Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seat

Which one is best in terms of hygiene, usability, and safety

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Everyone wants their home to be the safest and the comfiest place in the world, no matter whether one lives there with the family or alone. But quite a few of us think of toilet seat when it comes to the dwellers’ wellbeing! 

However, such a common item used by millions of people worldwide must be picked carefully considering several important factors so that it would be not just convenient to utilize but also safe.

And we will tell you about it in more detail and give some hints on what the best toilet seats are today.

Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seat. What to Take Into Account

The topic may seem to be strange to someone since most people would never bother about thinking of that sort of thing. Why we are not going to buy some fancy toilet seats of gold! 

However, toilet seat materials are rather important since (let’s be honest) lavatory is one of the places where we have to spend some time every day. And if those materials can be a reason for any harm for us, isn’t it better to be aware of that?

So, when choosing a new cover for the toilet bowl, we would recommend everyone to take into account several essential factors regarding the “wood vs plastic toilet seats” choice:

Level of comfort

The thing we sit on must be pleasant to the touch and comfy, that is a must. Plastic toilet seats are often described by people as cold and flimsy whereas their wooden counterpart is a sort of more solid and sturdy toilet seat.

However, hanging upon the sort of finish that the wooden item is covered with, it can also feel somewhat chilly on winter days, especially if you have significant temperature fluctuations in your place.

Durability of toilet seat made of wood

In terms of this factor, wood is considered to be the best toilet seat material since it is way more long-lasting compared to plastic. 

Since wood is heavier and thicker, it is less prone to breakage compared to the light plastic that can crack.

Wood vs Plastic Toilet Seat. What to Take Into Account
Photo by Filios Sazeides

However, it must be considered that the most fragile part of any seat, both wooden and plastic, is the spot where it joins the base. Those connective pieces that are always made of plastic tend to get ruined most often, so we would recommend everyone to substitute them for metal ones.

Also, please remember that wooden seats always come covered with the protective finish that will wear down sooner or later. If, as a result, the wood is exposed to humidity, expect it to warp.


It may seem that wooden covers are super expensive but in fact, they are mostly quite affordable. Of course, compared to the plastic variants that normally cost about twenty bucks per item, the wooden seats will be definitely pricier. The cost will mostly hang upon the sort of timber it is made of. 


Photo by Jan Antonin Kolar

This is a crucial moment for any housewife! How much is each of these materials prone to bacteria exposure?

Indeed, wood is a porous material and that can create some sort of uncertainty. However, wooden toilet seats sold in a store are always covered with the protective sealant or laminate to protect them from the germs and the external factors.

Nevertheless, that sealant still needs to be re-applied now and then since wood tends to wear down.

As for the plastic, it is way less porous and can be easily cleaned by simple wiping with the sanitary wipe.


Photo by Francesca Tosolini

Not everyone bothers about having a toilet seat that looks gorgeous or at least nice. However, if you would like even the toilet bowl to be good-looking, choosing a fitting material is a crucial matter.

The wooden cover will better fit the interior of a bathroom with the stained finishes whereas a plastic item can be suitable for the room with a more modern design. But of course, only your own taste matters here.

As a variant, why not get a wooden item painted white? This trick will make it look more like plastic but will preserve the smoothness and pleasant touch of the wood.

In general, choosing between wood and plastic is like deciding which side the toilet paper roll must be turned up. Both materials are easy to maintain, both are human-friendly. Wood might need some more attention (remember re-coating it?), but apart from that, it is all about your personal preferences.

What to Pay Attention To When Picking a High-Quality Toilet Seat

Since the quality of toilet seats matters so much, it is obvious that we must choose the material and the item itself carefully.

This can be done properly if we remember the basic things that must be considered:

  • Size matters. Always pay attention to how long and how wide the seat is. Too wide item will be very uncomfy to sit on, besides, it will most likely crack on the sides. The very long seat is also not good since it will not be attached evenly to the base.

Take the measures of the toilet and its hinges to not mess up at the store.

Toilet Shopping 101: What To Know Before You BuyToilet Shopping 101: What To Know Before You Buy
  • Pick the material. Apart from wood and soft plastic, these items can be made of hard plastic, resin, and even stainless steel. Hard plastic ones are more durable and some even immune to bacteria due to the silver particles incorporated into them. 

Resin items are also damage-resistant and also very good-looking being a perfect decoration, too. 

Finally, steel ones are anti-bacterial (except for being good-looking) and very durable.

  • Consider the shape. Oval seats are the most widespread as they fit almost any lavatory bowl. 

When following these simple tips, choosing the proper seat for the lavatory will become more like fun rather than a bothersome obligation.

The Best Toilet Seats

The Best Toilet Seats
Photo by Curology

Of course, when we arrive at the store and see that wide variety of toilet seats, it is easy to get confused. What toilet seat brands are the best ones? Which item is the safest? What color would fit my bathroom better?

Hundreds of questions appear in our heads making a simple choice almost impossible. This is why we prepared a brief but very informative toilet seats’ review to help everyone in making a decision.

 The best elongated toilet seat

Elongated toilet seats became widely popular because of their ergonomic qualities. They are very comfy to sit on, and they provide better contact with the skin. Church White Slow-Close Seat is one of this kind. 

Made of molded wood of high density, this item is protected with the finish. The elegant appearance and pleasant surface in addition to its durability make this seat one of the people’s favorites and the best slow-close toilet seat.

Best round toilet seat

Round items are more popular in smaller lavatories and older designs. They are good for the apartments and other not that spacious areas with small toilets. “Mayfair 48SLOWA” is one of them: heavy-duty fasteners on this toilet seat prevent the item from twisting and the bowl from scratches. Also, it is very simple to detach which makes this thing super-easy stuff to replace and the best toilet seat cover for the small spaces.

Best high-end toilet seat

If you want something comfy and at the same time universal, Kohler Brevia is the choice.  It is easy to install and use due to the special mechanisms that will help to put it on and take it off in a blink of an eye.

The lid is tightly secured so no scratches will be on the bowl, also, the item is easy to maintain thanks to the release mechanisms that make it possible to clean even in the most hard-to-reach spots.

The most comfortable toilet seat

To not get your butt frozen on winter mornings, install the heated Brondell LumaWarm seat onto the lavatory bowl. 

It is the same simple to install as any other ordinary cover, but you will feel way comfier on that!

This was the review of the best commode seats of all kinds. Use it the next time you visit the store for purchasing a new item for the lavatory.

To summarize, the decision between wood or plastic toilet seat may seem to be difficult to make but try to consider your own needs. Think of the size and shape needed, the color (if that matters to you), and then proceed to pick the material. With the incredible variety of options, choosing a toilet cover today will not be a problem.

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Why do toilet seats turn yellow?

The reason can be in hard water but sunlight is often another cause of such changes.

⭐ Why do toilet seats get discolored?

These discolored areas are caused by hard water, minerals in particular that create a build-up.

⭐ What is the most hygienic toilet seat?

BioBidet Supreme with a remote and several cleaning modes is one of the most hygienic seats.

⭐ How often should you change your toilet seat?

You’d better replace the old item with the new one every five years.

⭐ How do you clean wooden toilet seats?

Any mild detergent, e.g. dish soap, is the best option for this purpose.

⭐ Does Walmart have toilet seats?

Yes, they do have them.

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