Girl Says She Doesn’t Want a Relationship But Keeps Texting Me. What Does It Mean?

Learn how to figure out what a girl really means in this case

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Why is she texting me after rejecting me? Why does a girl say she is not interested in me romantically but she keeps texting me now and then? Such questions are often asked by guys and we can understand what exactly makes them surprised and even a bit frustrated!

For a man, if a girl is interested in him, she would try to communicate with him, spend more time together and somehow else show her affection.

Respectively, if she is not considering him as a potential partner, she would not stay in touch. So why do girls act so strangely?

In this article, we will try to figure this out. You are going to find out what it could mean if a girl keeps texting you even though she said she’s not interested in you in a romantic way. Also, we will explain how it would be best to react to such behavior.

Like that, you will be able to avoid any awkward situations and misunderstandings between you and her.

Why Does She Keep Texting Me If She Says She Doesn’t Want a Relationship?

She says she likes me but doesn’t want a relationship. However, she is still texting me regularly, answering my messages almost at once.

What could it be? Is she flirting? Or is it something else?

For sure, such behavior from a girl will surprise any man and make him wonder what she means and what her real intentions are.

Say This When She Says "She's Not Ready!" (Finding Herself or Emotionally Unavailable)Say This When She Says “She’s Not Ready!” (Finding Herself or Emotionally Unavailable)

However, you should not suspect that she is being insincere! In fact, girls do like this quite often. If she told you that you are not her romantic interest but she is still texting you, perhaps she finds you an interesting person.

Maybe, you two share common interests or hobbies, or she takes you as her friend. Naturally, in this case, she would not want to lose you and your friendship!

But on the other hand, there are girls sometimes who do it intentionally. They tell guys that they have no romantic interest in them whilst the truth is that they try to grab men’s attention through this behavior!

Since things are quite complicated, as you can see, we suggest you check out a more detailed explanation of this problem. Below, we will provide you with several possible reasons why girls can text guys without wanting to date them.

Like this, you will be able to see better what really makes your female friend act this way.

Why Does She Keep Texting Me If She Says She Doesn’t Want a Relationship
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She Just Loves Freedom

Perhaps your female friend is the kind of girl who loves freedom so much that she doesn’t want any ties and boundaries. She likes to keep that flirty spark alive but she would hardly agree to build really close relationship with a guy.

Her status in your life is most likely closer to a friend rather than to a girlfriend. Such a girl is also rather unpredictable and independent. She comes and goes, and she likes no restrictions in her life.

And she is just looking for someone who could share her sense of independence. If you try to keep such a girl close to you, she will easily ditch your relationship for someone who will support her crazy ideas and wild nature!

She Just Loves Freedom
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She Doesn’t Want to Get It All Serious

There could be different reasons for this kind of behavior. Perhaps, she just desires companionship without any long-term commitment, which is absolutely normal.

Or she might just not be ready for any serious relationship right now. In some cases, such a girl would take your desire to get closer to her as intrusive and thus make an attempt to “hide” behind her phone, avoiding any awkward encounter.

However, it could be possible that she thinks you are not good enough for her or she is just having fun talking to you because she feels bored! Anyway, her behavior shows that she truly wants to spend more time with you, however, right now, she is not ready to get any closer.

She Is Way Too Busy to Date

If your female friend is very busy at work at school, chances are that she simply has no time for dating! And it is not about you at all.

Perhaps, she is having problems right now with her job or study, or she is just too busy, trying to combine study and work. Either way, she can hardly squeeze you and your dates into her tight schedule!

She Is Way Too Busy to Date
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She Needs You As Her Friend

To some guys, this could be quite an unexpected and, well, unpleasant discovery! When you have feelings for a girl and then you find out that you are just a friend to her – that could be a traumatizing experience!

In this situation, it is also possible that you two used to be in love but then, something happened and she lost that initial spark of romance unlike you.

However, if this is what really happened, you can’t do anything about it. You can’t make another person love you!

So you only have two options here: you either accept her friendship or you stop any communication if you realize that what you feel for her is far from only friendly feelings.

She Likes You!

This is perhaps one of the happiest scenarios. If a girl keeps texting you, it means that she likes you. And if she doesn’t show any signs of rejection, then it is very likely that she might even be interested in dating you!

In this case, it is very important for her to feel really confident about your intentions. Only when she is absolutely sure that you are not going to play with her, she will be able to reveal her own interest in you.

She Likes You!
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She Needs You Back

Perhaps you were good friends with this girl or she could even be your girlfriend. If you really had good times together before and then split up, now she might want to bring you back at least as her friend. And there is nothing bad about this desire. It simply means that she appreciates your attitude, your support, and your help.

So in this case, it is up to you whether to stay in touch with her or not. If you split up being friends and you had no serious fight, maybe it makes sense for you to just stay friends with her. However, it is important to clarify at one what kind of relationship you have with her so that none of you have any wrong expectations!

She Is In a Relationship

If a girl texts you but she claims that she has no romantic feelings for you, it could be very possible that she is already in a relationship with another guy.

Why would she want to befriend you then?

Well, it’s very much possible that she likes talking to you, she enjoys your company and she would like to continue your communication without bringing it any further though.

If you are ok with making friends with a girl, then why not?

If you two share common interests and you find your communication very comfortable for each other, then you could stay friends indeed.

Again, it is important that you and your female friend set the borders in your communication: clarify at once what is acceptable and what is not acceptable between you to avoid any misunderstandings and awkward moments in the future.

She Is In a Relationship
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You Are a Second Chance For Her

You have probably seen such a girl: she flirts with a man, she may even accept gifts from him and/or go out with him. However, she never moves their relationship any further to something more serious and defined. It is like she is keeping him close to her but never allows him to approach really close.

If you are experiencing something similar, it is very likely that your girl already has a boyfriend or maybe she is even married! And for some reason, she considers you as her second chance.

Maybe her relationship with her partner is going through some collapse stage right now or they have just had a big fight. No matter the reason, for such a girl, you will always be Number Two.

You Are a Second Chance For Her
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She Recently Falls Out Of Relationship

It doesn’t mean that she wants no romance though. Such girls often prefer occasional dates and tend to change partners quite frequently. Anyway, she is ready to have fun dating casually, so if you are also ok with that, then take your chance. But if you are looking for a serious relationship, this girl will hardly suit you.

And you should not blame her for this attitude or behavior. It’s not that she is so careless or ignorant. Perhaps, she had it tough with her ex-boyfriend and she needs more time to put herself back together. Anyway, it could be worth trying for you to date her and see where it goes.

She Is Not Sure About You

It’s not that you seem so suspicious to her! It’s about her own uncertainty about you and your relationship. See, if you have just met, and you already act too persisting, the girl might get scared off by your allure!

However, if she is not rejecting you, it means that she likes you. She just needs more time to figure things out. In this case, it could make sense if you discuss the situation and set deadlines that will suit both of you.

Like that, you will avoid the situation when a guy is waiting eternally for a girl to make a final decision about him.

Now you know why girls could keep texting you without trying to make it closer and more serious. And as you are aware now, it is not always about their kinky nature!

This is why, if your female friend is behaving this way and you have feelings for her, it is better to make things clear at once. Simply try to delicately ask her about her intentions and feelings, and what you should expect in the nearest future.

She Is Not Sure About You
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What to Do If a Girl Is Texting You But Doesn’t Want to Date?

Well, first of all, you have to figure out why she is doing that. For this, read the above part carefully, you will find a few answers there. And after you can see clearly what could make her do like that, here is the spot when you have to make a decision. It will depend on your intentions regarding her and your relationship.

8 Reasons Why She Texts… But Doesn’t Want to Hang Out!8 Reasons Why She Texts… But Doesn’t Want to Hang Out!

If You Want to Stay Friends

If you don’t have any romantic feelings or you had them before but now they are gone, you can stay friends with her. However, this is a very delicate thing! See, it is important not to move your communication into a romantic zone in this case. So if you are 100% sure you can only see a female friend in her – then do it!

If You Want to Stay Friends
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If You Have Feelings For Her

It’s going to be a bit harder. See, if you like her and/or have feelings for her, but she doesn’t, then you can either split up and stop communicating, or you can stay friends. In this particular case, being friends will hardly be possible so…The answer is obvious.

Anyway, we would recommend you ask her directly what chances are that she might develop feelings for you. If there are no chances, then you know what to do.

If You Don’t Take It Serious

If you are a free spirit and you don’t want any serious relationship with this girl, as well as she doesn’t want any bonds with you, then why not enjoy the company of each other just like that? Anyway, it is better than telling stories to each other about how serious your intentions are!

So, now you know more about the girls’ behavior and how it is better to react to it, especially when it comes to such a delicate area as romance and relationship.

We hope that with the tips and life hacks we shared today, you will be able to make your communication comfortable both for you and for the girl.

If You Don’t Take It Serious
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How do you know if a girl is not interested in you through text?

The most obvious sign will be if she stops responding after a while. If she never responds then, it’s pretty safe to say that she’s not into you.

⭐Why does she text me but not say much?

She may be trying to play it cool. Or, she could be playing hard to get and test your interest. Or she’s just not very talkative!

⭐Will a girl text if she’s interested?

Girls don’t text you unless they’re interested, so if she’s responding to your texts, then it’s a definite sign that she cares about you.

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