What to Put Under Grill On Grass?

We will share a few ideas with you on what to put on grass if you place your grill there

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Summer is here and so is the grilling season. Everyone loves cooking delicious meals be it veggies or juicy meat on a grill, and this is why so many of us prefer grilling outdoors.

However, when you decide to grill outside, in a garden, or in the yard, you will most likely place your grill on grass (unless you have enough space covered with asphalt or gravel).

And this is when you might want to ask a question: can you put a grill on grass? And if you can, then what to put under your grill on the grass? Luckily, we know the answer and we are here to share it with you! A grill pad for grass is exactly what you need. But let us just tell you more!

From this article, you will learn a few grill pad ideas that you might find the most suitable for using a grill in your backyard or on the terrace.

Also, we will find out whether or not it is allowed to grill outdoors on the grass directly since this is one of the biggest concerns of almost any homeowner!

Like this, after you familiarize yourself with this information, you will be able to choose the optimal variants of a grass cover to put your grill on it and enjoy the delicious food.

What Can Be Put Under the Grill On Grass?

The first and foremost, you need to always keep it in mind: protecting the grass that is underneath your grill is a must! Yes, it is possible to put out the grill directly on grass, but if you do so, remember that there is the potential danger of your grill tipping over if the grass is uneven!

What to Put Under Grill On Grass,
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As a result, a hot grill being tipped over right on the grass can easily become a fire hazard.

Furthermore, if the grass is parched, a simple tiny spark or flare from the grill can light the grass on fire! And let’s be honest, nobody wants to be put in such a brutal and unwanted situation.

This is why people use special covers for grass when they want to grill outdoors.

Those covers work as shields for grass both protecting it from accidental spills of oil and/or fat dripping from the grill and covering it from any sparks that may fall from the burning embers.Below, you can check out the most commonly used covers of this type and decide which one might be the most suitable for you.

Grill Mat For Grass

Grilling mats are supposed to be used either on top of or underneath your cooking racks. These mats are made of nonstick fiberglass cloth that has been treated in polytetrafluoroethylene. In simple words, they are heat-resistant.

Except for being heat-resistant, grill mats have another benefit. They may be trimmed into numerous sizes so that you could match your needs! It means that, should you have little space for your grill, or if this space has a specific shape, you can easily adjust such a mat to fit the area.

Grill mats act as a barrier, shielding your lawn from the blistering heat and dripping fat of your grill. When utilized on top of the grill, the grill mats help to prevent extra fat from your delicious meaty dishes like bacon or steaks from producing flare-ups, which can cause a fire hazard, especially on dry grass.

And since these mats are easily folded, you can just get one (or any number of them!) and take it with you wherever you go. The only disadvantage that you can find about the grill mats, despite their low cost, is that they are not long-lasting.

Grill Mat For Grass
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However, who cares about that?! These mats are so cheap that you can easily buy a new one the second you need it!

Interlocking Deck Tiles

If you are searching for the most effective, long-lasting, and cost-effective option when in need of shielding your grass from the heat of the grill, interlocking deck tiles is your option for sure!

The interlocking tiles are produced from a wide variety of materials.

This is why, before you buy them, ensure that the fireproofing has been tested and approved by the manufacturer!

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Except for being fireproof, these tiles have other benefits and perks:

  • they are also very simple to clean
  • they are simple to set up and doing it does not require the assistance of an expert
  • they provide a floating floor capable of protecting your lawn by simply interlocking

It is great since there is no need for you to build a barbeque patio on your lawn anymore! The interlocking option provides a quick and easy fix. All you need to do is simply choose a location where you’d like to grill. And after that, arrange the interlocking tiles. Done! Now you are ready to grill.

When you are finished grilling, it is the same easy to remove the tiles. Like that, you will leave your grass in ideal condition without even the smallest spill of fat or oil.
After you are finished, you may also put your clean interlocking tiles away until the following BBQ season.

Temporary Pavers

This is another common option for covering your grass when grilling. And unlike permanent pavers, the temporary option does not require soil excavation which is great and highly praised by the homeowners. As a result, it will leave your lawn alone and untouched.

Temporary Pavers
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Temporary pavers will provide a solid foundation for your barbecue. They are also long-lasting and they are often considered to be the most effective way to protect your lawn from fire.

The installation method used for the paver stones is also very easy:

  • select a flat place
  • connect the paver stones
  • make sure they fit perfectly together
  • use enough paver stones to cover the whole surface of your grill

The only and the main disadvantage of this method is that it is rather time-consuming. Besides, the rock is pretty heavy and the weight of the rock may cause some harm to your grass as a result.

As you probably understand, it happens because there is no breathable space between the paver and the grass.

Like this, now you have three most common ways of shielding your lawn from any grease, oil spills, and sparks when grilling.

And all thanks to such great things as grill grass pads of different kinds! We recommend you read their descriptions carefully before you decide which one to buy since all three have certain distinctions, and you definitely want to be sure that you buy the best one.

Can I Put the Grill Directly On Grass?

This is the question that people ask way more often than others. Is it possible to put the grill directly on grass? The short answer is yes, you can do that. Moreover, it is actually not physically impossible, and you can still get the job done.

However, we want to draw your attention to one important nuance: if you place your grill on the grass directly, be ready that your grill will be uneven most of the time. And of course, the unevenness of the grass may cause certain issues.

For example, it can be a half-cooked steak that is undercooked (or almost raw) on one side and over-cooked on the other. Or it could be a potential fire hazard because of the sparks and embers.

Also, if you are really not paying attention and place the grill on bumpy grass, it might tip over! And this is much worse. Besides, if the grass around your grill is dry when it tips over, it can become an added danger of causing fire.

Can I Put the Grill Directly On Grass
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Some of you might say that, if you have artificial grass back home, you will not face such issues. Well, we would not be that sure.

See, even though artificial grass is fireproof, you still should note that it can take up even more damage than your regular grass! That’s because one of its biggest downsides is that it will probably still melt if it comes into contact with smoldering ashes and amber.

All because artificial grass is made out of plastic. And as you probably know, melted plastic doesn’t smell and feel nice at all.

Well, now you folks know a bit more about grilling outdoors and in particular, about what to put on grass should you feel a desire to take your grill out to enjoy juicy steaks in the summer evening.

And as you could probably guess after reading this article, getting a grill mat is the best option. You can easily take it with you if you are thinking about going outdoors for a barbecuing evening or a weekend.

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However, there are also options we suggested that will work great (and much better) when barbecuing in your backyard. All because they are more static than the grill mat.

But in general, the material of the mat you opt for doesn’t actually matter. Just make sure that the grass is properly protected when you grill so that a spark can’t cause a fire, and your meat is evenly cooked and juicy!

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐Are our grill mats worth it?

Of course! Cooking on a grill mat is ideal since it prevents grease from dropping to the embers and preventing terrible flareups. It’s also ideal for any food that might fall between the grill’s grates.

⭐What can I put under my BBQ to catch grease?

You can coat the grease tray with aluminum foil and fill the trap with a little amount of sand. The sand will absorb the majority of the grease, and the foil will protect the tray.

⭐Can I use a grill under a covered patio?

It is not safe to use a charcoal barbecue in a confined space, such as a patio or a screened-in porch/balcony. See, embers from the grill can potentially start a fire.

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