How to Remove Perfume Smell From Clothes

Odor-removing tricks and hints for any smell

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Removing odors from clothes can turn into a true nightmare if we need to deal with especially strong or stubborn smells. This disaster can happen to anyone and anytime, but the point is that we must be aware of how to fix it to save the apparel.

Below you will learn how to remove perfume odor from clothing and also how to deal with the most common smells that can end up on our garments.

How to Get Perfume Smell Out Of Clothes?

If you need to know how to get rid of the perfume smell, we have a simple but very effective instruction!

  1. Get all the items you’ll need: heavy-duty unscented laundry agent, distilled white vinegar, and baking soda. Well, and yes, your washing machine!
  2. If your garment is meant to be dry-cleaned, air it, and apply a fabric refresher to trap the odor molecules and keep them still until the item is cleaned.
  3. Start with airing it. Just hang it preferably outside, but if it’s not possible, then place it in a warm, sunlit, and breezy room. Feel free to use your fan to create proper airflows, and if the room is full of green plants, that’s even better!. Like that, the plants will intake the odor and constant airflow will ventilate the garment thoroughly. Remember though that your item can hang like this for quite a long time hanging upon how smelly it is. The term may be from a few hours to days or even weeks.
  4. Soak the garment prior to laundering it. Prepare a basin or a sink filled with warm aqua with dissolved soda in it, and leave the smelly apparel completely submerged overnight.
  5. Laundering comes next. Simply wash the apparel following the instruction on the care tag, but remember to add a cup of acetum to the barrel and stop the machine. The item must stay soaked for an hour in a barrel before you proceed to help acetum break the perfumed residue.
  6. We would recommend opting for the air-drying method since it will provide extra airing in addition.

And keep in mind: never store strongly scented garments in a wardrobe! You can always toss them in a heavy-duty plastic packet with a box of baking soda that will absorb the smell.

How to Get Rid of Fragrance and Perfumes Smell from Clothes: Chemically SensitiveHow to Get Rid of Fragrance and Perfumes Smell from Clothes: Chemically Sensitive

Simply speaking, such a procedure will not require any special cleaning agents, only the items that all of us have in our kitchens. But let us move gradually.

Most of us wear perfumes, it’s hard to object. Some people do it daily, others on special occasions like holidays or parties. But no matter how often we use them, it often happens that, when taking off the dress or a suit, we notice quite a strong perfume scent on the apparel.

It happens because of the chemical compounds (for instance, alcohol, silicone, etc.) that are used in the perfume-making industry to make the products hold longer and stay strong. But also because of them, removing the perfumed odor from clothing can become a tricky task.

How to Get Perfume Smell Out Of Clothes
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Moreover, some perfumes are more concentrated than body mists or sprays which makes them pretty hard to get rid of once they end up on the fibers.

And let’s be honest: not everyone likes having that odor on them, besides, people are often sensitive to various artificial scents. 

How to Get Other Odors Out Of Clothes?

Removing the perfume odor from clothes is rather effort-consuming, but what if you have to deal with something more serious? Foods, drinks, and chemicals tend to leave way smellier traces on our garments making us hesitate about the optimal way of cleaning.

If you often have to deal with such odors, and you always fail this battle, try out the remedies meant for the most difficult odors you could find.

Removing gas smell from clothes

Ever wondered how to get strong gasoline odors out of clothes? It might be tricky since gas must be deleted completely: if we place the fabric that still has gasoline traces on it into a dryer/laundry machine, we can easily start a fire!

So if after laundering you can still sense that smell, follow the next steps:

How to Get Other Odors Out Of Clothes
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  • Blot the spotted areas to remove the excess gasoline
  • Pretreat those spots with a solvent-based stain remover and launder in the hottest water allowed after approximately fifteen minutes or curing
  • The next step is to apply a heavy-duty detergent. Brush in two big spoonfuls, leave for five minutes and then soak in hot water for half an hour prior to laundering
  • After washing, check for odors. If they can still be sensed, either apply baking soda paste or soak the item in water with one cup of soda added overnight.
  • In case the garment is badly soiled, try out ammonia solution: one cup per washer filled with warm aqua

Anyway, at least one of these methods will deal with the stubborn smell.

How to get fish oil smell out of clothes?

Removing odors like this from clothes might be difficult since fish oil is very stinky, but fortunately, it’s very easy to do. All that’s required is to add one cup of baking soda to the laundry cycle. The powder will absorb the odor and leave no scent instead.

As a variant, try to soak the apparel overnight in one gallon of aqua with a cup of soda dissolved in it.

How to get mildew smell out of clothes quickly?

To remove mildew odors from clothing, start with laundering it with white vinegar in the hottest water possible. Right after the first wash is done, spread the item in a barrel, and sprinkle with one cup of baking soda. Launder once again using the same heat setting to neutralize any remaining scents. Finally, air-dry the apparel preferably outside in the sun.

How to Remove Body Odors From Clothing?

Body odors are probably the most stubborn and, well, stinky ones, especially if they are not washed in time. Unfortunately, we sometimes notice them at the most inappropriate moment when we physically can’t launder the item! 

Fortunately, several methods of how to get body odor out of clothes exist, and none of them needs detergent.

Odor-removing spray

Odor Eliminator - Stop the Stink! (Cigarettes, Pet Urine, Soccer shoes)Odor Eliminator – Stop the Stink! (Cigarettes, Pet Urine, Soccer shoes)

This is the simplest way of how to remove body odor from clothes without washing. Just pulverize the solution on the smelly spots, air a bit, and it can be put on.

Scented dryer sheets

If you have a pack of those with a nice smell, gently rub the smelly areas on the apparel. It’s a universal method since you can keep some of those sheets in your purse to use when needed.

Baking soda

This powder is a great absorbent so sprinkle it over the stinky areas on the dry garment and let the stuff do its job. When done, carefully shake it off: when rubbed, it can leave white marks.

Ground coffee

Ladies probably know that ground coffee beans absorb odors effectively. To make your personal smell-remover, fill a cotton packet/clean sock with the coffee powder, place it with the smelly apparel in a packet, and leave for as much time as you can.

Diluted lemon juice

Diluted lemon juice
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Mix one spoonful of pure juice with 240 ml water in a pulverizer, turn the garment inside out and spray the stinky areas liberally. 

Before applying it, ensure the spray doesn’t leave marks or discolor the fabric! 

Vinegar solution

Vinegar is an ideal remedy for the most stubborn smells that have set on our clothing. Another benefit of this liquid is that it can be both added to the laundry or used as it is.

To quickly remove the unwanted smell, take distilled white acetum, mix equal amounts of it and water in a pulverizer, turn the apparel inside out and spray liberally over the smelly spots. 

Check the item after the solution evaporates: if the smell can still be sensed, repeat the procedure.

How to Remove Chemical Odor From New Clothes?

Imagine you bought a new garment but it smells of chemicals so much that it can’t be worn! Some people prefer returning the purchase to the store, but we know the way to remove that unwanted smell!

How to Remove Chemical Odor From New Clothes
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Vodka solution

Yep, good old 60-70% vodka mixed with aqua in pulverizer can create miracles when being sprayed over the garment. The alcohol will destroy the odor, and the item will stay scentless when dry.

Freeze them

Sometimes, the odor is a result of bacterias dwelling on the fabric. To get rid of those, place the new item into a canvas bag and toss it into the freezer! A couple of hours of frost will do the job.


A bucket of warm water and OxiClean is another miraculous remedy. Soak the smelly item overnight, and tomorrow you’ll get absolutely odorless apparel.

Of course, don’t forget about the homemade helpers like ground coffee or baking soda that are well-known odor removers. Besides, coffee can work as a natural deodorizer, too!

Removing Odors From Clothes Intended For Dry Cleaning Only

With such clothes, it can be more challenging to eliminate odors since the fabric is more delicate and requires more care. However, it doesn’t mean you can’t do anything. For example, you can wash your delicate items by hand using a delicate detergent.

It will take more time, but at least you will ensure the fabric is not damaged.

As an option, you can try washing such clothes on the gentlest cold water cycle with some delicate detergent designed for delicate fabrics (e.g., wool, silk, etc.). And remember not to use your dryer if you don’t want to destroy the item!

Removing Odors From Clothes Intended For Dry Cleaning Only
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How to Eliminate Perfume Odors of Different Ranges From Your Clothes?

We all know that some perfumes have stronger scents whilst others won’t last on your skin and clothes for more than a couple of hours. Besides, some scents are initially made strong and “heavy,” unlike those that are “light” and delicate. 

Depending on what type of scent you have on your clothes, you might need different methods of its removal. Heavier scents are usually less easy to get rid of, unlike their more delicate alternatives. 

With delicate scents, it’s more or less clear. You can simply wash your scented item in your washing machine on the cycle recommended for this type of fabric. Use the same detergent you typically add to the load when you wash such garments.

But if you spill/spray strong perfume on your clothes, you will need another approach. First of all, enclose your scented items in the wardrobe and leave a box full of baking soda at the bottom of the wardrobe.

Baking soda is a household item that naturally attracts and neutralizes scents. You need to leave your clothes enclosed this way for at least 72 hours, preferably more.

And remember to remove all the other garments from the wardrobe in advance! Afterward, wash your items using regular detergent and the washing cycle recommended for this type of fabric.

How to Eliminate Perfume Odors of Different Ranges From Your Clothes
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How to Neutralize the Smell of Perfume On Clothes?

Sometimes we can accidentally overuse our favorite perfume. But when we realize it’s a bit too much, how do we neutralize the scent? The issue becomes even more frustrating if you need to leave your home quickly (e.g., for a party, meeting, etc.) and you don’t have time to change or wash clothes! 

In this case, the best way to neutralize perfume is to use rubbing alcohol. No need to scrub, use soap or water, or mask the scent with another scent (which will only make things worse).

All you need to do is to dip a cotton ball in rubbing alcohol and dab it on the area you have sprayed too much perfume. It will help you reduce the scent.

How to Neutralize the Smell of Perfume On Clothes
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Now you know how to remove perfume odors from your clothes quickly and effectively. We shared several helpful tips that will allow you to keep your clothes odorless and perfume-free, even if you like wearing perfumes daily.

Besides, now you have a guide on eliminating strong perfume scents from your clothes and neutralizing scents quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ How long does perfume smell last on clothes?

If we apply it moderately, then it will last for nearly 8 hours.

⭐ How do I smell good all day?

Try to spritz your closet with the favorite perfume, or perfume the hairbrush. Also, keeping aromatic sachets in the drawers with clothing can help.

⭐ Does perfume come out of clothes itself?

Sooner or later any perfume will fade away itself.

⭐ How many sprays of perfume should you use?

One or two is fine, otherwise, you’ll smell it too much.

⭐ Can you use body spray on clothes?

Of course, they are OK for that.

⭐ Does freezing clothes get rid of the smell?

Yes, this is one of the methods to remove the smell.

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