How to Respond to Sup?

The meaning of this phrase, as well as different answers and when to use them

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Modern rules of communication have changed quite significantly in comparison to what they were even a couple of decades ago.

These days, we take it less seriously when we need to answer one more text message that arrives on our phone.

However, even though certain rules of communication have simplified, others on the contrary appeared. And with them, we have new nuances to consider.

One of those is a popular “What’s up?/Sup?” greeting phrase. Though seemingly simple, it often makes people puzzled because they are not quite sure how to respond correctly to this question.

And if you have also faced this difficulty, we are here today to give you a hand!

From this article you will learn the following things: how do you respond to sup?

What does this greeting phrase mean? In addition, we will tell you why answers to it may vary.

How to Reply to Sup?

Have you ever wondered what to say in response when someone says sup?

We bet at least a few of you have! Well, the answer will depend on a few quite simple and obvious factors. But first, let’s recall what this phrase actually is.

So, sup/what’s up is one of those common greeting phrases that we use when talking to our friends or family members. It is very informal and casual, so respectively, the response should be the same non-official.

The meaning of this greeting is similar to the meaning of such phrases as “What’s going on?” and “How are you?”.

And just like with those alternative greetings, when you are being asked what’s up, the best reply would be “Nothing” or “Not much”, or “Not much, you?”.

However, the exact answer that you will use still depends on the context a lot. See, depending on who is asking and the overall situation, you might want to use alternative replies instead of the most common ones that we have just provided above.

Basically, when replying to “sup?”, you need to let the person know that everything is ok with you or just return the greeting.

And here is how to respond to sup text message with a few more alternative answers.

How to Reply to Sup
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What to Say When Someone Greets You With Sup?

If a person used this word as greeting when meeting you, feel free to reply with any of the following phrases:

  • Nothing
  • Not much
  • Not much, you?

See, in this situation, the one who is asking may ask this question mostly because of one of the following reasons: in order to demonstrate his or her politeness in a limited context, in order to start a small talk, or if a person wants to show you his or her genuine interest.

What to Say When Someone Greets You With Sup
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What to Say to Sup From Someone You Are Acquainted With

In the first scenario we have provided you with, the “What’s up” greeting could be used by someone whom you are acquainted with, but not very well.

This is why, because of mere politeness, that person will give this greeting to acknowledge your unexpected encounter. So when someone whom you are well acquainted asks “Sup?”, you can reply with “Not much, you?”.

What to Say to Sup From Someone You Are Acquainted With
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What to Say to Sup From Someone Who Admires You?

A person may ask you “Sup” if they want to start a conversation with you – for example, if they admire you as a person or they admire what you are doing (your job, hobby, etc.).

This may also be the case when someone wants to start a conversation with you using this phrase because the person wants something from you!

In this case, feel free to use the same response we gave in the previous section: just say politely “Not much, you?”. This way, you will give a generic response and let the person know that you are ready to talk.

However, if you don’t feel like diving into small talk right now, don’t hesitate to reply with “Not much”.

How to answer What's up? How are you? How's it going? Meaning, Reply [common Greetings in English]How to answer What’s up? How are you? How’s it going? Meaning, Reply [common Greetings in English]

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What to Reply to a Close Friend Who Says “Sup” to You?

If you, for instance, have a close friend whom you have not heard for quite a long time, and then this person suddenly pops up with the “Sup?” question, you need to reply correctly.

Of course, after quite a long gap in your communication, your friend may want to know how you are doing and what has happened in your life while both of you were not in touch.

What to Reply to a Close Friend Who Says “Sup” to You
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So if you just say “Not much”, it may sound a bit too cold.

If you do feel like sharing some information about yourself with your friend, feel free to answer warmly with “Not much, and you?” instead! It will let him or her know that you want to keep on talking and you are ready to listen to their stories as well!

So, as you can see, even though there are not that many alternative replies to “Sup?”, you still need to consider who is asking, why, and what the context of your talk is.

For instance, a coworker may ask you “Sup?” because they notice that you might have some trouble or you might seem to be distressed to them.

In this case, this question is a non-intrusive and polite way to figure out whether you are ok and whether you might need any help or assistance.

In this case, you’d better answer with something like “I’m all right” or “It’s fine”, or “Nothing” since the question implies that you are being asked for updates in your recent life.

What to Reply to a Close Friend Who Says “Sup” to You
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What Are the Generally Expected Answers to Sup?

You might not be aware of this, but there are answers to “Sup?” question that people actually kind of wait to hear from you! See, when people ask you this question when meeting you, they usually don’t want and don’t expect to hear a deep and detailed reply which describes all of your recent actions and happenings.

In fact, any polite response that you can come up with will be appropriate.

It is quite alright and acceptable to simply return the greeting with “Oh, hi (name of the person).” You really didn’t answer the question, but they won’t think that you are aloof!

However, just in case you need that, we would like to share a few more alternative answers with you. Like that, you will not sound the same every time someone asks you “What’s up?”.

  • Same as always
  • Same old
  • As usual
  • The roof (if you are at home right now)
  • The sky (if you are outdoors somewhere)
  • My blood pressure (after a meeting with your boss)
  • Good, how are you?
  • I’m good, yourself?
What Are the Generally Expected Answers to Sup
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How to Respond to Sup From a Very Close Friend

If you have a really close friend whom you are in touch with almost (or literally) daily, it is allowed to be more flexible with answers that you can give when he or she asks you “What’s up?”.

When talking to a close friend, you can easily be sarcastic, funny, or neutral – depending on the intent of your friend.

So grab a few ideas on what to say or write in response:

  • Can’t complain (this reply will tell your friend that you are doing fine and there is nothing to worry about)
  • All is good (basically, the same meaning as described above)
  • I’m screwed (used when you are worried or in trouble. It’s a good way to start a conversation and share what’s worrying you)
  • That’s for you to find out! (use this reply sarcastically when you are not in the right mood for talks, or go for it as a joke if you want to intrigue your friend!)
How to Respond to Sup From a Very Close Friend
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How to Answer to Sup When You Get It On Tinder?

With dating apps, things may sometimes get somewhat weird or tangled.

See, it is clear what to do if you receive this message from a guy or a girl whom you have already been texting for some time. But what if you received it from an unknown person?

In this case, we suggest you make use of one of the following replies:

  • My level of attraction, since you texted me.
  • How much time do you have?
  • Everything is going fine now that you’re around.
  • Thank God you’ve finally noticed me.
  • Ugh, I have just developed a mental problem. I can’t get you out of my mind.
  • I’m busy. However, I could add you to my to-do-list. Is that ok?
  • That’s for me to know and for you to find out.

Of course, if you don’t feel like answering or if you already have a girlfriend or a boyfriend, feel free to let that person know about this fact!

How to Answer to Sup When You Get It On Tinder
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How to Respond to Sup From Your Colleague?

Ok, it’s clear what to say or write back in response to “Sup?” from a friend or from someone on a dating app. But what if your coworker asks this question?

In this case, remember that this very person most likely sees you and even talks to you (if you are close enough) every day at work. So it is obvious that he or she knows you pretty well.

This is why, if this person greets you with “What’s up?”, he or she might be sincerely interested in you and what is going on with you right now!

This is also why, if you and this coworker of yours are close enough, you can give a bit more details when answering the greeting:

  • I’m pretty tired today (A good way to let the person know that you don’t feel like talking right now, but do it politely. At the same time, you answer the question as well)
  • I’m busy with this talk. Let’s talk later! (This is a polite and gentle way of letting the person know that right now you can’t give them your attention and time. It is also a good way to avoid talking to someone whom you’d rather skip the conversation with!)
  • Nothing special (used mostly if you are not particularly close with that person and you don’t feel like sharing the details of your life with them)
  • Counting hours before the week ends (The best response to your colleague on Friday since both of you are looking forward to the upcoming weekend!)
  • Nothing much. How about you?
How to Respond to Sup From Your Colleague
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Funny Ways to reply to Sup

Sometimes, it is good to sound a bit less official and reply in a funny way!

Of course, consider whom you are talking to since fun responses will hardly be appreciated by your boss or a teacher!

But if you are absolutely sure that the person who is asking will get the joke, feel free to answer with one of the following surprising quips!

  • Sure ain’t my pay!
  • Anything taller than me
  • Nothing but the rent
  • The price of gas
  • The ass of a chicken when it eats!
  • Mt adrenaline after seeing you, buddy!
  • It’s a bird, or it’s a plane
  • Apparently, my anxiety levels
  • My blood pressure
  • My cholesterol
  • Oh, you know, just an old soup I’ve reheated
  • The opposite of down

With any of these, you will surely start an easy-going and fun chat!

Funny Ways to reply to Sup
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So, now you know what to say or text back in response when someone greets you with “Sup?” phrase.

As you can see, even though there are some initially expected replies that people wait to hear from us, you can also use different options, especially if the situation allows it to be a bit of fun!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How is it correct to write: “Sup?” or “Wassup?”

Both can be used in an informal chat.

⭐ Is what’s up a rude question?

No, it’s just an informal one.

⭐ Is it polite to say “Hey, what’s up”?

Yes, if you’re addressing your close friend.

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20 Smart & Interesting Ways to Respond to 'What's up?'20 Smart & Interesting Ways to Respond to 'What's up?'