How to Cover Dirt In Backyard For Party?

We will teach you how to hide dirt so that nobody guesses it is there!

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It is summer now and people all over the States have outdoor parties in their backyards. Imagine you are planning to have a party like that in your bacyard, but suddenly you realize that it is way too dirty!

And there is not so much time left for cleaning before the guests start arriving. What shall you do?

Of course, you might be wondering now: what can I use to cover dirt in my yard?

And today we are here to share a few handy and easy ways to cover dirt in a backyard with you. In this article, you will find easy methods for dirty backyard makeovers. We will provide you with a list of several most useful ideas for such covers.

You will learn both quick and more effort-consuming options so that you can choose depending on how much time you have for this kind of makeover.

With our tips and life hacks, covering dirt in a backyard will hardly ever be an issue for you. And be sure that, after you read this article, you will become a pro in covering dirt in backyards!

Cheap Ways to Cover Dirt In Backyard

Covering dirt in your backyard may become an issue and a cause for stress if you need to do it relatively quickly but you have no idea of what to start with and (more important) what to use in order to do this!

If you need to cover dirt in your backyard, you might be a bit puzzled regarding the way this can be done. Indeed, there are several ways you can do this, including:

  1. Laying sods
  2. Using concrete slabs
  3. Using artificial turf
  4. Using mulch
  5. Building a deck
  6. Laying paver stones
  7. Covering it with a ground cover

Of course, depending on how much time you have at your disposal, you might want to use a quicker method. So below we are going to provide you with a detailed description of all these ideas you can use to cover dirt in your backyard.

Cheap Ways to Cover Dirt In Backyard
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Lay Sods

Laying sods might be an option to consider, but you still need to remember that this is not the quickest method! In addition, it all depends on the size of your yard.

How to Landscape a Dirt YardHow to Landscape a Dirt Yard

If you have a huge backyard and you are looking for an affordable way to fix the dirty mess, sods may (or may not) be your first choice. Besides, some of you may find sods to be quite pricey. Let us explain.

The average cost of sods is between 0.20-0.75 cents per square foot. So if you let’s say have 1000 square feet of a backyard, the cost of the sods would range from $200 minimum to $750 up for you! Isn’t it a bit too much?

Also, keep in mind that, if you have your sods finally delivered, to install them for you, you will have to spend extra costs.

But even if you decide to install them yourself to avoid the unnecessary expense, be ready for a few other nuances:

  • Installing sods is a good bit of exercise even though the process is quite a simple job.
  • Before you install the sods, you need to prepare the soil. That means extra time that will have to be spent.

So, as you can see, even though being simple and rather quick in terms of installation, sods can hardly be called something that you will have installed in a couple of minutes.

Use Concrete Slabs

Concrete slabs are tricky for a couple of reasons. First of all, you will most likely want to hire a professional to come and pour concrete for you. And that will cost you a decent amount of money, likely anywhere from $6-10 dollars per square foot.

Of course, you can mix and pour your own slab, however, note that this is the thing that is not so easy to remove once it is there.

In addition, the process of pouring the concrete is pretty tricky and for a newbie, it can be hard to not mess up.

Anyway, you will still need extra time on concrete hardening. So if you need to hide dirt in your backyard as quickly as possible, concrete slabs are not your option!

Use Concrete Slabs
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Artificial Turf Can Do the Trick

Artificial turf is another handy option for hiding dirt in a backyard. However, when it comes to the process of installing artificial turf, most of us would think that it is difficult. However, the process is relatively easy and anyone with a bit of skill can do the job.

Cut Artificial Grass LIKE A PRO!!Cut Artificial Grass LIKE A PRO!!

As for the cost of artificial grass, it is a little more expensive than the price of other alternative dirt-hiding options indeed. The average price of artificial turf is $3-15 dollars per square foot. Of course, it also depends on

  • how much you are buying
  • who you buy it from
  • the cost of labor or not

In any case, wholesalers usually sell turf at an average of $3 dollars a square foot. However, if you are looking for a low maintenance idea, artificial turf is exactly what you are looking for! So it is definitely worth its money.

Just imagine this: once the turf is installed, you will have no maintenance worries for 10-20 years! That sounds relaxing, doesn’t it?

Mulch The Area

Mulch is an ideal dirt-cover solution for cases when a dirty area can’t be fixed.

If it can’t be fixed, then it should be covered! And mulch will cope with this mission perfectly fine. In addition, it is one of the cheapest and quickest ways to conceal dirt in a backyard.

Prices are more than pleasant: the average cost of mulch varies on location and type, but typically mulch is 0.15-0.60 cents per square foot. Often, the more you buy the less the price is per square foot.

In addition, mulch has several benefits:

  • it is organic
  • once decomposed, it makes the soil stronger
  • it is easy to install
  • it looks cool and nice!
  • it comes in a wide variety of colors

So if you need to cover a patch of dirt in your backyard right now, mulch is the optimal solution.

Mulch The Area
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Lay Paver Stones

The best part about paver stones is the unlimited variety of design ideas you can experiment with. Paver stones can be square, rectangular, triangular, round, and of almost any shape!

If you want to save money, it will be more reasonable to make use of the regular rectangle-shaped bricks.

In addition, they might be easier to install. They usually cost around 50 cents per brick, making them quite affordable. The average cost of a paver stone patio will be around $5-30 per square foot.

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Cover It With a Ground Cover

If you want to cover your dirty yard with some greenery, but the grass is not an option for you, you can plant ground cover instead. Low creeping plants will be especially great for covering the ground and creating an instant garden.

Below, here are a few examples of ground cover that can fill up every part of your yard:

  • Sun-loving ground covers, for example, creeping phlox, creeping thyme and creeping jenny
  • Shade-loving creepers, for instance, bugleweed, bowles periwinkle vine, and mondo grass

The best thing about using ground cover is that it’s pretty easy to find a neighbor who will gladly share some cuttings with you and also share tips on how to take care of them.

However, if you’re ready to spend some money on the process, you should purchase established plants because they will require less time and effort to grow, unlike seeds that take months before they reach their full potential.

Also, keep in mind that not all ground covers are suitable for covering large areas. Furthermore, some plant species are invasive! This is why we recommend you research the species before making any purchase.

Like this, now you are more knowledgeable about the ways of covering dirt in a backyard. As you can see, there is a wide variety of solutions and methods.

They are different in price and have distinct methods and duration of the installation. Some of them might need care and regular maintenance like plants, whilst others won’t (for example, mulch).

Being aware of this, you will be able to choose the most suitable option for you depending on the size of your backyard and the amount of time you have at your disposal for this kind of makeover.

Cover It With a Ground Cover
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More Time-Consuming Ways to Hide Dirt In a Backyard

Above, we have provided you with the most affordable and the quickest ways of covering dirt in a backyard. However, should you search for something more long-lasting and, let’s say, useful, you can opt for one of the alternatives you can find below.

But please take into consideration that the following options will anyway take more time on installation, and the price will also be much higher!

On the other hand, they can be used not only for covering dirt but for many other purposes as well.

Build a Deck

Building a patio is definitely an expensive option. However, if you can do it yourself, then it is possible for you to build a small deck without spending a fortune!

When building a deck, you should consider the material you are going to use. Depending on that, the costs will vary. What are the average prices for building a small patio deck?

To build a small deck just to cover the dirt, you can spend from $500 to $1000 dollars. However, prices can always vary depending on the height of the deck and the type of materials you buy.

Build a Deck
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Kids Playground

Well, yes, this option will be handy only for those who have children. But if you are a family guy, then consider this option as well.

Should you decide to buy a playground of good quality, be ready to pay no less than $1000 dollars. But you can always cut the cost by building it yourself.

The average cost of a home DIY playground is anywhere from $150 up to $2000. Of course, this depends on what you want.

The larger the playground the more expensive, but you can get creative and save a lot of money building easy things. For example, you can build one of those:

  • a swingset
  • a teeter-totter
  • a jungle jim (be ready to work hard and a lot!)
  • a sandbox

If you compare these ways of covering dirt in a backyard, you will see a significant distinction.

Each of these options will anyway need way more time, effort, and money to be built. However, the good news is that both a patio and a playground will last long and can be used not only for covering the dirt.

So if you don’t mind spending some time and cash, you should opt for these variants as well.

Well, now you folks know what options are out there for you to use in case you need to cover dirt in your backyard.

With all the tips we shared with you today and all the life hacks and ideas, you will be able to pick the most suitable and wallet-friendly option for yourself.

Kids Playground
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How long can a concrete slab serve?

Concrete slabs can last for years. Of course, only if the concrete was mixed and poured correctly.

⭐Our patio needs staining. How can I hide it before guests arrive?

The best option is to buy an outdoor rug cover. Just make sue it fits the size of the deck.

⭐Can mulch help my flowers grow better?

Technically, it can. Mulch makes the health of the soil better thus helping the plants to grow.


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