How to Get Hair Out Of a Necklace Chain?

We will explain what to do if a strand got tangled in your necklace chain

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Ladies with long enough hair, you know this problem pretty well: you wear a necklace and then, when you try to take it off, you feel that a hair got tangled in it!

The chain pulls your hair, which hurts, but even worse, if you manage to take the chain off, that hair will still be there. That’s gross!

No wonder most of you want to know how to remove hair from the necklace if it got somehow tangled in between the chain links.

For sure, trying to do that with your fingers is not the best idea, but what then?

In this article, you will find a few alternative approaches instead. We are going to explain to you in detail how tangled hair can be removed from your chain or necklace links easily, using some simple supplies that you can find in any household. Each of these methods is very easy to use and besides, they are all very efficient.

After you read all the information we prepared for you, tangled hair stuck in your necklace chain will hardly ever become an issue for you again.

How to Get Hair Off a Necklace?

If you are tired of endless combats with your hair that get stuck in your necklace chains, the time has come to fix this problem. And if you have always thought that there are only two ways out – either cut your hair short or stop wearing necklaces – we are here to tell you that you are wrong!

Getting rid of hair from a necklaceGetting rid of hair from a necklace

Instead of getting radical, try out a simpler solution. We have prepared a few alternative hair-removing techniques for you that you will surely find helpful.

Sometimes, if you are not cautious enough, you can hurt yourself as well as damage your necklace chain in the process of removing the hair! But these methods are very efficient since they allow you to get rid of hair in your chain without damaging the necklace.

How to Get Hair Off a Necklace
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Remove Hair From Your Necklace With a Removal Cream

This is quite an easy way to remove hair from the chain. However, before you start, make sure you remove the necklace from your neck. If you leave it on you and start applying the removal cream right to the chain, chances are that your skin can become sensitive to the cream.

So the basic idea is that, if you have a hair removal cream at your disposal, you can use it to dissolve your hair from the chain. The process of cream application is very simple:

  • Apply the cream to the necklace area where the hair is stuck
  • Leave the cream to sit for approximately 5-7 minutes
  • Wash it off your chain with cold water

Like this, you will have removed the hair from the chain upon washing it. Again, this method should be used only when the chain is taken off you! Be especially careful and cautious if you have any skin allergies.

Remove Hair From Your Necklace With a Removal Cream
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Get Hair Out Of a Necklace Chain, Using Fire

For sure, this method may sound crazy to some of you, but don’t worry. We are not going to suggest you burn the chain down together with the hair stuck in it!

However, this life hack really needs caution. First of all, you will be dealing with fire indoors, which always requires certain precautions, and second, you should act very carefully in order to not melt the chain.

And besides, here is another nuance that you should note: if you decide to opt for this method, note that it can get a little smelly, too, because burnt hair doesn’t smell nice! So make sure that the room you will be working in is properly ventilated.

Nevertheless, it is still an effective hack:

  • First, make sure you remove the necklace from your neck before trying this hack
  • Then, use a lighter to light a candle
  • Place the tangled area on the candle flames
  • The fire will burn the hair off from the necklace

Done! Now your necklace chain is free from hair again! Of course, the smell of burnt hair can be upsetting and unpleasant, but this is a very low price for getting the task done.

Also, there is one more preventive measure that needs to be taken as you are dealing with fire. Try this hack only if you have a metal chain and not another material chain! If the chain, is not metal it can get damaged by the fire and your necklace will be ruined when exposed to it.

Get Hair Out Of a Necklace Chain, Using Fire
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Cut the Hair Off

This is probably the simplest method that you can use! However, it is not suitable for everyone. See, sometimes, when you have tangled hair stuck on your chain, you have to make the tough decision to cut the hair.

Anyway, pulling the hair while it is still intact with your scalp can be painful! So if your hair is badly tangled, cutting the chain of the necklace might be the only option you can use to solve this problem.

Cut the Hair Off
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How to Get Hair Off a Necklace With the Help Of Cornstarch?

Some products that we have in the kitchen can be very handy in such situations as dealing with tangled hair and chains. To use cornstarch, you need to follow several simple steps:

  • First, cover the chain with hair stuck on it with cornstarch
  • Then, start scrubbing it delicately
  • You will see that the hair is easily removed from the chain while you keep on scrubbing

Using this method can get your hands and the area a bit messy, of course, but it will give results.

How to Get Hair Off a Necklace With the Help Of Cornstarch
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Remove the Hair By Rubbing the Pumice Rock

Rubbing the hair off using a pumice rock is another way of getting hair out of the necklace chain. Some people may object by saying that pumice stones are very harsh. However, pumice rocks are not actually hard, and besides, if you soak a pumice stone with water, it will get an even softer texture.

To use this method, do the following:

  • Take a pumice stone and soak it with water to make the stone softer
  • Rub the soaked pumice stone on the chain with hair stuck in it
  • Avoid rubbing too hard and be gentle instead to avoid damaging the chain!
  • The friction from the rub will get rid of the hair stuck on the chain

For this method, we recommend you find a flat and stable surface to work on. Something hard would be ideal. A tabletop, a kitchen counter, or even a windowsill will do. It will allow you to get better contact and friction between the chain and the pumice stone.

Like this, you are now aware of several alternative ways of removing hair stuck in your necklace chain. As you can see, none of these options require specific skills or tools.

You will just need your hands, a bit of patience, and some delicacy while working on your chain. And if you follow the recommendations precisely, you can be sure that you will free your chain from tangled hair quite fast.

How to Keep Hair From Tangling In Necklace Chain?

Even though you know what to do in order to remove tangled hair from your necklace chain, it is anyway better to learn how this problem can be avoided. The major rule of thumb is “avoiding is better than fixing”!

How to Keep Chains From TanglingHow to Keep Chains From Tangling

Here are a few tips for you on how to stop hair from getting caught in the necklace in the future. But keep in mind that some methods of preventing it can be a long time solution for dealing with such issues!

How to Keep Hair From Tangling In Necklace Chain
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Use Nail Polish

The most common reason why your hair keeps getting stuck in your necklace is that your necklace chain has rough edges. Those rough edges catch your hair and make them tangled. Luckily, you can easily avoid that!

All you need is to use some clear nail polish! It will allow you to make the rough edges on the chain much smoother. What should be done exactly? On the rough edges of your necklace chain, apply the nail polish and let it dry. Voila! Now you can use your chain without any hassle.

Use Candle Wax

Using a candle was is another easy solution, which is, however, not longer-term. All you need to do is to apply some candle wax on the rough areas of the chain that snag the hair most frequently (you definitely know those spots!). Simple drip a couple of wax drops on the affected area before using the necklace.

Use Candle Wax
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Change the Clasp

Have you ever noticed that it is often not the chain itself but the clasp of the necklace chain where hair gets stuck? If this is your case, you can relatively easily deal with the problem. All that needs to be done is to change your necklace clasp to ones that do not cause such issues.

You can do it yourself if you are handy enough, or you can take your chain to the specialist who will fix it for you. In addition, on your next buy, remember to get a clasp that does not snag hair!

Change the Clasp
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Avoid Using a Clasp or Chain that Causes Hair Snag

You must have noticed that certain types of chains or clasps often get hair stuck. If you have noticed it, avoid using and purchasing such chains and clasps in the future to prevent your hair from snagging.

These tips will ensure that you do not have hair stuck on your necklace every time you wear one. An additional tip for such care is to avoid using a necklace when you sleep. it is easy to get hair tangled while sleeping.

Avoid Using a Clasp or Chain that Causes Hair Snag
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How to Detangle Your Chain?

It’s not only your hair that can get stuck in a chain. The chain itself can also become tangled, causing more stress, requiring more time for detangling, and making the process of hair removal more complicated. Luckily, there are a few easy methods of detangling that we are going to introduce you to.

How to Detangle Your Chain
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Use Baby Powder

Get some baby powder, a needle or a safety pin, and paper towels. The following process is very simple:

  • Sprinkle baby powder all over your necklace to coat it entirely
  • The powder will loosen up the knots
  • Then, using your fingers and a safety pin or needle, start detangling
  • Begin at the center of the knot and gently pull it apart as you work outwards

Like that, you will cope with the knot pretty fast.

Get Some Oil

This method is also a bit messy since you will need either some baby oil or regular oil. Also, don’t forget about a cotton swab, some jewelry cleaner or mild soap, and paper towels.

  • Dip a cotton swab in the oil
  • Dab the necklace knot to loosen up the chains
  • For stubborn knots, gently work the oil into the knot by massaging it until it loosens up

With the help of these life hacks, you will be able to detangle your chain in case it also got tangled and wrapped your hair around it in addition.

Well, now you are better informed about the actions that are needed should your hair gets stuck in the chain of your necklace! And even though ladies face this problem more often than men, you guys should also take these tips into consideration!

Since now you know a few methods of hair removal, and in addition, you have learned a few ways of preventing this from happening, we are sure that tangled hair stuck in your chain will not cause you even a bit of stress!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Can you burn hair off a gold necklace?

Yes, you can burn the hair off a gold necklace chain. Since hair does not take high heat to burn, it burns off quickly with just a candle or a lighter. Clean the necklace after burning the hair.

⭐Can you burn hair off a silver necklace?

Yes, you can burn the hair off a silver necklace. Burning hair off is one of the best solutions for metal necklaces like silver. The hair burns out quickly, after which a rinse on the water and dry pat after burning the hair off will work.

⭐Can you remove hair stuck on your necklace?

Yes, you can remove hair stuck on your necklace. You can try some hacks available on the internet, or you can take them to the jewelry shop to get them removed.


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