How to Clean Corfam Shoes?

Keep them glossy with a few easy tips

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Corfam shoes are impossible to not recognize! Their glossy and lacquered appearance always look classy and exquisite, which is why these high gloss dress shoes are often used as a uniform footwear.

However, those who own such shoes often wonder how to take care of them properly to be able to keep that glossy look longer. This is why we decided to tell you how to clean corfam shoes at home with the minimum effort so that your dress footwear always looks presentable and neat.

Corfam Shoes. How to Clean?

When it comes to cleaning pre-shined boots or shoes, most of us may feel stumbled because not everyone knows this type of footwear has to be treated to retain its shiny look. Naturally, the majority of owners might decide that polishing is the only possible method. Nevertheless, we would not recommend you do this!

Since corfams and other similar types of shoes (such as Oxfords or Rothco shoes) are not made of natural leather, polishing is not mandatory. Moreover, it is not even necessary! Instead, we will provide you with a very simple yet effective way of cleaning them that does not require any specific tools and it won’t take you much time either.

So how to make your high gloss shoes shine? To do it successfully, you will need to prepare the following tools:

  • soap
  • water
  • acetone-based nail polish remover for scuffs (optional)
  • vaseline or mineral oil for adding your shoes more glossiness (optional again)

And now that you have all these and your shoes, it is time to undergo a shoe cleaning procedure. We will describe it step by step so that you know exactly what steps to take and in what sequence. Like this, you will surely avoid any mistakes which means that your shoes will be safe and sound both before and after the cleaning.

  1. First clean your high gloss shoes with water and some mild, non abrasive soap.
  2. If your shoes have visible scuffs, remove them by using your acetone-based nail polish remover. Just put a very small amount of it on a cotton swab and delicately wipe it on the scuff.
  3. Finally, if your glossy shoes have lost some shine, or if you simply want to add more of it, treat them with vaseline or with some mineral oil.

Basically, this is it. Of course, there are a few nuances we would like you to keep in mind before you start cleaning your corfams. First of all, using nail polish remover is not mandatory. Use it only if your high gloss shoes have noticeable scuff since nail polish remover can get rid of it almost entirely or entirely. Besides, acetone can take that shine off so be very careful!

And second, cleaning with just soap and water is more than enough in the majority of cases. Consider this when examining your shoes prior to cleaning. If they are not badly dusted, such a light wash is all that they need right now.

With that in mind, you will be able to clean your corfams easily with just a few simple steps using the products and tools that all of us always have at hand at home.

Corfam Shoes. How to Clean
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How to Choose the Best Poromeric Shoes Cleaner

Poromeric shoes (also known as corfam shoes) are easy to maintain because in most cases, they only need a damp clean cloth and some soapy water to keep the footwear in a proper state.

If you see your shoes are getting way too dusty, simply wipe them with a damp cloth or rag, and you will quickly make them glossy again. However, if your footwear needs more thorough cleaning, you might need to use extra means and products:

  • acetone based nail polish remover
  • vaseline or mineral oil for adding more gloss
  • special poromeric shoe cleaner

As for the poromeric cleaner, the owners of corfam shoes often wonder what brand is best to be purchased so that the product will not damage the footwear which is quite expensive. In our opinion, you should stick to well-known and approved brands, such as Bates Poromeric Cleaner.

It is designed for both cleaning and polishing your corfam shoes at once which means you will not have to undergo this two-phase cleaning procedure. In its turn, it means that you will be spending less time on your shoes maintenance!

In addition, this shoe cleaning product is able to restore the famous gloss of poromeric shoes. That is why you will be able to skip the polishing procedure as well. Finally, Bates Poromeric Shoe Cleaner is rather cheap and costs only five dollars per 8 ounce bottle!

Superglamourous - Patent leather shoe-care tipsSuperglamourous – Patent leather shoe-care tips

What Are High Gloss Shoes Made Of?

We are pretty sure that most of you folks believe that high gloss dress shoes are made of genuine leather since they look so stylish and expensive. Almost like true leather! However, if you think so, you are wrong. These shoes are not leather at all!

Instead, they are made of the material called Poromeric which is a sort of artificial leather. This is a type of artificial synthetic material which is tough and porous. This high glossy and durable material is often used as a substitute for leather, especially in the shoe making industry. But it can also be successfully used for making outerwear!

And in case you want a more precise description, poromeric faux leather is a microporous polymeric material made with polyester that is coated with polyurethane. By the way, corfam is the first poromeric material and it was invented and introduced to the public in 1963 at the Chicago Shoe Show.

What Are High Gloss Shoes Made Of
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Pros And Cons Of Poromeric Footwear

Like any material, whether it is natural or synthetic, corfam (which is one of the types of poromeric material) has its specific benefits and disadvantages. If we compare this footwear material to genuine leather, we will easily notice the following positive sides of corfam:

  • It is very easy to clean. You just need some water and soap to wipe your shoes!
  • This material has that lovely glossy look which makes it stand out.
  • Corfam footwear is very durable in comparison to leather shoes and boots.
  • Corfam is way less sensitive to different external impacts (for instance, rain, snow, dust, etc)

Nevertheless, it would be a huge mistake to think that this type of artificial leather has only positive features. Like almost any artificial material, it possesses certain weaknesses that some of the users may take as negative features:

  • Corfam shoes are rather stiff on your feet and that stiffness does not lessen with wearing.
  • This type of faux leather kind of lacks breathability which makes corfam shoes pretty hot to wear in summer.
  • Corfam does not stretch like genuine leather does which means you must get an exact fit when buying a pair of such shoes.

With all these nuances and specifics, corfam as a shoe material did not manage to become really popular and widespread. It is being used today, yes, but it is mostly used for making dress shoes or uniform shoes that are worn during the official events.

So this was our brief guide on how to clean and maintain your corfam shoes to keep them glossy and refreshed longer. Use these tips and recommendations, and your poromeric footwear will serve you much longer with just a little bit of effort from your side.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is it ok if corfam shoes get wet?

Yes, it’s ok unless they get soaked!

⭐ Can corfam shoes be dried near the open fire or another heat source?

No, you’d better simply let them air dry wiping the excess moisture before that.

⭐ Are there female corfam shoes on high heels?

No, such shoes normally don't have high heels.

How to remove water spots from my corfams?

Try to wipe them away with a clean and dry cloth.

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