How to Keep Avocado Fresh In Lunch Box?

Make it last longer and remain fresh with our simple tips

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Avocado is a great and healthy food for a kid’s school lunch. It contains useful fats and elements that help our bodies and brain function better, besides, avocado can make us feel full faster and keep this feeling longer which means we will avoid overeating.

However, parents often face the same problem with this fruit: how to keep avocados green and fresh longer in a lunch box? Today we will try to figure out what to do to slow down the process of them turning brown too fast.

How to Stop Avocado Going Brown In Sandwiches

If you make an avocado toast often enough, you might have noticed that this fruit tends to turn brown when being spread over the piece of bread and left like that exposed to air uncovered.

Such a toast does not look appetizing, let’s be honest, that is why many housewives and those who make avocado toasts or sandwiches to bring to work wonder what can be done to slow down or even stop that process of fruit decay.

How to Stop Avocado Going Brown In Sandwiches
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How to keep avocado from turning brown in sandwiches 4 steps.

 Since the fruit is already cut for being put into a sandwich, you can use the same scheme that works for the cut avocados:

  1. chill your avocado first before making sandwiches
  2. peel it, remove the seed, and cut the soft flesh into the chunks of the needed size
  3. sprinkle the avocado bits with some lemon juice or lime juice
  4. add the fruit to your sandwich

The same method will work if you want to keep freshly cut avocado longer.

Only in this case, you will need to place the chunks into a plastic zipper bag and sprinkle them with some lemon juice. Such a packet can be stored in the fridge, or you can bring it to work to make sandwiches there.

If you choose to bring it with you, better take an ice packet with it to keep the avocado chilled longer.

How Long Do Avocados Stay Fresh?

Since avocado tends to lose its quality pretty fast when being exposed to air, many people wonder what the longest period of time is for this fruit to last fresh.

Shortly speaking, the fruit’s lifespan strongly depends on in what state we keep it. Fresh uncut avocado can stay edible for several days whilst guacamole will survive for several hours only if you do not freeze your guacamole !

Shelf Fridge
Fresh avocado

3-4 days

7-10 days

Guacamole (homemade)

3-4 hours

1-2 days

However, if you notice your avocado is black inside or it is way too soft when you gently press it, it means that the fruit is spoiled and you’d better discard it. Otherwise, there is a risk of getting food poisoning or an upset stomach which is also not that good!

Tips For Keeping Avocados Fresh When You Store Them At Home

A ripe and fresh avocado must be light green inside and not too soft when you press it. To make the fruit last longer and stay edible, you can use some useful kitchen tricks that will allow preserving its quality longer than usual.

  • Keep cut avocados in a plastic zip bag being sprinkled with lemon juice
  • Whole uncut fruits are better to be stored in a crisper drawer with the veggies
  • Never leave avocados on the kitchen table. When unchilled, they tend to spoil faster

Like that you will easily extend their lifespan for several days more.

Health Benefits Of Avocados

Avocado may not be extremely delicious but it is extremely healthy. This fruit is filled with healthy fats, but also, its green flesh is a great source of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, avocado can serve as a perfect dietary food since it is rather low in calories (only 160 calories)!

These green fruits are beneficial for our hearts, besides, they lower cholesterol level and help our bodies absorb nutrients from other veggies. Moreover, avocados are powerful sources of antioxidants.

Don't Eat Avocados Until You Do This! Dr Michael GregerDon’t Eat Avocados Until You Do This! Dr Michael Greger

How to Pack Avocado For Your Kid to Bring to School

Avocado is a very healthy fruit, this is why mothers often put it in their kids’ lunch boxes. However, if your child is still small (for instance, if you have a toddler), it might be a bit complicated to prepare an avocado so that a child could easily eat it at school.

Fortunately, there is a super simple and quick way to get this healthy fruit ready for your little one to bring it to school in a lunch box.

  1. Cut avocado in two halves
  2. Remove the seed
  3. Leaving the fruit in its skin, slice it lengthwise and crosswise so that you have chunks. But don’t cut the skin!
  4. Sprinkle avocado halves with cold water to make the flesh wet
  5. Wrap them in a cling film tightly to prevent air from getting in
  6. Place it in a lunch box along with a spoon or a fork!

If your kid is fine with citrus fruits, you can substitute water for lemon or lime juice, but honestly speaking, there is not that much difference between them and water.

How to Pack Avocado For Your Kid to Bring to School
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Simple Lunch Recipes With Avocado

If you use avocados for making your kid’s school lunch, you might think of using some other recipes except for simple sandwiches or toasts. How to make your child eat avocado at school, especially if he or she is not very fond of this fruit? Try out one of the following ideas:

  • Pasta with avocado and spinach creamy sauce
  • Burgers with avocado mayo
  • Avocado puree that can also be used as a dip or spread on toasts
  • A wrap with chicken and avocado mayo
  • Fish fingers with avocado dip

Of course, there are plenty of other ideas on how to make use of avocado to turn it into a healthy yet delicious and appealing meal. Feel free to experiment and you will definitely find the meals that your kids will adore!

This was our brief guide about keeping avocado fresh for lunch or in a lunch box. Now you can easily serve this fruit packed with vitamins and healthy nutrients in so many interesting ways keeping it fresh and crisp longer!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How long will the avocado sandwich last?

Usually, avocado in sandwiches will start turning brown in a couple of hours already. However, the sandwich will still be edible by the end of the day it was made.

⭐How to pack avocados to keep them fresh?

The optimal way is to cut it in two, sprinkle the flesh of each part with lemon juice and wrap them in a cling film.

⭐ How many avocados shall we eat for lunch?

A half or one fruit will be ok.

⭐Will lemon juice spoil the taste of avocado?

It will give quite a significant sourness, but in general, the taste will not degrade.

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