How to Clean Gua Sha?

Learn how to keep your gua sha clean and in a proper condition easily

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Beauty procedures are essential since they allow our faces and bodies to remain in a good shape and be healthy longer.

Of course, it is best to undergo such procedures in a professional beauty salon, but even at home, we can still take care of ourselves with a few simple yet very effective beauty tools.

One of them is called gua sha.

This tool is used for massaging your face and neck in order to remove swells and keep your skin well toned and elastic.

Gua sha should be used manually, and since it is always in direct contact with our skin, you need to clean this tool properly.

But since this beauty tool is quite new and it appeared on the market not so long ago, people often wonder how to clean a gua sha tool correctly when using it at home.

See, these tools are mostly made of crystals (such as rock crystal, quartz, etc.) which means that in the majority of cases, you can’t just rinse it with some soap and water!

In this article, we will explain how to properly clean a gua sha at home, and how to keep this tool in a good state longer.

Also, we will tell you in detail how to clean gua sha tools that are made of different crystals.

Like this, you will avoid the scenario when you accidentally ruin your gua sha by mistreating it or washing it wrong.

Finally, you are going to learn how these tools should be stored in a proper way.

How to Clean Your Gua Sha?

If you have never used gua sha before, but you would like to try it, you definitely want to know how to clean your gua sha tool correctly. Well, in general, the cleaning procedure is more or less the same.

However, we want to remind you that gua sha is usually made of crystal!

The most common types of crystals that are used for these tools are:

  • rose quartz
  • amethyst
  • jade
  • rock crystal
  • obsidian (less common)

Because of this, the way of cleaning your gua sha tool will depend on what material it is made of since different crystals should be cleaned differently. But in general, the cleaning procedure looks like this:

  • gently wash your Gua Sha in a bowl with warm water and delicate hand soap or facial cleanser
  • remove your Gua Sha tool from the bowl
  • lay out to dry on a hand towel
  • once your Gua Sha is dry, spray isopropyl alcohol to disinfect and remove product build up
  • Allow your Gua Sha dry and then return it to your beauty cabinet.

As an option, you can empower your beauty tool even more by giving it a moon bath! Yes, we know that not everyone believes in things like that, but if you do, then check out how this could be done!

  1. cleanse your Gua Sha using the cleaning instructions above
  2. add one cup of Himalayan salt to a bowl
  3. lay or bury the Gua Sha in the salt
  4. place the bowl on any natural surface near a window for direct moonlight
  5. leave your gua sha in a salt bath overnight

The next day, you should allow your gua sha tool to charge for a few hours more, only this time in the morning sunrise instead of the moonlight.

When sunbathing your gua sha, make sure that your beauty crystal tool doesn’t start taking a sunbath too late when the sun is already high in the sky!

Why not, you may be wondering? Does it make any difference?

Well, in fact, it does. See, quite many crystals such as rose quartz can easily fade in direct sunlight. So better make sure that you sunbathe your gua sha early in the morning when the sun has just risen over the horizon.

Once your gua sha is cleansed and charged with the energy of the moonlight and sun, hold your crystal beauty tool in both of your palms and set your intentions. Done!

Your gua sha is now ready for being used!

How to Clean Your Gua Sha
Arina Krasnikova: Pexels

How to Clean Rose Quartz Gua Sha?

If your gua sha tool is made of rose quartz, you need to be careful and cautious when cleaning it since this crystal is very sensitive, especially to the washing methods and products!

If you wash your rose quartz gua sha wrong, it can fade and look way less attractive.

So in order to clean it properly, we recommend you use warm soapy water.

Also, opt for a delicate soap, and never use dishwashing liquids or abrasive cleaning powders on this mineral to avoid scratches!

  • Simply take a bowl
  • Fill it with warm water
  • Add a squirt of soap and stir the liquid to dissolve it
  • Immerse your gua sha into the soapy solution
  • Keep it there for a minute or two, rubbing it delicately with your fingers or a soft cloth
  • Take your gua sha out and pat dry it with a paper towel or a dry cloth

This is the safest method of cleaning a rose quartz gua sha that should be used if you make use of this tool at home.

How to Clean Rose Quartz Gua Sha
Arina Krasnikova: Pexels

How to Clean Jade Gua Sha Tool?

For cleaning your jade gua sha tool, you can use lukewarm water and some liquid soap to make a soapy solution. Make sure that you just have a few suds, but not an overly soapy and foamy mixture!

Also, it is not recommended to use jewelry cleaning liquids on this mineral since they can damage it.

To wash your jade gua sha tool, simply keep it in soapy water for a minute or two, rubbing carefully with your fingers, and then take it out and air dry.

How to Clean Jade Gua Sha Tool
Monstera: Pexels

How to Clean My Amethyst Gua Sha?

As for the amethyst gua sha tool, it can mostly be successfully cleaned with the same warm soapy water, just like we suggested for the rose quartz and jade tools. But also, ametyst gua sha can be treated with an ultrasonic cleaning method!

As for the special jewelry cleaners, they are also not recommended.

One more nuance that you must be aware of prior to cleaning your amethyst gua sha is that this mineral must not be exposed to heat.

This is why steam cleaning and even washing in hot water is strictly prohibited!

How to Clean My Amethyst Gua Sha
Polina Kovaleva: Pexels

How to Clean My Rock Crystal Gua Sha?

If your gua sha tool is made of rock crystal, you should not be worried about how to keep it clean. This mineral can be cleansed the same way as all the others that we mentioned above (jade, rose quartz, amethyst, etc.).

Just make sure that you don’t treat it with harsh sponges or abrasive cleaning powders to avoid scratches on the surface of the stone!

The only distinction with the rock crystal is that, if you do need to remove some stubborn residue or dirt from its surface, you can opt for an abrasive toothpaste!

It will cope with the problem delicately and you will get your shiny clean gua sha with the perfectly smooth surface.

Now you know how to clean gua sha tools if they are made of different materials and stones.

This information will help you to keep your beauty tool in a proper state of cleanliness and thus make sure it is safe for your skin.

How to Clean My Rock Crystal Gua Sha
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How Often to Clean Gua Sha?

Even after you learn how exactly your gua sha tools should be cleaned, you might still be wondering how often this procedure is supposed to be done. Should you wash your tools daily?

Is it ok to cleanse it after each use? Will cleaning it once a week be enough?

Well, the frequency of the cleaning procedures depends on how often you actually use the tool itself for your beauty procedures. In the majority of cases, it is recommended to do a gua sha routine once a week.

But of course, the frequency of use will also depend on your skin type and your skin’s tolerance for the method.

So as for the frequency of cleaning, we would say that cleaning your tool after each use is a good idea.

Like this, you can be sure that it is always ready for being used. Anyway, cleaning gua sha does not take much time, so this procedure should not be too bothersome for you!

How Often to Clean Gua Sha
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How to Keep Gua Sha Clean?

All right, you may say, now I know how my gua sha must be cleaned, and I also know how often I should do the cleaning procedure.

But what about preventing the tool from getting dirty and collecting dust and grease while it is not in use, for example?

Well, in fact, the one good and great thing about this tool is that it does not require any complicated cleaning or maintenance procedures.

You could already see that with the example of cleaning recommendations above.

As for the maintenance, simply make sure that your gua sha is kept in a separate box that is clean inside and can be sealed tightly with the lid. It will prevent the tool from collecting dust.

It will be also good if the box is not transparent since some minerals that gua sha is made of can’t stand sunlight.

So if you don’t want your tool to fade, better keep it in a shade place.

Also, we recommend you wipe your gua sha tool daily with a soft and clean microfiber cloth (you can get one specially for this purpose).

It will allow you to keep it dust free longer.

Besides, this simple routine will make sure that you spend less time on further washing since the tool is relatively clean.

How to Keep Gua Sha Clean
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How to Store Your Gua Sha Tool Correctly?

Since gua sha is made of minerals, you have to make sure that the tool is stored under the correct conditions.

Some of those minerals may fade when being exposed to direct light, and all of them are pretty fragile.

So in order to prevent fading, scratches and cracks (that may hurt your skin!), we recommend you to follow a few simple steps to provide your crystal tool with proper storage conditions:

  • keep your gua sha stored in a box with the tight lid
  • stuff the box with cotton wool or something similar to prevent the tool’s accidental breakage
  • avoid keeping your gua sha in textile bags since they don’t protect from breaks
  • keep the tool away from direct sunlight
  • keep your gua sha away from the sources of heat
  • don’t place heavy objects onto it

Usually, this will be more than enough for keeping your beauty tool in an ideal state longer.

How to Store Your Gua Sha Tool Correctly
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Is Gua Sha Better Than Jade Roller?

Jade rollers and gua sha tools are two types of beauty tools that are highly popular now. So no wonder that ladies want to know which one is better since both seem to work more or less the same way!

The facial gua sha tool uses a stroke that creates pressure and stretch at the same time.

As a result, it makes this tool more effective than the jade roller if your goal is to sculpt your facial features like cheekbone and jawline.

Gua sha tools that are designed with shapes that fit around facial curves amplify this benefit even more.

Is Gua Sha Better Than Jade Roller
Photo by Viva Luna Studios on Unsplash

So, this was all that we wanted to share with you on the subject of gua sha cleaning and maintenance, as well as its storage.

So even though this tool is relatively new on the market and in our daily disposal, you already know how to use it, how it should be stored, and how to clean it correctly.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Do I need to wash my face after gua sha?

In fact, gua sha is best to be done after both cleansing the face and applying a moisturizer or facial oil. Like this, the tool will help the products to get absorbed better.

⭐How often is it ok to use gua sha?

Once a week is typically enough. But still, it may depend on your skin type, its tolerance to the method, and the results you want to get.

⭐Can gua sha cause skin allergies?

Usually, gua sha can’t lead to skin allergies if the tool is made of real stones. However, if it’s plastic, you might have certain skin reactions! So be careful and buy certified tools.

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