How Long Does It Take to Climb Everest?

Interesting and exciting facts about the mt  Everest climb

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Mount Everest is undoubtedly one of the most famous mountains in the world not least because of its popularity among the professional alpinists and hikers. 

Those who never had a chance to climb a really high mountain may wonder: how hard is it to climb Everest? 

Well, from this article you will learn many interesting and exciting facts about the mt  Everest climb and everything that is connected with it.

Let’s go!

Interesting Facts About Climbing Mt Everest 

If you have ever had a chance to climb a mountain that is higher than five thousand feet, you definitely know how difficult it can be to go up and up all the time having only several short breaks on the way, sleeping in the tent and making food on the open fire.

Going up a mountain requires a very good physical stamina and a well-trained body because you need to take all your belongings with you in the backpack which weight can reach several kilos!

Climbing Mt Everest
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In addition, to climb a mountain, a lot of experience in this field of physical activity is a must as hiking can often be quite a dangerous thing.

The weather is very unpredictable in the mountains, that is why one must always be cautious and ready for any unpredictable and extreme situations.

hiking Everest
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Hiking mountains is not only an exciting occupation, but it is also rather difficult and effort-consuming!

Of course, hiking Everest will be the most breath-taking experience in any hiker’s life!

Many people want to know what it takes to climb Mount Everest, how much it will cost and how to get to the mountain to start the climb.

No matter whether you are also interested in these questions just for fun or you are planning to climb the highest mountain in the world one day, being aware of this information will anyway be useful for you.

How long does Mount Everest hike last?

If everything is going well on the rout and no incidents take place, the average climb takes two months.

How many miles is mt Everest?

Mount Everest is the highest mountain in the world. Its height is twenty-nine thousand feet which are equivalent to eight thousand eight hundred forty-eight meters or five and a half miles above sea level.

How hard is it to climb Mount Everest?

Hiking mt Everest is not an easy thing to do because of its latitude. The main difficulty is that you need to survive at the height of more than eight thousand meters with much less oxygen in your blood than usual. 

Also, the backpack and the heavy climbing equipment that you have worn on you also don’t make the rout a pleasant summer walk on the seaside.

hiking Everest
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Consider that those who climb up the Everest have to sleep quite a few, walk non-stop about six hours daily and in addition many people suffer from frostbite, altitude sickness or sleep deprivation, and you will get the complete picture of how difficult it is to reach the top of the Everest.

How long to climb Everest?

The complete journey to the top of the mountain lasts for two months in case there are no accidents or delays on the way when climbing Mount Everest. 

How expensive it is to climb Everest?

Except for the fact that hiking Mount Everest is a hell lot of work to do, it is also a very expensive occupation. You need to consider all the equipment required for the climb, the clothes, boots, mask and gloves and many other things one needs to take up there. Add different fees that you will have to pay (like 600$ fee for the pollution control committee), the helicopter insurance and the fact that people mostly prefer commercial expedition operators, and the final cost will be approximately sixty or sixty-five thousand dollars.

Local expedition services cost less, something like thirty-five thousand.

How to Get to Mount Everest

Mount Everest hike
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If someone wants to climb mt Everest, the first thing he or she needs to do is to get there.

Everest is located in the borders of Nepal and Tibet and the rout has several camps on the way to the top where hikers can take a rest.

All the climbers start their mount Everest trekking from the base camp.

The best way to get there is to take a flight to Lukla airport from Kathmandu and then get to Namche Bazar, the capital of Sherpa which will take you about two days’ walk.

At Namche Bazar, climbers usually stay for several days to acclimatize and then proceed to the base camp. The trip there will take you about a week of walking.

Equipment For Climbing Everest

How many miles is mt Everest
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Since trekking Mount Everest is a very responsible occupation, you need to be fully equipped to be sure that you will reach the top safely.

Everest supplies that every hiker must have consist of several pairs of socks and special shoes for mountain hiking, a fleece jacket, and a parka, and a hooded shell-jacket.

Also, insulated pants, down pants, and gore-tex pants will be needed.

Headlamp, glacier glasses, ski goggles, and a wool hat are also a must.

And don’t forget about the climbing tools and camp supplies like sleeping bags!

How many miles is mt Everest2
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As you can see, dealing with Mount Everest is not an easy thing. Even though there were very young and very old climbers who managed to reach the top (the youngest was thirteen years old and the oldest was eighty), this mountain still remains a great challenge for people.

As you probably know, quite many people died while getting up there or on the way down, mostly because of being too much exhausted or because of different accidents on the way.

The rout is very dangerous, with glaciers and a thick layer of snow with the risk of avalanches.

On the other hand, such a challenge is something that one will remember for all of his life and perhaps that is why many people climb Mount Everest again and again – to experience this unworldly beauty and adrenaline again.

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What it takes to climb Mount EverestWhat it takes to climb Mount Everest