Why Did He Kiss Me If We Are Just Friends?

You are friends with a guy but he kisses you when you meet? What could that be?

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If you take a look at the ways of communication between men and women these days, you will easily notice that they differ pretty much from what was appropriate and accustomed to a couple of generations ago. Today, when a man and a woman meet, it is ok if he pecks her on the cheek, which was impossible not so long ago!

However, such simplified rules of communication sometimes make it sort of difficult to figure out what your interlocutor means. In particular, it refers to a friend’s kiss.

Have you ladies ever been in a situation when a guy friend greets you (or tells goodbye to you) and he is kissing you when doing that? How would you react? And what would you consider this kiss to be – just a friendly gesture or something more?

Today we will talk about a situation when a guy says he wants to be friends but he kisses you! You will find out what it could mean and how you should react. Like that, you will be able to avoid any awkward situations and misunderstandings with your guy friend.

Why Did My Guy Friend Kiss Me?

My guy friend kissed me, now what?! Quite many girls ask this question when their best male friend suddenly kisses them when greeting or saying goodbye! Let’s agree, this is a bit awkward and confusing situation since you would not expect such behavior from your friend. But why did he do that?

Does my guy friend like me? There are signs to tell you!Does my guy friend like me? There are signs to tell you!

When we are friends with someone, no matter their gender, we expect there is no hormonal background in our relationship. When we are friends, our relationship is supposed to be platonic.

So your male best friend’s kiss will most likely leave you puzzled and confused. And in fact, there can be several different reasons why your guy friend would kiss you:

  1. He might feel attracted to you
  2. He might like you but feel too shy to tell you about it
  3. He is in love with you but is afraid to confess
  4. It could be the heat of the moment
  5. He could be playing with you without any real feeling!

As you can see, there is a lot to think about. In addition, it also depends on what kind of kiss it was.

Did he kiss you on the cheek? Or was it a kiss on the lips?

To make things clear, we suggest you read on and learn what his kiss could mean depending on how he kissed you.

Why Did My Guy Friend Kiss Me
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What Does It Mean If Your Guy Friend Kissed You On Lips?

My guy friend kissed me on the lips! What does it mean? Could that be the way to show me he is in love?! Hold on, ok? There are several kinds of kisses on the lips and they are not all about romance! Read on to find out what each kiss means.

  • Lip pricks can be both platonic and romantic
  • If it was an American kiss (the one that doesn’t use tongue), it is clearly a sign of his feelings for you! This is a romantic gesture for sure!
  • And of course, there is no need to explain that, if your guy friend gave you a French kiss, he is far from being just friendly!

As you can see, most of these kisses are considered romantic, however, some of them (such as lip pricks) can be both platonic and romantic. But for sure, any girl will be able to tell the difference between a friendly peck on the cheek and a real kiss!

What Does It Mean If Your Guy Friend Kissed You On Lips
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What Does It Mean If My Best Friend Kissed Me On the Cheek?

Why did he kiss me if he doesn’t like me? If your guy friend kissed you not on your lips, there could be different ways to explain his gesture. Below, you can find an explanation of the most common reasons. By the way, here are not only the kisses on the cheek!

  • If he kissed you on the cheek, it could be a sign of affection. But also, it could be a mere sign of his good attitude to you, completely platonic
  • A kiss on the forehead or the top of your head means that this guy feels affection and he cares about you
  • If it was a kiss on your hand, it could be a sign that the guy likes you and wants to start a relationship with you. Such a kiss is typically a sign of love, trust, affection, and care
  • If he gently kissed you on the nose, be sure that it is the way to show adoration and love!

Sounds a bit more complicated than a kiss on the lips, right?

However, if your friend gave you one of such kisses as described above, you should always adhere to your gut. How did you feel it? Did you feel it as a romantic gesture or just a sign of care/affection/trust?

Anyway, even though you are now aware of several ways of a kiss “translation”, you should always be cautious! If this guy is your new acquaintance and you don’t know him well enough, but he suddenly gives you a kiss, think about it.

Even if it is a friendly kiss, why would he do that if you are not very close?

It could be that he is not much sincere with you or he is simply playing with you!

What Does It Mean If My Best Friend Kissed Me On the Cheek
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When Should You Keep Your Distance From This Guy?

Of course, not all men are jerks who want to take advantage of a woman, pretending to be her friend! However, sometimes you may start noticing that your guy friend is acting weird and maybe even intrusively! You might realize that if his actions make you feel puzzled and uncomfortable:

  • He touches you romantically from time to time without your permission
  • He tries to touch your neck or thighs
  • He plays with your fingers
  • He attempts to touch your stomach or even your hips

If he does any of this when you are hanging out together, sitting together, or going to parties, and he plays the friendship card once you ask him why he is doing that, be careful!

He might be just a jerk, of course, but also, he might be trying to take advantage of you! In either case, you’d better stay away from him and keep your distance.

And don’t hesitate to tell him directly that you don’t like this kind of behavior and you want him to stop. Anyway, if you didn’t give him your permission, his actions are illegal!

When Should You Keep Your Distance From This Guy
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When a Friend’s Kiss Was Just Accidental?

Let’s be honest, many of us had this situation when we took other people’s actions as something they were not. For example, if you are friends with a guy, it is very likely that he assumes you like him. And this is why he might make an attempt to kiss you.

Childhood Best Friends Accidently Kissed Not Knowing What To Do NextChildhood Best Friends Accidently Kissed Not Knowing What To Do Next

In this case, it is all up to you regarding how to react. If you really feel attracted to him, you could let him know about that. But if you see him as a friend only, it will be better if you tell him about this at once! Like this, both of you will avoid many uneasy moments in the future!

Also, a kiss from your male friend could come if it is just the heat of the moment. A guy could suddenly feel too emotional about you and express it this way! There is nothing bad about it, but be ready that he might feel uneasy later and even start avoiding you! So you should tell him that it’s ok and you don’t feel offended. It will help you save your friendship.

How to Decode His Behavior?

They say that women are unpredictable and hard to understand, but guys are often even more complicated! Especially when it comes to romance.

So if your guy friend kissed you and now he is behaving strangely, you should be aware of how to decode those non-verbal signs correctly.

How to Decode His Behavior
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He Is Behaving Awkwardly After He Kissed You

If he is avoiding eye contact, as well as one-to-one meetings, sitting along together, or trying not to talk about that day and the incident, he most likely feels sorry for kissing you. In this case, try to make things comfortable to both of you and tell him that you are not angry or offended.

He Is Trying to Touch You Romantically

Is he trying to touch your neck or waist, hold your fingers in his, or just be as close to you as possible? In this case, he is surely attracted to you at least subconsciously if not consciously! In this case, his kiss was the way to show you his intimate affection.

He Is Trying to Touch You Romantically
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He Tries to Impress You

If your guy friend is bringing flowers to you, tries to surprise you, asks you to go out often, and always tries to make you smile, he is probably in love or at least he feels strong romantic affection for you! Perhaps, you should think about him seriously as your potential romantic partner!

He Is Concerned About Your Relationship Status

If your guy friend tries to find out whether you have a boyfriend right now or dating someone, he is definitely considering you as his potential romantic partner. In this case, his kiss was the way to let you know about that.

He Is Concerned About Your Relationship Status
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How You Should React?

Now you have plenty of information about how to decipher his kiss and what his intentions could be. But still, what should you do if it happens? In this case, your actions will depend on your goals.

If He Is Interested In You

If you see that he is really interested in you as a potential romantic partner and he is single, you should make things clear at once.

If you are also single and you like him romantically, think about it! Maybe, it’s worth trying to give him a chance?

But if not, then tell him you can only stay friends.

If He Is Playing With You

If this guy doesn’t seem to be serious, and you realize that he is just flirting, then his kiss was about nothing. If you don’t approve of this kind of behavior, let him know about it clearly! He must have no illusions regarding you and your attitude.

If He’s Physically Attracted

It could happen that your guy friend kissed you because of mere physical attraction. If you don’t approve of it and you’re looking for a deep and meaningful relationship with a man, tell him about it at once! Otherwise, he might think that you are ok with his actions.

So, now you know what it means when your guy friend kisses you suddenly. We told you what kinds of kisses there are and how they should be interpreted.

Also, you are now aware of the ways you can react to such behavior depending on your goals in a relationship and whether you want to remain friends with this guy or you want to try something more intimate.

If He’s Physically Attracted
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Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Can I be friends with my guy friend after we kissed?

It depends on you and him. If you’re both ok with that, then why not?

⭐Is a kiss from my guy friend always a sign of his romantic affection?

No, it’s not always like that. He might just express his warm friendly feelings to you this way.

⭐Does a kiss mean commitment?

In fact, no. A kiss is not a sing of commitment at all! It is mostly a sign of genuine love.

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