How to Open Spam Can Without An Opener?

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Canned food is very delicious and easy to store or take with you if you are heading somewhere you will not be able to buy or cook yourself a proper meal. However, to open a can, we usually need a special can opener unless the container already has an attached key.

And this is when most of us face the most common problem: how do we open a can if we have no opener at all? Seems like you will have to leave that can behind and stay hungry? No way! We know a few easy tips that will help you deal with a sealed can with your bare hands (Well, almost bare)!

How to Open Spam Can Without a Key Opener?

If you have never opened canned food without using an opener, it may seem a super complicated task for you to do this. However, we can assure you that it is not just possible to do, but there are a few different methods of how this can be done! Like this, you can choose what method to use depending on what tool you have right now at hand.

Since canned food is sealed in tin cans that only have a thin layer of metal on top that serves as a lid, it is not difficult to break through. You can use almost any object for this, such as a spoon, a knife, or even a rock! But of course, when using rocks, make sure that the dirt does not get inside of the container, otherwise, there will be a high risk of contaminating the food!

How to Open a Spam Can Without an Opener Using a Spoon?

It may surprise you, but a spoon can also be used for opening cans even though it is not a sharp object! The only nuance is that you can use only a metal spoon since no other material will not work.

To open canned food with a spoon, position your can on a flat and hard surface, and hold it tight with one hand. It will allow you to hold the can in place while you will be working on it with a spoon with another hand of yours.

Now, position the tip of the spoon against the inner edge of the lid. Make sure that the inside of the spoon bowl faces the lid of the can! Once ready, rub the tip of the spoon back and forth working over the same small area where the edge of the lid is crimped.

Such moves will begin to make the lid thinner and thinner, and finally you will make a hole. Now you can move over and make another hole the same way. Move around the can this way until you see that the lid is already loose.

The last step is to pry the lid open and enjoy the delicious food you have inside of the can!

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How to Open a Spam Can With a Pocket Knife?

This method is especially handy when you are outdoors and you need to open a can of food. However, it can be used anywhere, you just need to have a pocket knife on you.

To open a can like this, you need to place your container with food on a stable surface, such as a hip high table. Next, stand over the can so that you can access it with no effort.

Now, position the tip of your knife against the inner edge of the lid so that it will not slip. Make sure you are holding the knife vertically, and double check that your fingers will not be in the way of the blade if it slips! The back of your hand should be facing up.

The next thing you need to do is to lightly smack the back of your hand that is gripping the knife using your second hand. This will make the tip of the blade come through the lid and poke it. However, be sure not to smack too hard, otherwise, you can lose the control over the knife and hurt yourself!

Scoot the knife a few centimeters over and make a new hole using the same sequence of actions as described above. Keep on poking holes until you do them all around the edge of the can. And once you circle the entire lid like this, pry it off and gently pull it from the can.

This method can also be used with the help of any other sturdy and thin object similar to a pocket knife, for instance, a chisel!

How to Open a Can With a Pocket Knife
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How to Open a Spam Can Without an Opener Using a Chef’s Knife?

Using a chef’s knife can only work if you are opening your spam can in the kitchen since such a big knife will be hard to use somewhere outdoors.

Again, start with positioning your can firmly on a stable and hard surface so that it doesn’t shake. Take a knife ensuring you hold it where the handle meets the blade. If you do everything right, your fingers will be resting against the side of the handle, safely away from the sharp edge.

Now, place the heel of the knife against the inner edge of the lid, and press it into the can firmly so that the knife punctures it creating a hole. When you are done, scoot the knife over and make a new hole a few centimeters away from the first one.

Again, you need to make hole all around the lid of the can until it gets loose and you can take it off.

How to Open a Can Without an Opener Using a Chef’s Knife
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How to Open a Spam Can With a Rock?

Using a rock can only be handy if you are somewhere out on a trekking route with a backpack full of canned yummies, and it’s finally time for dinner! To open a can this way, you will need a flat rock with a rough surface.

Place the can upside down onto this rock to be able to break the seal on the top of the container. Now, rub the can back and forth over the rock using scrubbing motions. It will create friction between the spam can and the rock. Keep on working like that until you see moisture on the rock or on the lid.

Now you can use your pocket knife to break through the lid and open the can!

When using these methods, especially those that require knives, act very carefully to not hurt yourself with the blade! And make sure you don’t introduce any dirt or dust to the can’s content when using a rock for opening it.

How to Open a Can With a Rock
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Tips For Keeping Your Food Safe When Opening a Can With No Opener

Of course, the safest way to open your canned food is to use the opener. But even in this case, it is recommended to wash the can and the opener first to make sure no bacteria or contaminants get inside of the container.

So naturally, if you are going to use a knife or a piece of rock to get to the content of the can, you must act especially carefully!

  • Always wash the can before you start opening it. It will prevent the dirt and dust from getting inside of it.
  • Open the can with a clean knife only!
  • Wash your hands before you start opening the can.
  • When using a rock, act carefully and make sure that the pieces of dirt and rock don’t end up in your food.

Like this, you will be able to enjoy your food safely. Keep these simple recommendations in mind since, when being on a trekking route or hiking, we sometimes can’t get proper help if there are any issues with our health.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Can I open the can with a sharp tip of the kitchen knife?

No, better use the heel of the knife since it’s more stable.

⭐ Do I need to sharpen the edge of the spoon prior to opening a can with it?

No, you don’t need to do this.

⭐ How to hold the kitchen knife to open the can?

You need to make sure that the heel of the knife is centered under the place where your palm is gripping the knife.

⭐ Where can I position my can to open it without a key?

Place it on the flat and firm ground if outdoors, or on the tea table or a coffee table if you’re doing it indoors.

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How to open food cans without a can opener!How to open food cans without a can opener!