How to Respond to WTM?

Learn what it means and how to respond to it correctly

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Nowadays, there are so many different abbreviations and acronyms that one may often feel puzzled trying to figure out what all those WTF, WTM, LOL, and other things mean!

And if you also feel uncertain when seeing one of those in a chat with friends, you might start wondering about the “WTM” meaning in texts.

In this article, we did our best to find out as much as possible about this acronym. And even though it was pretty hard to dig out at least something, we hope we managed!

And now, we suggest you read on to learn not only about the meaning of this expression but also get a bit more information about its use.

We will even provide you with several examples of dialogues. Like that, you will be able to see how exactly this expression should be used and how to answer it correctly.

How Should You Respond to WTM?

The way you respond to WTM will depend on the particular meaning this acronym has in each case. See, unlike some other acronyms (for example, LOL), WTM has several meanings! And naturally, you will have to answer it depending on the specific meaning it has in a sentence.

However, there are several general ways you can answer this expression should you come across it in a text sentence (since it is used in text messages only).

Below, you can find several examples of WTM being used in text conversations:

K.: Hey man, WTM?
H.: Wanna head to the beach and chill?
(Here, WTM means “What’s The Move?”)

Sam: WTM?
Sid: I always thought my neighbors were nice people, but they’ve just put a password on their wifi.
(Here, WTM means “What’s The Matter?”)

Kyle: WTM? Can’t you sleep?
Gean: No. I guess I’m still too excited after the party.
(Here, WTM means “What’s The Matter?”)

Lynn: He says he is going to make America Great again.
Kate: WTM.
(Here, WTM means “Whatever That Means” and expresses cynicism.)

Hazel: He says he is agnostic. WTM.
Jane: It means he neither believes nor disbelieves in a god or religious doctrine.
(Here, WTM means “Whatever That Means” and indicates a genuine lack of understanding.)

As you can see, the way you respond to WTM depends on the initial meaning of this acronym in each particular text in a dialogue. And also, depending on the way of response, the emotional expression of your answer will also vary.

As you could notice, in some dialogues, the answers showed cynicism or lack of understanding, whilst in others, they showed a sincere interest in another person.

How Should You Respond to WTM
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How Is It Correct to Write It In a Text?

Some people tend to ask how exactly it is correct to write WTM in text messages, with capital letters or not? Well, there is no general answer to this question, in fact.

See, the initial way of writing this acronym was in capital letters of course, since this is how it is correct to write acronyms according to the rules of grammar.

However, not all of us have the time and desire to follow those rules when we need to quickly type the text on the go! This is why, if you write “wtm” instead of “WTM”, there is nothing awful about it at all!

What Does WTM Mean In Texts?

The meaning of WTM is another stumbling stone for quite many people who live in big cities and text daily. As you could already see from the information given above, this acronym has several meanings. That makes it a bit trickier than other simpler acronyms such as LOL.

So we decided to give you more information on this subject. Below, you can check out the most common meanings that WTM has.

  1. WTM may mean “What’s The Move?”
  2. It also has the meaning of “What’s The Matter?”
  3. “Whatever That Means” is another meaning of it

Here is more information about each of these definitions of WTM.

“What’s The Move”?

This is the first definition of WTM and it is also the most frequently used one. This is often considered the most common definition for the WTM acronym on Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok, by the way. So if you see it there, you will now be aware of what it is exactly.

WTM is often used with the meaning “What’s The Move?,” as a laid-back way of asking “What’s the plan?” or “What are we going to do today?”

The usual implication is that whatever is planned involves at least the sender and the recipient of the message unlike abbreviations such as WRUD (What Are You Doing?).

“What's The Move”
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“What’s The Matter?”

This is the second Definition of WTM that you can find in text chats and messages. And this is another common definition for WTM. It is a way of asking if a person is OK. Typically, it is used when someone is acting strangely (for example, if a person you are texting with is quieter or more abrupt than usual).

As an option, this variant of meaning can be used when your friend or a family member knows that you have been through hard times recently, and they just want to make sure that you are doing fine.

There are also a few other abbreviations that have similar meanings to WTM in this context. Those alternative versions include:

  • RUOK (Are You Okay?).
  • UK (You Okay?).
  • ITE (You Alright?).
  • WIWWY (What Is Wrong With You?).
  • SUP (What’s Up?).

“Whatever That Means”

Finally, here is the third meaning of this acronym. When used with the meaning “Whatever That Means,” WTM is usually used to express cynicism on the part of the sender about something that another person has said or typed.

However, it may also indicate a genuine lack of comprehension and represent a request for help in understanding.

For instance, if someone feels or seems frustrated by anything (such as unclear instructions, confusing homework, or vague comments), “WTM” probably means “whatever that means.”
It’s their way of expressing frustration about something that they feel annoyed about.
As you can see now, there are not only several meanings that the WTM acronym has. Some of those meanings also have alternative variants that one can use! Luckily, now you are aware of all of them and with their help, you will be able to “decipher” any text message you receive easily

An Academic Look at WTM

Have you ever wondered what a scientist or philologist would say about such expressions and acronyms that have flooded our speech and texts during the past few years? If you have, then now you have a chance to learn that!

First of all, we need to start with the definition itself. It is widely believed that WTM is an acronym.

However, as it is pronounced using its individual letters (for instance, “Dublyoo Tee Emm”), from a scientifical point of view, WTM should rather be classified as an initialism abbreviation.

Initialisms are different from acronyms. See, acronyms are usually spoken like words. Initialisms, on the other hand, are spoken using their letters. However, WTM is not often spoken using its letters. It is usually employed for efficiency in writing and not efficiency in speech.

WTM often plays the role of an interrogative sentence (for example, a question).

However, it is commonly seen without a question mark. It can be written both as “WTM?” or “WTM”.

How Do You Use WTM?

Now that you know what this expression means and how it should be replied, let’s check out in what cases it would be more correct and suitable to use it in text messages.

You Can Send It Solo

This is one of the ways to ask a person how he or she is doing right now. And in addition, with the help of the WTM, you can ask what’s up! When you use this expression this way, it means that you are trying to meet up and do something, but you don’t have any particular plans.

You Can Send It Solo
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Use It If You Want to Check In On Someone

In this case, you can use a WTM message if you see your friend has posted on Instagram about being through rough times, or if you received a message from a close person saying “I need to talk”. In this situation, WTM will be used as “What’s the matter?”.

Response to wtmResponse to wtm

Use It If You Want to Express Confusion

If you want to show you are annoyed or frustrated with someone’s vagueness, you can use “WTM” to let other people know that you aren’t happy with the information you have been given.
This can happen because of different reasons. All of us had that boss who just fires off ambiguous memos or a college teacher whose tasks look more like hieroglyphs! Either way, WTM is a good way to steam off!

Well, now you know a bit more about this expression. We told you what it means and even provided you with a few examples of dialogues so that you could see the difference in meanings.

Also, we explained how to use this acronym correctly and how you should reply to it in text messages. With all that in mind, you will be able to easily deal with WTM should you spot it in your texts!

Use It If You Want to Express Confusion
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Is it ok to use WTM when texting to a friend?

Of course it is! WTM is an informal acronym. Just make sureyour friend knows the meaning.

⭐Can WTM have a meaning of “What Time Is It”?

No, it can’t, unless it’s your unique way of using it. Usually, this acronym doesn’t have such a meaning.

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