Everything You Need To Know About Creating The Perfect 80th Birthday Party Invitations

We will tell you how to make unique and personalized cards easily

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Birthday is always a welcome party, but anniversary, especially the 80th, is a truly special occasion! No wonder that relatives and friends are busy trying to find presents that would satisfy the hero of the occasion.

And since even the smallest detail matters, in this case, we would like to share with you several ideas on how to anniversary.

Birthday Party Invitation Etiquette

Writing an invitation can seem to be very easy but in fact, creating a proper text may appear somewhat more challenging than it was expected. 

The wording and tone you choose matter a lot, of course, but several basic hints exist that have to used for any type of invitation card including the 80th Birthday invitations

Below you can find the list of the most helpful tips to create a proper-sounding card.

  • Indicate the purpose of the event
  • The start and ending time of celebration must be also mentioned
  • Remember to tell the guests where (address) the party will take place. If some of those who are coming to the party are not from your area, then include a map to the location of the event as well
  • Send invitations approximately eight to two weeks in advance hanging on the formality of the occasion. The more people are invited and the more complex the celebration will be the longer lead-time it will need
  • Let your guests know whether they can bring someone else with them or not
  • Provide the guests with a rain date if you are planning to celebrate outdoors and you have no backup indoor plan in case the weather gets worse during the party
  • Ask the guests to confirm them coming as soon as possible and give them the latest date by which they have to respond. Also, it would be better if you indicated the way they need to do it as well: either by phone, by sending an email, or in a response card
  • Indicate what type of food will be served in case some of the invited people have an allergy. You can also request for any food demands e.g. food sensitivity, etc
  • And finally, let your guests know whether the celebration will be formal or not
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If the party requires any special attire, tell your guests that the dress code is a must.

Like that, everyone will have time to plan their schedules and prepare themselves for the upcoming event.

Deciding On a Design


Some people are often get worried about the style of the bday invitationscards. What color, font, and design to choose? 

Well, we can only tell that the best option is to adhere to the wishes of the hero of the occasion! If he or she likes bright colors or traditional patterns, or in case any specific color combinations are desired – consider that when ordering cards.

Tina Turner - 80th Birthday Message from Tina (2019)Tina Turner – 80th Birthday Message from Tina (2019)

To make it easier for you to choose, we prepared a list of the most trendy designs of the 80th Birthday invitation cards in 2020:

  1. Watercolor patterns are very popular this year, especially floral motifs
  2. Black background with golden letters and decorations is another trendy design this year
  3. Any retro-style invitation cards will look very stylish, too
  4. Any handmade designs are highly popular in 2020 so why not order the cards from an illustrator you like?


And take into account that cards for a men’s anniversary should probably be more reserved than for a woman’s (but of course, consider the person’s own preferences!). 

How to Write an Invitation. Choose the Tone Correctly

Probably, the most thrilling part of the invitation card making process is to write the invitation properly. But in fact, everything is rather simple: decide whether the party will be formal or not, and choose the respective tone.

  • For a formal celebration, the invitation must match the tone. This is why we’d recommend hand-writing them or even engraving on the cards.
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