legs ideally. Otherwise, your legs would hurt and cause you much trouble!

This is why, when you notice that your shoes start creasing while you are wearing them, you may get alarmed. First of all, because those creases may hurt your legs, and second, because they can also cause damage to your footwear! And let’s be honest, creased shoes don’t look very attractive and nice.

So no wonder that quite many people want to know how to not crease their shoes while walking, and why actually our footwear tends to develop creases.

Fortunately, we can give you a hand with that issue! Today, we will tell you more about this point of concern that bothers so many of us. But you are going to find out not only how to keep shoes from creasing when walking.

In addition, we will tell you what may cause those creases, and what you should do in order to avoid them.

How to Walk Without Creasing Your Shoes?

Walking in creased shoes is uncomfortable and moreover, it can result in hurt legs! And it does not matter whether we are talking about your hiking shoes or regular shoes that you are wearing daily.

Finally, shoes with creases look very unsightly! So what shall you do in this case? How to not crease your shoes?

First of all, you need to understand the basic mechanism of creasing.

Simply speaking, you need to understand why it happens and how it works. See, if you wonder how to walk and not crease shoes, we have to disappoint you. Basically, shoe creasing cannot be avoided because when we are walking, we bend our feet and make them flex. It causes creases and makes our shoes unpleasant to look at.

The creasing usually occurs when the upper material of your shoe compresses.

Also, it puts pressure on your shoes when you walk. On the other hand, the degree of creases may become higher if you will not do anything about it!

With this, your shoes may look worn and old even if in fact they are rather new. To avoid this problem, grab some handy tips on how to reduce this problem and keep your shoe from creasing when walking:

How to Walk Without Creasing Your Shoes
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1.Try Walking Properly

What does that mean, you may be wondering? To achieve a no-crease walk, you should try and pay attention to how exactly you walk. In simple words, notice how you place your feet on the ground while walking.

In order to avoid shoe creasing, you should stop walking on your toes since this is exactly what leads to creases!
Toe walking is where you walk on the balls of your feet rather than your heels touching the floor or the ground.

You may walk on heels to avoid your shoes creasing.

Instead, try to touch the ground with your heels. It allows the upper material of your shoes to straighten and flatten. Besides, you will not exert much effort and strain your legs as well as your shoes.

You might need some time to get used to this way of walking, but believe it or not, it can help you to reduce the shoe creasing significantly.

Try Walking Properly
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2.Make Sure Your Shoes Fit You Perfectly!

One of the most common reasons why your shoes may crease while you are walking in them is that there is way too much empty space inside of them, between you feet and the shoes upper material.

Also, the sides of the upper crease sometimes because the sides of the shoes have a bad fitting or are too loose. This is why you do your best to avoid those empty caves as much as possible.

In other words, you must have the correct size of your footwear! This is a good-working method if you need to learn how to not crease shoes when walking.

If you have a perfect size of your shoes, it will lessen the space in the upper material of your footwear. Like this, your feet will support the upper material and prevent creasing!

Make Sure Your Shoes Fit You Perfectly!
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In comparison, if the shoes are bigger than you need (even a little bit bigger), there will be a lot of space between the feet and the upper material. As a result, there will be no resistance to the upper material which will result in creasing.

But how do you know whether your shoes fit you perfectly? Well, that’s quite easy to do! You will know if you have the ideal shoe size simply by checking the gap at the back of your shoes once you push forward your feet into the front of the shoe.

There must not be enough space between the gap at your heel.

This is why we recommend everyone to always try their new shoes and other footwear before buying it! Like this, you will be able to check how your shoes fit you and if they are too loose, you will change them for a better fitting pair.

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3.Try Not to Use Your Shoes Too Often

This advice may sound strange but it actually works. The more frequently you are wearing the same pair of shoes the higher the chances that they will start creasing sooner and more.

This is why it is often recommended that you must have at least two pairs of shoes or even more that you use for work. When your shoes wear out much, they flex more and crease more.

You may alternately use your two pairs of shoes to avoid overuse and wearing out. This is how you can walk in shoes without creasing them, as an option.

Try Not to Use Your Shoes Too Often
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4.Try to Use a Shoehorn

Are you still wondering how not to crease your shoes? Since we often cause creases with our wrong actions even when putting the shoes on, try to use a shoehorn when doing that.

See, if you are struggling to put your heels in your shoes every time, then this may cause creases at the back of your shoe!

Or if you are lazy wearing your shoe and just treading on the back of your shoe till you put your heel into your shoe, then your shoes will certainly have creases! That’s actually why our moms used to tell us not to do that!

So in order to make it easier for you and your shoes, and in order to prevent creases, you may use such a simple thing as a shoehorn.

It will help your feet slide into your shoes easier. Since a shoehorn has a curved shape with a short handle and a long spoon-like head, it is comfortably used for sliding the heel into your shoes easily and smoothly.

Try to Use a Shoehorn
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5.Make Sure Your Shoelaces Are Tightened Up Properly

If you wonder how to finally stop your shoes from creasing, try this solution. By tightening your shoelaces properly, you can prevent too much space in your shoes and thus prevent excess foot movement, which leads to creases.

Besides, proper laces tightening may also prevent blisters and bruises in your toenail because of foot movement! Simply tighten your shoelace correctly and snug to fit to make you comfortable and avoid creases.

Well, these were the very basic ideas on how to prevent your shoes from creasing while you walk.

With these simple recommendations, you will not spend much time fixing this issue, and we are more than sure that the creasing problem will stop being a problem for you from that very moment!

And since you are now aware of what to do with this crease issue, let’s try to figure out what actually leads to its development.

Like this, you will know where to expect the “enemy” from next time you buy a new pair of shoes or other footwear.

Make Sure Your Shoelaces Are Tightened Up Properly
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Why Do Shoes Crease?

Why do my shoes crease when I walk? This is a common and rather frequent question from those who walk a lot and thus face the issue of their shoes creasing.

Indeed, it is rather annoying to buy a new pair of shoes, whether hiking ones or walking ones, and soon notice the first signs of creases on them!

Because everyone knows that those tiny hints of creases will pretty soon grow into fully developed creased areas on the surface of your shoes!

We can name two major reasons why your shoes may crease.

  • The material of the shoes, as well as their surface, is not smooth enough
  • Poor fitting of the shoes

And now let’s take a closer look at each of these causes. First of all, we will start with the material that your shoes are made of. As you probably know, your shoes tend to crease because of their construction and the material.

Why Do Shoes Crease (2)
Credits: IgorVetushko, via

This is why, in one instance, if the material and the surface are not absolutely smooth, the shoe will crease and develop wrinkles.

Moreover, one of the major reasons why creases develop in the shoe is that when you bend your feet during the walk, your shoes bend too. It causes the shoe to crease.

This is why it is so crucially important that the material of your shoes is smooth! Like that, it will bend easily while you are walking and thus it prevents you from walking painfully. Also, a shoe that is stiff and does not bend easily causes pains when you walk.

Why Do Shoes Crease (3)
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This is also why high-quality shoes that are made from premium materials resist creasing and can hold their shape well. For example, such shoes are often made from a mixture of materials like rubber, leather, foam, and fabric.

Their leading material is rubber by weight, and foam is the main material by volume.

With such materials,the creasing is reduced to the minimum.

There is another reason that makes your shoes crease, however. And we are talking about their poor fitting. You surely have noticed this nuance: when your footwear is of a bigger size than you need, it usually creases when you walk.

The explanation is pretty simple here. The empty spaces between your feet and the body of the shoes prevent the ability of the feet to hold properly into the shoes’ shape.

As a result, your feet kind of slide inside of the shoes which leads to creasing appearance.

Why Do Shoes Crease
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How to Fix Creased Shoes?

If you have already creased your shoes so that it can be seen easily, you might be asking yourself what you should do now. Of course, if the footwear is relatively new, throwing it away makes no sense! But is it possible to fix those creases somehow?

In fact, we know a few secrets about how those creases and wrinkles can be removed from your shoes! Some of these methods require the use of heat, others need it not.

Choose the way that suits your case better since not all shoes can be safely treated with heat, for example!

How to Fix Creased Shoes
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Use an Iron to Fix the Creases

To use this method, you will first have to stuff your shoes with old paper (old newspapers will do just fine) from the heel to the toe box so that the shoes maintain their shape and won’t wrinkle.

By doing this, you will straighten the creases out making it easier to treat the wrinkled area.

  • Once your shoes are packed with paper tightly, dampen a cloth and lay it directly over the creased area.
  • Turn the iron on and set it to 60-80 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Iron the shoe over the cloth in ten seconds increments.
  • Check the crease between ironing sessions in order to not cause more damage to the shoe!
  • When creases are gone, stop ironing and leave the shoe stuffed until it cools down completely.

Ironing a crease to remove it works thanks to the combination of heat and water, which softens the shoe material to stretch out the crease.

The towel defuses the heat from the iron to keep the materials of your shoe safe from accidentally causing scorch marks. This approach works best on leather shoes.

However, you can also use it on suede shoes, only wring out the towel as much as possible first! Water and suede aren’t an ideal combination, as you surely know.

Use an Iron to Fix the Creases
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Use Your Blow Dryer

This is a bit safer way to decrease your shoes, especially those made of leather. For this method, you can use cedar shoe trees to make your footwear keep its shape.

Once your shoes are ready for fixing, do the following:

  • Turn the blow dryer on at a low heat setting.
  • Holding it 8-10 inches from the shoe, pass it over a few times and then set it down.
  • With your fingers, rub the warm shoe surface up against the shoe tree.
  • Repeat as many times as needed until the crease is gone.

Once done, keep the shoe tree in until the sneaker is cool. Also, if using this method on leather shoes, we recommend you finish the procedure by applying either shoe polish or conditioner.

However, there are not only heat-involving approaches that allow you to fix creases on your shoes. We can also suggest you a couple of no-heat alternatives.

Use Your Blow Dryer
Credits: thodonal, via

Condition Them!

With leather shoes, you can use special oils or conditioners to deal with creases. Before you begin, test the product on a small, discreet part of the shoe.

You want to make sure there’s no discoloration. You will also need to polish or condition the entire shoe to keep up a consistent appearance.

The product should be applied to the entire shoe, spending a little extra time on the crease, massaging the oil or the conditioner in.

Once you are done, you may want to pop in a shoe tree to maintain the shape of the shoe while it dries.

Condition Them!
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Buy Shoe Trees

This is a long-term investment that will save your shoes from creasing. If you are going for a simple strategy to get rid of that crease, you can use a shoe tree on its own.

It may not work as fast as heat treatment, for example, but stretching your shoe back to its natural shape with the help of a shoe tree can eliminate a crease.

Buy Shoe Trees
Credits: IgorVetushko, via

And in case you use cedar shoe trees, they will make double work and also remove odors.

So, dear friends, we have told you everything we knew about de-creasing your shoes! Now you are aware of how to remove those creases and what to do to avoid them at all.

In addition, with the easy tips on fixing creased footwear, your shoes will always look like new!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Do all types of shoes crease?

Yes, all shoes will crease.

⭐ How long does it take to decrease shoes?

In general, it takes 15-20 minutes depending on the shoes’ material.

⭐ Do canvas shoes crease?

Yes, they do.

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