Excuses to Leave the House That Will Always Work

Need to sneak out of the house? Read on to learn what excuses will make it fully legit!

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No matter how old you are, 18 or 38, you might still be in need of a few useful ideas of excuses to use to speak out of the house. And since not all of us can make up proper excuses, we have collected a bunch of them for you.

In this article, you will find good excuses for sneaking out of your home without any suspicion. They sound natural and reasonable, so it is very unlikely that your family members, parents, or partner would suspect anything.

Excuses to Get Out of the House

Any of you may find yourself in a situation where you have to get out of the house unnoticed without drawing too much attention to yourself. In this case, it’s a good idea to have a few reasons to leave the house so that you won’t raise any alarm or get yourself in trouble.

Best 5 Excuses to Get out of PlansBest 5 Excuses to Get out of Plans

Whether you want to sneak out when you are grounded or take a break from a partner that’s getting on your nerves, the following excuses will help you to get out of the house without any suspicion.

Good Excuses to Leave the House at Night

If you are a teenager and you have strict, overprotective parents, it often means that they can take it a bit too far sometimes. So if you are sure that you will be careful and everything is going to be fine, and that your parents have nothing to worry about, grab several reasonable excuses to get out of the house at night:

Good Excuses to Leave the House at Night
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Tell Them You Want to Get Some Air

This is a good excuse to use if you have a porch or balcony or some sort of area in your yard where you or your family members relax or get some air. But you will have to get ready in advance and find somewhere to put your going-out clothes. Your parents will surely suspect something if you get all dressed up!

Also, you’re better off doing this when everyone else in the house is going to bed, so they won’t try to join you outside. And remember, if you get caught, you can never use this excuse again!

This is why make sure you change your clothes again before sneaking back in. Also, try not to go too far in case your parents text you and ask if you will be coming inside soon or ask you to do something for them urgently.

Say You Are Going for a Walk

This can be a good excuse to get out of the house but only if you live in a good and safe neighborhood. If you say you are going for a walk or even a run and wear sweatpants and a jacket over your real clothes, your parents will hardly suspect a thing.

This is an ideal excuse to briefly see a friend or even your boyfriend/girlfriend who lives nearby. You can also use it if you want to stop by a party quickly.

But be careful with this tip! If you are not a sporty girl or guy and you have never gone out for a walk or run, such as excuse will look fishy! So if there is an upcoming event, you’d better start doing evening walks or running maybe two weeks before the actual date. Like that, your parents can get used to the idea of it.

Say You Are Going for a Walk
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Tell Them You Have Lost Something Earlier

If you need to quickly sneak out of the house and return, and you don’t want your parents to take it fishy, just say you lost something earlier in your front yard. It can be anything that belongs to you and is rather important or costly, such as an earring, some cash, a charm bracelet, a wallet, anything you can think of that you’d need to find as soon as possible.

Now you know what excuses can help you sneak out of your house and get back unnoticed if your parents are way too strict. However, we want to emphasize that you should only use these excuses if you are absolutely sure that where you are going is safe!

Good Excuses to Get Out of the House When You Are Grounded

Being grounded is not the best thing in the world! While the rest of your friends and classmates are out there living their lives to the fullest, you must stay home doing absolutely nothing.

5 Things to Do When You're GROUNDED | Sarah Hunter5 Things to Do When You’re GROUNDED | Sarah Hunter

Is there a way you could still sneak out without being punished?

Yes, there is. Check out a few excuses to get out of the house when you’re grounded.

Tell Your Parents You Have a Study Group

All parents want their kids to do well in school. So if you say you have a study group, they won’t make you miss out on an opportunity to do an additional study! Besides, your parents will think that studying will not be the best time of your life since it’s not fun. They just don’t know that you can make your study group whatever you want!

So, if you want to spend time with your boyfriend/girlfriend or friends, call it a study group and you can hang out instead! The only possible problem would be if your parents wouldn’t see anyone else there besides your boyfriend/girlfriend. So prep in advance and get a few wingmen there to make it all look realistic.

Tell Your Parents You Have a Study Group
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Tell Them You Need School Supplies at the Mall

If you want to hang out at the mall with your friends but you know your parents won’t let it happens, just say you need some school supplies for a project. You only need to make sure you really come home with stuff, otherwise, your parents won’t believe you! At least, you can say your groupmate took everything home to get started.

Say You Have a Prior Agreement

Having a prior agreement (especially if it’s something important) can be a reasonable excuse for your parents to let you out of the house. For example, you can say you offered to volunteer, participate in a function, or do something of that nature. Being grounded is a poor excuse for not keeping your word!

Say You Have a Prior Agreement
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Excuses to Leave the House to Take a Break From Your Partner

If you are an adult, you basically don’t have to ask anyone to leave your own house. However, if you live with your partner or a spouse, it would be taken rudely if you just vanish without saying a word to the second party.

So we recommend you keep several good excuses in mind just in case. They may become handy if you need to take a break from communicating with your partner or calm down after a fight.

Say You Go Out for a Smoke

This can be a good excuse to leave the house for a few minutes if you smoke. If you just need 15 minutes or so, use a smoke break as an excuse. It’s a good excuse because smoking indoors is not appreciated. In addition, when you go out to smoke, you will have a few minutes to themselves to just relax.

You should only use this excuse when you are still on the property. If your partner/spouse goes outside and doesn’t see you, he/she will suspect something is wrong or that you lied.

Say You Go Out for a Smoke
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Say There Is Work Emergency

Working late is one of the most popular excuses to leave the house for a few hours, but you can also use it if you just want to get away from everyone for a while without raising suspicion. But make sure you don’t do it too often! Also, this excuse will be helpful if your job can actually have these types of emergencies. Otherwise, this excuse will not work.

It will also be good if you take this time actually to get away. Avoid going to a bar or somewhere public where you can be spotted. If it happens, you will have a lot of trouble with your partner/spouse!

Tell Them You Go to the Gym

If you work out a lot, you can use the gym as an excuse to get out of the house. In most situations, it will be done with no problem. Just make sure you are in gym attire or at least have a gym bag so it looks natural.

The only way you can get caught is if your partner/spouse decides to show up for a workout too, and you are not there. However, this is only possible if you visit the same gym.

Tell Them You Go to the Gym
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Say You Are Going to a Boys/Girls’ Night

Use your friends as an excuse to get away from home, for instance, when things are getting tense with your partner. Even if you and your friends have nothing planned, you can still calm down and blow off some steam by watching a movie, going out to eat, and doing other activities to bring your thoughts in order.

Tell Them You Are Going to the Mechanic

For guys with cars, this is an excellent excuse. Women are usually much less interested in cars and can’t tell if something is wrong. Use this excuse to get out of the house and say you need to take your car into the shop for some reason. This will likely take a few hours, and she won’t even be able to tell the difference when you’re back.

So, now you have a bunch of helpful excuses you can use if you need to sneak out of your house for different reasons. We shared distinct excuses that can be used by teenagers and adults, so you will surely find something that can help you.

However, such an excuse is always the very last resort! If you have a tense relationship with your partner or your parents are way too strict, constant sneak-outs won’t make it better and won’t help you solve the issue.

Try to talk to them and discuss what’s wrong.

Tell Them You Are Going to the Mechanic
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐How do I get out of going somewhere with my parents?

Try to fake illness or tell them you have some urgent work to do.

⭐What are some good excuses to get out of something?

Some good excuses could be illness, family emergency, appointments, urgent work, etc.

⭐What is a good last-minute excuse?

Reasonable excuses to leave work early include child-related care, last-minute family arrival, family issue, home break-in, package delivery, utility issue, headache (and other health issues), menstrual cramps, toothache, contagious sickness, and oncoming cold.

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