What to Wear to a Kids Birthday Party?

Easy tips on what outfit to choose for you or your kid to always look properly

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Kids birthday parties are fun events but it is our children who usually enjoy them most! For parents, getting ready for the celebration, picking presents and, what is even more important, clothes for our kids to wear is a true headache sometimes!

Is your son or daughter invited to a friend’s birthday party, and you are in a panic not knowing what they should be wearing there? Relax, we will give you a brief guide about what outfit to choose for your little one to look awesome! Moreover, you will find a couple of handy tips here on what to wear to a kids’ birthday party if you are a mom or a dad.

What to Wear to a Kids Birthday Party If You Are a Parent

Whenever we are invited to an adult’s birthday party, it is all clear about what to wear: such party invitations often include the description of a dress code or the requirements regarding the outfit. But even if they don’t, it is pretty simple to decide what we should be wearing for such an occasion. Heels and fancy dresses or suits are a common choice.

However, when it comes to our children’s birthday celebrations, things become way more complicated somehow! To begin with, a kid’s bday party is not that fancy occasion that requires any strict dress code. It means that, on the one hand, we can leave those dry-clean-only garments in a wardrobe at home

On the other hand, the fact that we are invited to such a celebration does not mean we can pull on our casual jeans and t-shirt either! Yes, kids’ birthdays involve a lot of activities and you should not expect the little guests to be decorously seating at the table. At the same time, there is no reason to assume that a daily outfit (even the tidiest one) can be a good option for such an invitation. 

So how to dress for a kid’s birthday party if you are an adult? How to look good but not too official or simple? Check out several handy suggestions regarding what to wear to a child’s birthday party if you are a mum or a dad!

An ideal mother’s outfit for a kid’s bday party

To look stylish and at the same time feel comfortable in what you are wearing, we would recommend you ladies not to fuss much about fancy dresses. A pair of casual classical trousers or any neutral color (for instance, white, beige, light grey, etc.), a blouse, and a pair of flats on your feet will make a perfect combination.

Besides, such clothing will fit both indoor and outdoor parties.

If you expect you will be taking part in kids’ activities, then you should think of shifting for more practical and comfy yet good-looking high-waisted jeans and a tee with loafers or espadrilles.  

What if the event will be taking place during the cold season? Then consider wearing a sweater or a cardigan, pants, and loafers. 

classical moms outfit
Photo by Apostolos Vamvouras on Unsplash

Options for daddies

Men have somewhat fewer clothing suggestions, but still, there are several ideas we can offer you, dear fathers! The basic combo will be a chambray shirt, wide-legged jeans, and sneakers. But of course, this is a good solution for a summer outdoor or indoor party.

For colder days, consider changing a shirt for a sweater or a jumper and put on warmer footwear if you feel like doing it.

The very basic rule of thumb is the following: you must feel comfy in your clothes! And of course, take into consideration whether you will be taking part in any kids’ activities for if you will, your outfit needs to be suitable for that. For this very reason, dresses and skirts,  especially the short ones, as well as high heels (and heels in general) are not recommended for ladies to wear during such events.

And right after you deal with the outfit issue, there will be just one more thing left to do which is to buy flowers. Yep, that is optional since a child will hardly appreciate your bouquet, but if you do want to bring flowers with you, and you are in a hurry to deliver your little ones, and the presents, to the celebration, simply order Pearsons Flower Delivery and the flowers you have selected will be brought right to the spot! No fuss, no worries!

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Things to Never Wear For a Kid’s Bday Party

To feel easy and relaxed and enjoy the celebration the same way your child is enjoying it, it is better to avoid putting on several dangerous items that can spoil the whole fun.

  1. No dangling earrings! Especially if there will be babies at the event! They will definitely be attracted by the hanging and shiny things in your ears, but believe us, you don’t want to be pulled by the earring! 
  2. No expensive clothes! It’s a kid’s birthday party, not an evening party! So forget about silk and other delicate materials, and give your preference to something more durable yet good-looking.
  3. No heels! You will most likely be asked to take part in a game or an activity where you will have to jump, run, and do other things like that. If you are wearing heels, you will either have to reject the invitation or take the footwear off and stay barefoot. Both are not the best options.
  4. No whites! Cakes, sweets, and God knows what else – this is all about kids’ parties! If you are wearing white clothes, you will always be a bit stressed about staining them accidentally.
  5. Pencil skirts and fitted clothes. You don’t want to look and move like a penguin, do you? So forget about fitted garments and find something that will allow you to move freely and enjoy the event!
  6. Cover up the cleavage. Yeah, babies are somehow mysteriously attracted to the boobs… So unless you are OK with being grabbed by the nipple (which we doubt about pretty much), we would strongly recommend you wearing something that covers what you’ve got!
  7. Keep your locks out of reach. An updo is an ideal solution for any kids’ party. The little ones tend to grab and pull everything they can reach, so better keep your strands safe unless you are not afraid of being twitched by the locks all the time!

Basic Tips On How to Choose Garments For Your Kids

Since it is all more or less clear now with what to put on yourself when going to a kid’s bday party, it is time to figure out another even more essential issue: how to dress your kid for a birthday party?

Let’s note at once that children’s birthday party clothes have way more varieties in comparison to what adults can have! But even then choosing a fitting option can be very complicated.

As a parent, you need to consider several important moments before buying or making an outfit for your child:

  1. Where the event will be taking place. If it’s going to be an outdoor party, it will require somewhat different clothes compared to the indoor event.
  2. What season it will be. For autumn, winter, and early spring, it’s better to opt for warmer alternatives, especially if the celebration will be taking place outdoors!
  3. What kind of party it will be. Will you need a costume for it? Or is it going to be a thematic celebration? Figure that out beforehand.

Hanging upon such nuances, you may find it useful to check out some tips regarding the choice of a kid’s clothing for a bday celebration.

kids birthday party
Photo by Jeremy McKnight on Unsplash

What to Wear to a Birthday Party In Summer

There are tons of variants of outfits to wear to a birthday party in summer! From casual options to thematic costumes of fairies and knights. 

  • Remember that the fabric must be lightweight and breathable, otherwise, your son or daughter will sweat too much during the activities!
  • Also, consider the outfit does not prevent your kid from moving freely. 
  • It is better not to choose anything too long since a child will not be able to jump and run in such a robe!
  • A dress or a costume with many layers is also not the best idea since it limits the moves.

What to Wear to a Birthday Party at a House

Not sure of what to wear to a birthday party that is going to take place at someone’s home? Well, first of all, don’t stress too much! Check out the invitation once again carefully for any instructions, and if there are none of them, just act according to the circumstances.

The optimal indoor birthday party outfit for adults would be something comfy that allows you to move freely and is not too expensive or fancy since a child’s birthday is not a proper occasion for that sort of clothes. Besides, it shall be something that you are not afraid to damage (spoiled juice or chocolate fingerprints are still possible!).

As for the kids’ party clothes for the little guests, choose according to the celebration requirements. But again, remember that too massive/complicated outfits or uncomfortable clothes will only annoy your kid!

What to Wear to a Casual Birthday Party

This is perhaps the simplest case since you are basically free to choose whatever you and your kid like! 

For a girl, it would be perfect to choose a nice dress or a costume (if that’s a thematic party) which will allow her to run and be active as much as she wants.

The same goes for a boy, well, except for a dress suggestion!

For yourself, opt for something comfortable and good-looking, but not too posh or expensive. No delicate or expensive fabrics, pricey accessories, or fancy footwear! It’s just an informal event.

birthday cakes
Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Toddler Party Outfits

Unlike the widespread myth, it is pretty easy to pick up birthday party outfits for toddlers’ celebrations! The only requirement they must meet is that the garment shall be able to stand some light wear and tear since there will be many babies and little children at the event. And a lot of sweets…

Except for that, feel free to choose any color of your clothing, as well as any design unless something peculiar is needed. If you are a mother of a birthday boy/girl, wearing a matching outfit might be a good idea.

Birthday Party Outfit Ideas

Every kid wants to look cool at their friend’s bday celebration! To do that, finding cute outfits to wear to a birthday party is a crucial goal for any parent!

But what if you run out of ideas and grabbing a t-shirt and pants/skirt is not an option at all? Check out what we have to offer you!

  • Princess-style or ballerina-style dress for a girl is always a winning option! 
  • No love for ruffles? Then choose a nice t-shirt and skirt or shorts for your tomboy girl!
  • Colorful leggings and a long t-shirt with a cute pattern or print can be a nice option.
  • Of course, if a costume is required, go for the one that your kid will like most of all!

The basic rule of choosing a proper garment for your kid to wear at the bday celebration is that it is comfy, nice, and your kid likes it. Always ask whether your son/daughter wants to wear a certain outfit since it’s him/her who will be wearing this during the whole event.

As for yourself, make sure you look nice but ready for any challenges like ice cream marks or running competition, and both you and your kid will surely enjoy the bday party!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐What to wear to a kids birthday party in a park?

Something comfortable and easy to move in for your kid will be fine. For cool weather, opt for warm but lightweight clothes. For yourself, decide depending on your own preferences and the weather.

⭐What to wear to a kids birthday party for a boy?

If not a specific costume, then opt for a t-shirt or a shirt and trousers or shorts. 

⭐What to wear to a kids birthday party if it’s taking place in a trampoline park?

Definitely, something that’s easy to move in and that is breathable!

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