Is Rayon Eco-Friendly?

Learn All About This Fabric’s Safety

Written by Camilla Moln. Updated on Learn All About This Fabric’s Safety

With the modern market loaded with artificial fabrics, people became more concerned about what they and their families are wearing daily. 

Since rayon is among the widespread materials used these days, we decided to investigate how safe it is for regular use.

We hope you will find this information useful, too.

What Sort Of Fabric It Is

We often have no idea of what we are wearing, so to begin with, it’s good to figure out what fabric we’re going to talk about.

The material known as rayon is a semi-artificial fabric being manufactured from regenerated cellulose which, in its turn, is derived from wood pulp. Yes, some chemicals are still used for making this fiber, nevertheless, the fact that it is half-natural makes it a preferable choice compared to the fully synthetic fibers like polyester.

Hanging upon the procedures the fibers go through before they become cloth, rayon can also be known under such names as modal, lyocell, and viscose.

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Features And Characteristics

WHAT IS RAYON? | S1:E13 | Fibers and Fabrics | Beate MyburghWHAT IS RAYON? | S1:E13 | Fibers and Fabrics | Beate Myburgh

So what makes rayon so distinctive compared to other artificial materials?

  • First of all, it is breathable and it doesn’t trap body moisture – the features that synthetics often lack. In rayon apparel, you won’t feel like you are melting on a hot day.
  • Second, it is very easy to dye rayon since its fibers are highly perceptive to colors. 
  • Also, rayon is a good-looking fabric which is rare for artificial materials that usually look cheap.
  • Finally, this semi-artificial fabric is very pleasant to the skin, unlike most harsh and scratchy synthetics.
Features And Characteristics
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However, despite such beneficial traits, rayon has certain flaws, too.

This fiber is easily damaged by the heat and moisture. If rayon apparel is wet, it will get deformed and stretch so that the clothing will look oversized.

Besides, rayon is predisposed to heat which makes laundering it quite a challenging thing since the fabric needs only cool water and manual wash or, as an optimal version, a dry cleaning at all.

Is It Safe to Wear?

Many owners of rayon garments often wonder whether this fiber is eco-friendly. Well, since we have three main sorts of this fabric, we suggest you compare them and see which one, viscose, modal, or lyocell, is the most green.

Manufacturing Decomposition Eco-friendliness
Viscose chemically harmful, energy-consuming, possibly with issues regarding the use of lands for growing the cellulose source plants Breaks down naturally. Can be reused if made of 100% cellulose not fully environment-friendly because of using chemicals (often toxic) for production. Twice energy-consuming than cotton.
Modal the raw material is harvested from special beech plantations (to be questioned) Breaks down naturally. Can be reused if made of pure cellulose The producing process may include harmful solvents.
Lyocell the producing uses eco-friendly solvents  Breaks down naturally. Can be reused if made of 100% cellulose Most eco-friendly of all rayons

Since lyocell seems to be the safest to wear, it could be a good choice if you’re concerned about saving our nature. Anyway, being rayon, this fabric is the same soft and absorbent, it’s easy to take care of and – what is super important! – it resists odor retention longer which means it needs to be laundered less often (one more reason to buy it if you’re living green).

Frequently Asked Questions

⭐ Is rayon a good fabric?

Yes, it’s soft, comfy, easy to maintain, and it’s very breathable and odor-resistant. Modal and lyocell, besides, are even stronger than traditional rayon.

⭐ Does rayon shrink in the washer?

Pure rayon will easily shrink, but blended fabrics with 30% of a rayon or less don’t shrink much.

⭐ Does rayon make you sweat?

It doesn’t since the fabric is very breathable.

⭐ Is rayon good for skin?

The fabric feels good to the touch but it may emit harmful substances that can lead to skin irritaton.

⭐ Is rayon toxic to wear?

Since its production uses chemicals, rayon can emit harmful substances that may cause nausea, headaches, muscle pain, and other effects.

⭐ Does rayon wrinkle easily?

Yes, if it is exposed to moisture in particular.

⭐ Is bamboo rayon eco friendly?

Yes since bamboo is a highly sustainable plant and its cultivation doesn’t harm nature. Besides, no harsh chemicals are used when harvesting it.

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