The Reasons Why It’s Important To Keep Your Car Clean

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Written by Olivia Paxton. Updated on wash me

When it comes to our homes, we often do what we can to clean them every week, if not more regular than that. However, we don’t tend to have the same urgency with our cars.

People often allow their vehicles to go months without so much as a tidy, let alone washing the exterior and ensuring the car is in tip-top condition.

While you don’t need to be cleaning your vehicle every day, it also shouldn’t be such a rare occurrence. After all, failing to maintain your car’s hygiene and cleanliness could be detrimental for these five reasons.

It Affects The Paint Job

There’s no stopping a car from deteriorating over time. This process happens to all vehicles, which is why people tend to buy a new one every half a decade or so. However, while there might be no stopping a car’s inevitable decline, that doesn’t mean you can’t slow this process down.

This is where cleaning comes in because keeping a vehicle’s exterior free of all the irritants that can cause harm works wonders for its lifespan.

The dirt and grime that builds up on your car over time can harm the paintwork and even the metal, leading it to deteriorate faster. Therefore, if you clean the exterior more often, you reduce the rate at which these elements decline. That’s ideal, especially if you plan on selling your car when you’re finished with it.

It Impacts Your Health

One of the main reasons people clean is to reduce the presence of germs and keep their health in good condition. The last year has shown us just how important it is to keep things sanitized and to clean regularly – you never know what you might pick up if you don’t. So, if you rarely bother to tackle your car’s hygiene, you could be putting yourself at risk.

It’s unlikely that you’re going to be struck down by something deadly if you only wipe down surfaces and vacuum the floor and seats every other month. However, over time you could still pick up germs that might make you feel unwell for a few days. If that’s avoidable, surely it’s worth taking the necessary precautions.

It Affects Your Driving Visibility

Visibility is essential when you’re on the road. If you can’t see clearly, there’s a greater risk of causing an accident. 

Obviously, if you don’t clean your car that often, it’s likely that your windows won’t be as transparent as they could be. You might think their current condition isn’t a problem, but it’s always better to be safe than sorry where your life’s concerned.

It’s not even that hard to keep your window’s clean and clear when you have services like Sundance available. Offering exceptional car wash facilities at five different locations in Lancaster County, you can ensure your vehicle is safe to drive without breaking the bank.

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It Reflects On You

People tend to take care of their appearance because they don’t want others to view them as sloppy. The state of a person’s clothes and hygiene can suggest a lot about them, which is why so many of us prioritize cleanliness. There’s no reason that should be solely limited to what we wear, though.

The state of your car can suggest just as much to someone else as the state of your clothes. A dirty vehicle can send the wrong message, and it can make you feel pretty insecure too. So, to avoid being judged and becoming self-conscious as a result, it’s worth ensuring that everything you present to the world is relatively clean. That means washing your car more than twice a year.

It Influences Your Fuel Economy

For a long time, there’s been a myth that dirty cars are more fuel-efficient than clean ones. The basis for this theory is tied to how golf balls with dimples travel further than smooth balls because they have less drag. However, cars and golf balls are two very different things, and it seems one can’t be used to prove the other.

As it turns out, clean cars are actually more fuel-efficient than dirty ones, because the dirt particles aren’t equally distributed. If they were, there’s a chance that the myth could actually be true.

However, because grime accumulates on your car randomly, your fuel efficiency decreases the dirtier your vehicle gets.

Although the difference is slight, this can still build up over time. So, if you want to save yourself a bit of money on fuel every year, it’s worth cleaning your car regularly.  

No-one’s saying you need to spend every weekend cleaning every inch of your car. However, if you’ve been quite slack with upkeep recently, it’s worth making a few changes.

After all, there’s clearly a lot to benefit from driving around in a cleaner car.

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