How Many Stoles Can You Wear at Graduation?

Is it ok to wear two stoles or not? We will do our best to explain this to you today.

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Graduation is always an occasion that brings worries and excitement since it is an important day in any student’s life! In addition, students face specific rules and regulations for the first time when getting ready for their graduation ceremony. One such rule is the custom of wearing stoles.

There are a few questions graduates have before their graduation ceremony. Can you wear more than one stole at graduation? Can anyone wear a stole?

This is what we will try to figure out today. In addition, you will learn what a stole means and how to wear an honor stole for graduation correctly.

Can You Wear Multiple Stoles at Graduation?

When it comes to wearing a stole for the graduation ceremony, many students face the same dilemma: is it allowed and acceptable to wear multiple graduation stoles? In general, you can wear two stoles at graduation. For example, if you were in two clubs or similar, you could wear their stoles proudly!

How to wear a graduation stole | Look perfect for graduationHow to wear a graduation stole | Look perfect for graduation

But in most cases, it is not the best idea to wear more than one stole for your graduation ceremony. Why is that?

One honor stole for graduation is more than enough because if you decide to wear two or more, most people will only be able to see the one you have on top!

What Is a Stole and What Is It Used For?

Now that you know wearing more than one stole is basically ok, you probably wonder what the graduation stole meaning is. Traditionally, school graduates wear a stole to display their academic achievements during graduation.

A stole also helps graduate students display their involvement in different student societies and other areas of an organization, such as a fraternity or sorority. At the same time, graduates may also wear stoles out of respect for a long-standing tradition, even if they have no outstanding academic achievements, etc.

At this point, we would like to note that sometimes, wearing a graduation honor stole can be mandatory! In this case, graduate students will wear them because they have to.

What is the palatine made of

Most people are well aware of the traditional cap and gown that are associated with a stole. But what is graduation attire, and what does it consist of?

In general, the main components of graduation attire are:

  • Gown
  • Cap with tassel
  • Hood
  • Stoles/sashes
  • Cords

Additionally, students will typically be asked to wear something nice underneath their cap and gown. It should be something that looks presentable. This could be a dress or a skirt with a blouse for girls and a suit with dress shoes for a guy. Girls can wear heels or elegant sandals.

What Is a Stole and What Is It Used For
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What Do Colors Of a Graduation Honor Stole Mean?

School graduation stoles come in different colors, as you probably know. So this is another point of concern and, at the same time, interest for graduates: what do those stole colors mean?

Can I wear my own design tippet to prom

Speaking of colors, you should know that some honor stole colors do have meaning, whilst others do not have it. Sometimes, stoles may show the colors of the school. Other times, stoles will have the colors of an organization.

In college graduations, the stole’s colors may represent a fraternity, sorority, or a graduate’s field of study. Below, we have explained what the most common stole colors mean so that you can get a better idea of the subject and tell the difference between them.

What Do Colors Of a Graduation Honor Stole Mean
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What Does a White Graduation Stole Mean?

A white stole can mean many things. The particular meaning and symbolism of this color will depend on whether the stole represents any kind of student membership (for example, to a club or organization), a leadership position, or something similar. Sometimes, white can be the color of the student club or organization.

However, there is a general meaning to this color of a stole. For most students, white symbolizes the end of a student era and the expectations that come with the upcoming adulthood. Also, white means inspiration and eagerness to start their new adult life.

What Is the Meaning Of a Red Graduation Stole?

A red stole is usually worn by college graduates who have got a degree in engineering, a tech-related field, and, sometimes, journalism. As an alternative meaning, a red stole can mean that a student was actively participating in an academic group or a school activity. Red is also a standard color for colleges.

What Is the Meaning Of a Red Graduation Stole
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What Does It Mean If a Student Wears a Pink Graduation Stole?

A pink stole usually means that a student wearing it has some kind of noticeable achievement. Of course, graduating from school is an achievement itself, but pink stoles usually mean something more important and outstanding than getting your high school diploma or college degree. Speaking of colleges specifically, pink stoles are usually worn to show achievements related to the area of music, like involvement in a band, etc.

What Is the Meaning Of the Purple Stole?

Purple has always been the color of wisdom and integrity. This is why it is usually the color that most colleges choose for their stoles. And, respectively purple is also used to represent students’ achievements in academic areas.

At the same time, purple may not always mean that a student has any significant academic achievements. This color can also represent transformation, which makes it the perfect color selection for graduates who are heading into their adult life. Also, purple can sometimes be just purple!

Some students may wear a purple stole simply because it looks good!

What Is the Meaning Of the Purple Stole
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What Is the Symbolism Of a Silver Graduation Stole?

Silver stoles are usually reserved for achievements related to medical sciences or math. Some schools and colleges use silver stoles to represent accomplishments in agricultural fields as well. In addition, this color is often used by certain fraternities and sororities as their color of choice. In this case, the selection of the color will depend on a particular school or college, as well as on the student’s participation in such groups.

Now you know a bit more about the meaning of different graduation stoles colors. This information will be useful for you when you are a graduate student yourself! With its help, it will be easier for you to figure out what stole color you should choose if your college allows the color selection.

How to Wear a Graduation Stole?

Although you are now aware of the stole colors meaning, you might still be wondering how to wear a stole correctly. At this point, we would like to remind you of an important rule of thumb: anyone can wear a stole, but anyone can’t wear any kind of a stole!

How to Wear Your Graduation Regalia | Cap & GownHow to Wear Your Graduation Regalia | Cap & Gown

It may sound complicated, but in fact, everything is very simple. See, certain stoles can only be worn by people involved in a student organization, like a fraternity or a sorority.

If you are not a member of one, you will have to be careful and respectful of their traditions if you decide to wear the stole of their colors! Of course, it doesn’t mean that you will not be able to physically wear the stole. But it would be disrespectful for certain people to do so.

So how is it correct to wear a graduation honor stole? Since it usually consists of several components, it can feel difficult to put them all together with so many pieces involved! To help you out, we have prepared a quick and simple guide for you that will help you wear your stole correctly.

How to Wear a Graduation Stole
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Lay Out Your Graduation Wardrobe

The night before the graduation ceremony, pull out your graduation outfit and lay it out on a desk or table. When it is prepared in advance, you will avoid the situation when you wake up on graduation morning and find you are missing a piece of your graduation day attire!

It can help you a lot with arranging things if you lay your clothing out in the order of how they will be put on. First, there should be your outfit for the day. Next, your gown and hood, and next your stole/sash and cords. Your cap and your shoes come last.

Put It On!

On graduation day, put your attire on. Most gowns have a zipper in the front, so yours will most likely come with the one too. Make sure it’s fitting you comfortably and sitting correctly on your shoulders. Your graduation attire should not be lopsided or hanging the wrong way!

How to Wear Graduation Stoles?

This is often the trickiest part of graduation attire! To put your stole correctly, do the following:

How to wear stoles to prom
  • Take it and hold it out in front of you, ensuring that the letters or symbols are facing away from you.
  • Place it over your head and lay it on your shoulders.
  • Make sure they are even on both sides.
  • Move around to make sure it’s not slipping off. If your stole is slipping, use a bobby pin to hold it in place.
How to Wear Graduation Stoles
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Put On Your Graduation Cap

Now that you are fully dressed up put the cap on and make sure your tassel is turned to the right side. Most graduation ceremonies require you to turn your tassel from one side to the other to symbolize that you have graduated.

It may seem complicated but in fact, dressing up for your graduation ceremony is easy. If you feel uncertain about it, feel free to train and dress up a couple of times before your graduation day. The exact sequence of actions should be used if you need to figure out how to wear two stoles at a graduation ceremony.

Now you know that a student can typically wear more than one honor stole unless it is restricted by the rules of a college or school. However, there is usually no point in wearing several of them! The reason is apparent: the top stole will cover all the others worn underneath, and nobody will see them!

Also, you have learned more about the meaning of graduation stole colors and the procedure of graduation dressing up. With all this in mind, you will not only feel more confident about wearing your stole correctly; but you will also avoid making mistakes that often come with choosing the right stole color.

Put On Your Graduation Cap
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Do you wear a stole for a master's degree?

Typically, for a master’s degree, they can wear a stole to represent their special academic achievements or awards.

⭐Can I wear my own designed stole at graduation?

No, you can’t make up your own stole. There is a set design that students should use.

⭐Can anyone wear a graduation stole?

Basically yes. But you don’t have to wear a stole to your school graduation. Most schools don’t require you to do so.

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